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It is True…Heidi is So Dang Snarky August 28, 2008

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Okay Mrs M I spoke with your family and they begged me to post in my blog so your dishes would get done tonight.  Vickie..your boss told me that I needed to post to help save your job.  He is keeping a count of your clicks on what we will call “LOOKING FOR HEIDI PICTURES”.  So for the sake of two friends.  Here you go.  LOL


So what do you do when you are on a so call STEAK OUT …get it steak was funny to me.  Well you eat and you pee and you pee again. OMG that is so much food.  I deny that I ate that much food. LOL


So then you make sure you get in a great position .  Yes you get down in a small space and wonder why why why you ate so much food.  Oh I forgot I did not eat the food.  Humm…And to answer Rebel.  I had my sunglasses on in case SHE came up to the van.  I was being NOT me.  LMBO .  And there was a moment when there was a VERY close encounter.  I think that was when I started squealing and hung up on prudentia .  And yes she did call back ..real fast.  LOL

So off we ( A and G and G ) go to the store.  Let me see how I should put this…Oh I know.  We needed something from the store.  We happen to see a car that looked just like Heidi’s. Oh ummm…is that Heidi’s?  Wow that would be such a shock.  Imagine the odds. Woo Hoo we are lucky.


Now here comes the snarky part. Heidi gets out of her car and looking all uppity ( is that a word) she gets a cart.  Now IF I was mean I would say it was to help her walk but I am not that mean.  But I think some of you are…

So here is Heidi walking all cocky and high and mighty.  A car offered to let her cross the street and Heidi waved them to go on by.  They stayed stopped and waved her by.  Heidi got this look of such anger and complete madness.  She was so mad.  She took her hand and flung it up in the air and said some wild words to the driver.  The driver actually stopped and stared at her .  The driver looked shocked and so did we.

Ahhh…there was the Heidi Diaz I knew.  Snarky and quite the rude witch.

Take a look at the driver stopped looking at Heidi like what in the world is wrong with you Lady. Gosh if she only knew.


Sightseeing In Corona…. August 26, 2008

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Did I ever mention that I went on a little road trip? I bet many of you did not know.  I have been waiting for the right time to share details about my trip.  I now have gotten the clear to go ahead to share the details about my trip .  Trust me, for those of you who think I can not keep quiet…and yes you know who you are ..and in fact I know who you are who think that.  Trust me..if I can keep quite about my “trip” then I can keep quiet. I have earned some serious brownie points.  Low Carb Of course.   LOL    A few weeks ago I went on a chance of a lifetime road trip.  I plan to blog about my whole trip later with pictures .  But today I decided to fast forward to some of the sightseeing I did while I was in sunny California.  Not just California but Corona.   So umm…what comes to mind when I say Corona?  Um…oh I know dry heat.  My gosh it is hot there.  But there are other things there.  And I have to admit ….I went on a little sightseeing tour. What did I see?   Yep…I had a list.  And I got to see everything I wanted to and more.  Some of it was not such a pretty site. Hummmmm.     So I thought over the next few days I would share some of my pictures from my trip.  And the stories behind them.  I have a feeling some of you may enjoy them.  Oh and there might even be a short way too fast video also.  Lot’s to look forward to huh?  Check Back tomorrow for better , close up clear sightseeing pictures.

Below…The  ice cream section at the local store.  And no it was not LC.

Now…this is the isle where some people may bend over to buy a nice bottle of ….yes you guessed it…Captin Morgan. 


Not losing Weight? Do Not Blame Yourself August 23, 2008

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You know what I find odd….Okay I find tons of things odd.    But I find it odd when people post things at Kimkins.con and they are ignored or erased or even worse they are then bashed in a personal message from the almighty liar herself.  You know who I am talking about.   Seems there is a new wave of people who are finding they can not lose on KK no matter how low they go on the plan.  Pretty sad.  Atleast one person was smart enough to call out the others on just “GOING WITH THE FLOW” or “SAYING WHAT THEY ARE TRAINED TO SAY”.   Trust me if you can not lose with on KK or KE do not think you can ever keep it off after KK or KE.  Just skip the torture and do Atkins.    The following words are not taken word for word BECAUSE then Heidi Diaz would be jumping up and down ( um…okay never mind) to contact the blog police to close down my blog. 




Help! I’m new and am sure that I am doing  something wrong. I have  been doing KE from  Wednesday and  haven’t really lost any weight. Istarted  exercise in to get things  going but my weight hasn’t really gone down. I know that I’ve messed up my metabolism through years of playing around, but I need results quickly.I  ate two hard boiled eggs, for lunch 200g baked chicken and for dinner 200g baked chicken. Did I eat too much? I need help. Anyone have any suggestions? I think that am doing this wrong .
 I’m not doing well on Kimkins.con


I have the same problem! I started Kimkins.con   a week and a half ago, I lost a few pounds the first week now nothing.I have  scrambled egg whites with spinach, ham and mushrooms in the morning, I have  Caesar salad with chicken,  slices of grilled chicken ,  chicken or turkey dish and  some  sauteed broccoli. What am I doing wrong???

