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Is that Popcorn Low Carb? Hummm September 9, 2008

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So like I said before we happen to run into Heidi Diaz at the store while she was shopping.  Ha..Nah  we did not happen to run into her.  It was a well thought out plan and guess what IT WORKED.  Gosh I love when things work the way they are suppose to…that is a rare happening. Can you even imagine the feeling I had when there she was ..holy crud…lol

Now I must tell you that the goodies that Heidi bought at the store were NOT low carb…can you believe that? She spent some  time  at the baked goodies and the ice cream  isle ….

For those who have questioned the weight loss or gain…I plan to keep posting the pics in order.  Some are very clear and tell a true story about her real weight.


2 Responses to “Is that Popcorn Low Carb? Hummm”

  1. yustyucky Says:

    Fascinating as always! Thanks for the update Amybee! 🙂

  2. bluesuederebel Says:

    Nice little car we bought her …

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