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I will Help Answer That Question/ Pictures Fixed For Yucky..LoL September 30, 2008

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XXXX,,,Last week you asked a simple question thinking you would get a simple answer.


Hey Kimmer I was curious  how you are doing with the weight loss. When you were at the 315. But if you don’t mind telling me…how much are you down now from then?  

XXXX – I am going to keep  my progress under wraps for now.   It also has been noted this month that three ladies who were new to your site asked about your weight loss and were banned within the first week.  No refund offered and tickets were ignored.  Funny how they ended up at my blog and then emailed me but now they have been referred to John. 

    Heidi…what I do not understand own a diet group.  You came out and made the pinky swear  thread.  You posted your weight updates and your pictures.  And you had your ladies do the same.  You were the leader there.  They looked up to you and wanted to see how you were doing, what you were doing and how it was working for you.  It is called being a team player.    Since you still have   a few ladies at kimkins.con that still trust you and look up to you ,  I would think you would not snub your nose at them.   It is a diet group and people talk about weight.  Asking about your weight loss is not a cause of TOS and being banned.     But as many of you know I happen to be visiting a very special friend who happens to live in Corona.  I was shocked when we saw Heidi Diaz right there in front of us.  So I snapped a few pictures.  Did I see her first or did she see me?   I am not 100% sure.  Since doing kimkins.con my memory is off.  Hummmm…. Back to my story….There was Heidi and I thought…wow here is the famous Heidi Diaz. .  The one that was on the WW magizine…well not her but well you know.  So I took some pictures at the local store that my friends shops at and so does Heidi Diaz.  Simple.   XXXX…since you asked and could not get a answer.  I will help answer your question.  Here are a few pictures below of Heidi from a few months ago.  XXXX….I hope you re think your diet choices.  I know Kimkins.con has a certain appeal to it, trust me.  But so does a lot of things that are bad for us and can end up killing us.  It is not worth it and you are worth so much more then that.  Good luck.

Fixed just for Yucky…lol.  Thanks Yucky for the suggestion.




Things that make me go Hummm ….and Ha September 27, 2008

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OKay I have a confession.  I think I am suppose to be panicked or scared or upset .But I am not one bit.  What   I am  is nothing short of embarrassed for Heidi Diaz for her latest show of what I can only describe as a pathetic attempt of being a bully. I am shocked that she would pay a lawyer by the hour to file the legal paper work with the courts .  After reading it….it pretty much seemed like she said…hey they are being mean to me…tell them to stop cause I Heidi can dish it out but can not take it..I can only imagine how much that cost.  I wonder if a lawyer makes a decision about filing counter suits based on facts or dollars signs?  Just curious?

A few facts of the counter suits that stood out to me were…Heidi claimed that due to negative blogs “Substantial success is floundering at this time”.

Heidi , do you think you have any ownership in any of that? I mean do you ever really take ownership of the fact that you lied about your weight?  You like to make it sound all nice and pretty and say you did false advertisements.  But in truth you lied about what you weighed.  You told us that you weighed 118 pounds and had kept it off for years.  You faked doing water fast when we felt like failures for not being able to live up to your standards.  And the worse thing for me is….when you were caught…red handed…micrphone in face…you said you were not Heidi Diaz.  Heidi you caused your success to fail.  The problem was built on lies and they came crashing down.  Take responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

Heidi claims “Emotional and physical distress requiring medical attention”.   Heidi I am sure it had to be hard to fake being someone you were not.  I am sure it was hard to do fake interviews with the WW magazines and Jimmy Moore.  And then to fake all the post in the kimkins.con website.  I think that would be very hard for me emotionally also.  And I am sure trying to keep track of who you banned and did not ban was very hard for you.  Having the boards in a up roar was very hard for us.  Plus when you told us all that you had sold the business and you really had not.  That must of been really hard.  To live the secret lies of being someone you are not and lie about who you are , size you are, your name, and who owns your very own business.  I would imagine you did have emotional issues  Physical?  I have no idea.  But as for as I know no one has ever hurt you physically.   A million Dollars Heidi?

I would like to add that I do think that some people have ended up hurt from you Heidi ….do you care?  Does that bother you? What did they ever do to you Heidi?