Your menu looks fine.    

should I cut down on my exercise??

    Oh no..I lost all control  yesterday and bought  no carb cheese.   The black coffee has carbs and how about the SF gum.  My mouth tatse awful.  I will stop all those also.     I have been on KK for 5 weeks and have only lost 12 pounds.  

I GAINED!! I have gained 7 pounds . TOM should be Thurs, but I can’t believe that it will cause a weight gain like that.   I am concerned by is that you have only eaten 2 eggs and 2 pieces of chicken a day. How in the world can  you guys say this  menu looks fine? She has barely eaten anything!!!—————————————————————————————————————————–

  And let me add..where is Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer on this?  Oh I forgot..she could care less who does what on her long as they do not tell the truth about her.   I am so glad to see that someone asked the hard question to this girl. Now where is Heidi?


What if…. August 22, 2008

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( This was written last week before the storm hit.  It never got published.  So here it is. Better late then never)

One thing that I must admit.  I wanted Heidi Diaz to be sorry.  To take responsibility for what she has done wrong.    Did she even ever say she was sorry?  I swear I do not recall her ever saying she is sorry. I wanted  for her to be REALLY  sorry.  Not sorry she got caught.  But sorry she hurt so many people.  Sorry she lied and cheated so many people out of their hard earned money . Sorry for  stealing a Russian bride picture to fake as herself and having people spend money on her web site to lose weight and be just like her.  I cringe at that thought.  I wanted her to be sorry that she lead people to belive she was there for them and then ran away and faked a sell out when the heat turn up some.  And Sorry that she banned so many people for asking normal everyday questions, such as….can we see a updated picture.  The list of things Heidi Diaz should be sorry about goes on and on.

 I wonder how different things may of been if Heidi was  REALLY sorry.  Would YOU forgive Heidi?  Would you feel like maybe she could change?  Would the ducks still have the deep passion to watch every place Heidi post?  I wonder if maybe I would even still want to be back at KK?  Would you? 


Last week I read this on a web page about a person who was a fraud.  This person did not fake the things that Heidi Diaz did.  This person did not hurt the large number of people Heidi Diaz did and continues to do .  But never the less this person did hurt someone .  The following words were used to describe this person.  I swear they are the words I would use to describe someone just like Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer.







Remorse (n) – “deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; compunction.”



Anti-social personality – Also called a psychopath, or a sociopath, this person is superficially charming and a habitual liar, has no regard for others, shows no remorse after hurting them, has no shame for behaving in an outrageously objectionable manner, and is unable to form relationships and take responsibility.
Dept. Social Services, Missouri


“Many authors have also underscored the co-occurrence (or causal role?) of some pathological personality traits and/or disorders.

In this vein the acceptance and even search of “heavy” diagnostic and therapeutic procedures was related to masochistic traits.

Identity disturbance, unstable interpersonal relationships and recurrent suicidal or self-mutilating behaviors are similar to those encountered in borderline personality disorder.

Deceitfulness, lack of remorse, reckless disregard for safety of self, repeated failure to sustain constant work behavior and failure to conform social norms are common features of factitious disorder and antisocial personality disorder.”


“Pathological lying was originally defined as complex lies which are internally consistent, that may drag on for years and– and this is the key point– do not have an obvious purpose or gain. They are not lies told to self-aggrandize, or minimize guilt. They’re not trying to con you into or out of anything. They’re just making crap up.”


“Most definitions of lying refer to the deliberate communication of information believed to be false and intended to deceive (although terms such as “the whole truth” and being “economical with the truth” suggest that the inclusion of false information is not necessary to the concept of lying in its wider aspects). Thus, patients who communicate false information in the context of a range of psychiatric states, such as when they are confabulating, have delusional memory, or are demented, are not lying because they are not deliberately misleading us.”


TODAY..A Year Later August 14, 2008

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So a year ago TODAY…we got to see the  REAL  Heidi Diaz .  Now not the 118 pound Heidi Diaz but the real life close if not over 300 pound Heidi Diaz.  

Do you think we will get to see any new video or pics of Heidi Diaz…anytime soon?  I have a feeling the answer to that is YES YES and YES.


     Just think Ducks….a year  TODAY ago people had to sneak around to get pictures and videos of Heidi Diaz.  TODAY  she is forced by legal law to sit in front of a video camera and be sworn in to tell the truth and nothing but the  truth.  And on a added note…she is having to pay for the legal cost while doing this.  Wow how far have things come.

Ummm do you think  the truth  is something she is capable of?   Nah….we all know better then to that.

So Ducks…when you start to feel like things are never going to come to a end….just remember how far things have come in a year.  Maybe next year she will be in jail in a cute Orange size XL jumpsuit.  We can hope…right?