Heidi suggest “Unjust hardship and disregard for her rights”.  This is a little hard for me to swallow.  Her rights?  What about everyone else’s rights?  The whole idea of disregarding rights …reminds me of the whole kimkins.con mess.  I just find the whole idea of this law suit somewhat of a joke ,  I am curious who could keep a straight face when they wrote this.  I mean it is almost comical.

The best was this one.  Heidi is basing her lawsuit on a statue based on  conspiracy to “Post   or  publish  false statement on a media  source”.  I almost chocked when I read this.  Heidi….come on now.  What was the WW issue.  You not only lied about who you were.  Your stats, you weight, you diet plan, you used a Russian bride for your pics.  And you have the nerve to bring up the fact that we use things in our blogs.  I know for a  fact my info is 100% correct,  How about you Heidi?

You also say you want to make a example out of the defendants.  But Heidi what about making a example out of you?  Why could you not do the right now?  Why not come out, tell the truth and say I am heavier and I need to lose weight.  Instead you choice this being long lie.  Now you would rather sue us instead of paying the price of this lawsuit. 

I have a little heads up for you Heidi Diaz.  Your “legal” paperwork says you  have done nothing wrong except a advertising mistake.  Heidi Come come..who are you trying to fool?  Did your lawyer let that be in there and go to the judge?  How much time did it take to search out the Russian Brides and then add the stories and post them.  You even talked about them like you were involved in their lives.  That is not only wrong but plain insane( In my mind ( legal CYA talk) 

What about the people who depended on your plan for friends and support and all of the sudden they go to log on and you ban them.  Or even worse you “fake banned ” them.  I know for a fact that there were some ladies who for the first time in their lives that took a Chance and joined and reached out and made friends.  They were coming out of a shell and happy.  And you with a smirk on your face just hit ban.  Did that make you feel good?  Now I do now that some ladies really did need to not be there to keep the group going…but my you took it so far it is a joke.  Like many other thinks you have done with kimkins.con.

My goodness the list of things you have done wrong goes on and on and on.  It is a shock to me that your lawyer said that you only had a advertising issue that you handle.  In fact My good buddy  prudentia calls me yesterday and after we talked she says umm…are you sure a lawyer filed this…so while we talked I went to check.  Sure enough.  yep…things that make you go hummm..or Haaaa…

And while there are many “facts” of this legal paperwork I have a family that needs to be feed and loads of wash that needs to be done.  My DH reminded me of the laundry this morning.  Ha


Heidi when you say  “Make a example of the defendants” I think that is a great idea.  Because you know what Heidi.  If you do that then maybe just maybe in the future someone will think twice before they decide to take advantage of people .  Maybe they will see that a group  of ladies who do not know each other come from different backgrounds, different sizes, different colors, even different countries have one thing in common…making sure that no one gets hurt from someone who seem hell bent on taking advantage of people and making matter what.  So go ahead make us a example.  I kind of think we are a great example.  What do you guys think? 

I know that maybe sometimes my blog may of be a tad raw .  Who can judge me or sue me for my feeling ?    What I am trying to say is.  While my blog may not always come up smell like roses it is from my heart?  I stand by my blog the good and the bad and the ugly.  While things said on here may not of been pretty about Heidi Diaz they were the truth.


More of the Same..or is it? September 11, 2008

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Today has been a little bit of a hard day for me.  Some of you know that I got bad medical news for Philip that could be very serious.  So those of you who pray , please do for wisdom for the medical staff. 

Tonight has been what I can only refer to as eye opening.  After  I picked my panties out of a wad…I did some thinking and serious soul searching.  Not sure I came up with the perfect answers ,  so I will keep working on it.

For a short while tonight I let myself get all upset about some negative post and comments on LCF about my blog.  Heidi I know you will love this.  There are ladies there who think I am being mean to you.  That I am cruel.  Now mind you some of these very ladies were on the most visious war path with you a few months back.I do believe there were a token few of these very ladies who wanted the PI to post your pics without your wig and also pics of your son.  I guess it was okay for them back then.   Either something has changed or someone wants to see all the pics at once.  Either is a  odd day for you Heidi Diaz when some  ducks side with you…You might even win over one of your biggest targets.  Good Job. Enough of that.  Moving on.

So today I had a wonderful surprise.  I got three very cool responses to my blog. One was a lady who has just joined and had visited the weight site once.  Somehow she was directed to my blog and spent some time reading it today.  She notified Heidi that she wants a complete refund based on fraud.  I love that she is out before she even started.  I now have directed her to some wonderful supportive LC web sites.  I have a feeling she will do great.

Next I got two separate emails from current members who were in the pinky challenge who were so disappointed in Heidi Diaz for Photo shopping her pictures, they have now left kimkins.con.  Both ladies have promised to stay in contact and look  into joining a different free LC site.  One lady told me that she had no idea that Heidi was the size she was and if she had told the truth it would of been fine..but to catch her again in a weight loss lie was one time too many. And the truth is…words say alot but pics tell a real long as they are not photoshopped.

I can not help but long it has been with any of my blog post that I have had anyone tell me they are leaving Kimkins.con.  There have been no flowers picked lately.  So if posting pics for a few days gets some attention from kimkin.con members….then that is what I care about.

I can not help but wonder.     I know  some  of you reached out to me because you cared, really care.  Thank You.  I do appreciate you words and I am considering them.  But for the others and you know who you are.  Do you have anything to offer for the ladies at Kimkins,con?  I mean now that the Russian brides are all found and the PI pics are posted.  Where are you?  It is fine to do your own thing…but in return I am going to do mine.  And one more thing.  If you are going to complain about the pics being so bad etc.  You might not want to be clicking on my blog 11 times in a day to check for updates.  Just a thought.  Do what you want.

So my new ex kimkins.con friends.  Congrats on making healthy choice today and doing the right thing.  I am a email away. You will do great.


Amy B ..Gets Emotional….Again.

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This is me ranting for a few minutes.  Since it is my blog I think I can do it and get away with it.  If you want to read..Feel free to read or not read.  This could be consider what some of you in the past have refered to as a emotional Amy B posting.  And I agree it is. I am emotional when it comes to my son and Heidi Diaz. 

Let me explain something at LCF and I will again in my blog. While I think it is great some of you are worried about poor Heidi.  I do not feel so strongly about poor Heidi and SL.
I am sorry if the blog pics seem over kill or like I am being awful to Heidi.
Anyone who knows me…and I mean really knows me and does not think they know me..knows I am a kind person.  I would never ever hurt someone .  In fact I try to go out of my way to help support people. I try to treat people the way I would want to be treated.
So with that being said.
If the frames of the pics are not fast enough for some.  Feel free to not look or heck check back in 6 months to see her returning the cart.  I wish everything in life was that easy to solve.
Heidi is a mean evil lady.  I stand by that 100%.  Those who doubt that..well that is okay.
But those who are moms.  Think back to when your babies were little.  Philip was three weeks old when he was airlifted to the ICU.His soft spot on his head was swollen like a egg from pressure.  My perfect baby was dying.  Philip was 6 weeks old when he had his first brain operation.  I remember praying that I would take anything if God would let Philip live.  When he was blind for 17 days I went back to God and prayed again to allow Philip to be able to see.  Then at 6 months he had a stroke.  Followed up by 15 brain operations.  23 orthopedic operations.  And now a Dig as of yesterday that he has a clotting disorder that is causing him have mini stroke that could lead to a larger stroke.
Heidi Diaz accused me in print of causing my son’s illness.  Maybe you can not imagine the anger that gave me but I am angry. I have been crushed for years not knowing iof my first born son will live.  I have watched him wheeled off to the OR and not know if he is coming out. And Heidi that you are feeling sorry for says I did that to him. Dear God.  And in truth I am a disappointed that some of you have not stood up and shown the same concern for that issue  as you have me posting some pics of Heidi.
And let me add this…Heidi lies every word she says.  If Heidi or anyone else wants to take pics of me..feel free to.  Just make sure you post my good side.  Heidi is Heidi and I posted pics.  So be it.
I am sure some of you will think this is a Amy B sob story.  Nope..just my reality.  Hope none of you have to live it.  It can suck some days. And is a blessing most other days.
I will be re thinking my plan of action with my blog and posting pics.  Who knows..


Have Ya Ever Paid To Pee? September 10, 2008

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Soooo…Have you ever heard of shopping at a store that you have to pay a quarter to pee? Yep that is where Heidi shops.    I am dead serious.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Well now I have….and Ha….I did not pay the quarter.  I got to slide in when the paying pee customer before me held the door for me.. So tell me….have you ever paid a quarter in a store to pee? If so please share…lol

So do any of you wonder what people in the parking lot thought we were doing? There is one lady who comes to my mind.  She sat and shook her head.  I think I can post about her tomorrow and show you what she was looking like as she was watching me watch Heidi.  LOL. I mean…can you imagine three girls running around and hiding and laughing and taking pictures.  I think they thought Heidi was someone famous.  Oh wait a second..she is kind of famous..she has been on TV a few times.  PI have been hired to get pics of her.  She has been videoed forced to  answer personal questions.  OH and she has already spent a little time in jail before ( public record) ….and very well could end up there again.  So heck Heidi is famous….in a lying liar who lies and commits fraud way.  Hummm…

Hope some of you are enjoying the pictures.  More to come TOMORROW.  Excited or Bored?


Is that Popcorn Low Carb? Hummm September 9, 2008

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So like I said before we happen to run into Heidi Diaz at the store while she was shopping.  Ha..Nah  we did not happen to run into her.  It was a well thought out plan and guess what IT WORKED.  Gosh I love when things work the way they are suppose to…that is a rare happening. Can you even imagine the feeling I had when there she was ..holy crud…lol

Now I must tell you that the goodies that Heidi bought at the store were NOT low carb…can you believe that? She spent some  time  at the baked goodies and the ice cream  isle ….

For those who have questioned the weight loss or gain…I plan to keep posting the pics in order.  Some are very clear and tell a true story about her real weight.


Why I Needed To See Her.. September 8, 2008

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So more on my trip and sight seeing.  Are any of you curious how I saw Heidi?  Maybe I should explain. So I needed some LC food while on vacation.  So A and G and G decided to go to the store and OMG we saw Heidi.  Now…if you believe that I know of the perfect  diet with a lady who weighs 118 pounds and has kept it off for 6 years . And there are tons of beautiful women who have success stories posted on the site.  And also…this lady who owns the diet site…only wants to protect her group for the ladies not the money.  Ha…now that is such a lie…kind of like running into Heidi at the store.  Ha

Do you know why I needed to see Heidi in person? Let me see if I can explain.

I have had such a mixture of feelings over the last year about Heidi Diaz.  I have felt such respect for her because of her weight loss success.  I felt blessed by her for making a web site for ladies like me who so needed someone who understood how hard the weight loss is.  I have felt envy for her because she was 118 pounds and not only that but she had kept it off for years.  I felt a tad jealous of her because I thought she was stronger then me ..I mean my gosh…she could do water and diet coke fast for months and I can not mange it for a day.  Then I started to feel abandoned by her. One day she was there, the next she was gone.  I was sure I needed her daily support to get to goal.  Then I felt let down by her .  She not only left but she sold the website.  Was she going to ever come back? Then I felt hurt by her when the famous ducks found the success ladies were Russian brides.  Then I sorry for her when I saw the PI pictures.  Poor Heidi Diaz.  She is heavy and hurting.  Then finally I felt ashamed of her when she was not honest enough to say that she was Heidi Diaz and had been lying.  And for one finally thought…I felt blessed when I got kicked out of the group when I was not strong enough to do the right thing and leave on my own.

So back to the original thought.  Why did I feel like I needed to see Heidi in person?  This women had evoked so many emotions in me, including anger.  I needed to see that she was a real person .  I needed to put a face with my emotions. And oh we saw her..close up and personal. How could one person who I had never met envoke so many emotions.  I gave Heidi way too much control in my life.  In truth I am still giving her too much control.  I so want her site closed down.  Somedays I think she is going to win.  But then I see the desperate acts of ads in rag mags etc.  Heidi is feeling the heat and she knows the end is near.  That must suck for her.

There were many emotions when I saw Heidi.  I think that should be my next blog post.