Heidi Diaz …Sick In More Ways Then One.. August 13, 2008

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Tomorrow is a BIG day for Heidi Diaz.  Tomorrow is depo day.  By now Heidi should be a expert at this… three times is the charm.    I wonder  if you might be a no show like the member of your legal team was this week for his depo.  That might not be to smart of a idea.  Then again lot’s of things you have done are not overly smart. I bet deep down you know that…don’t ya Heidi?   I have to admit  I was not too surprised to hear of your medical condition.  Your Dr wants you on bed rest?  Did you explain to him that tomorrow you need to answer some very important questions in regards to a fraud case? I sure hope the blood lose you are posting about does not cause a lack of oxygen to your brain that causes you to not be able to tell the truth.  I would like to offer  a free piece of advice…tell the truth. Although  based on the past  I expect that may not be too easy for you.  Just do it.  It will set you free in the end…or in your case it could send you to jail…but still…tell the truth. you ever just wonder how much easier things could of been to just of lost the weight?  Or even better…just to of given Jeanessa her money back?  Wow..what if’s suck.  Huh?

 I do hope you feel better. 

Not C and P word for my blog is safe…

  Kimmer (Admin)   I just got back from hospital and I got to ride in a wheelchair! Nothing’s wrong, just TOM is usually 5 days … Not 13. I told the doc I woke up feeling tired and that’s when I realized 13 days. All the blood tests were normal. He thinks it’s fibroids  So I’m taking meds to stop “things” but it will take a few more days. He suggested bed rest for a few days. Ha!

The nurse reminded me to follow the Diabetes Educator’s diet advice. I told them I followed it for 12 weeks as an experiment and regained 15 pounds plus my blood sugar was high. I don’t want to repeat when she told me to do because I don’t want anyone to stop doing what their doctor’s may tell them. But her ideas were contrary to how I think blood sugar works … Especially the evening advice. So … Back on Kimkins and blood sugar is good again. I also stopped the oral diabetes meds after that super low BS episode a few weeks ago (nobody quit meds w/o talking to your doc!) I hate taking meds and it feels good to stop a few!

I’m tired from temporary reduced blood volume


After Kimkins.con August 12, 2008

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So I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail.  Imagine my surprise when I see a strange anonymous   e-mail address with a rather rude e-mail.  The e-mail suggest that I have not be truthful about my weight loss and my ability to keep my weight off after leaving Kimkins.con.  It then suggest that maybe if I beg Heidi she might let me come back to lose my weight again.  The wording of the e-mail made me start to think.  I am pretty good about posting current pictures of my weight loss.  I also am pretty open about when I have a weight gain.  And yes trust me there have been many up’s and down’s since being blessed with being banned from Kimkins.con. Unlike some people..this is no big secret. But for you who doubts …here is a picture taken this past Sunday. Starting weight was 233 and Sunday I was 142.5.  Heidi  would you like to take a new picture to post.   Gosh how long has it been? I would be more then glad to post it here for you with a update on your weight loss progress. Another thing that caught my eye was…this person assume I had gained my weight.  Why?  This is why…many people do lose weight on kimkins.con.  In fact the truth is we could all starve ourselves on our own without the hefty $79.99 charge for a accused fraudulent web site that is owned and ran by a person who herself was forced to stop lying about her own ability to lose weight. But what the problem is ..other then we could end up very sick or even dying while starving too death under some ill given advice. The weight always comes back.  Then what? I received some interesting information today , that supported this rude person’s thoughts…on me gaining back my weight.  Post after post on Kimkins.con shows that the weight comes back and then the members come back…it is like a never ending cycle.  It is scary and dangerous.  Just for you Heidi..these were NOT copy and pasted so feel free to notify the blog police once again to report my blog. Are you that scared to have people read the truth?  I explained to “the blog police” your history and why you would want this blog closed.  I understand ALL  my right and responsibilities.  Enjoy the blog.  


 Some thoughts of some Kimkins.con ladies.  I so hope they see the YO YO pattern of kimkins.con. As Dr. Phil would say…How is this working for you as a life long plan?


After so long. I started , again. I had a headache..   I really hate to admit this but I am back–going back on tomorrow a–but sooo reluctantly!! I have done kimkins .con many other times.

The first time was wonderful, I lost weight easily . Then I  tried two other times and never had the success that I had that first time. I also had a lot of grumpiness, lack of energy, and mental fogginess.  

 I needed to get serious about weight loss and  began walking/jogging 4 miles per day and cutting calories generally to 600-1000 per day. 

 I  gradually stopped the Kimkin’s .con steady gained back all of my weight back and more. So now I now have to relose quite a bit of the weight.  

  I am back after a few months of eating everything in sight and gaining back about 30 of the 50 lbs I had lost  

 Welcome back! A lot of people find themselves coming back to kimkins.con after gaining the weight back.  

 I  really want to stick with it this time     I Have gained 50 pounds.
I just restarted kimkins .con AGAIN yesterday. I started last June and lost 38 pounds. I have put everything back on I have lost.  

 I have been a Kimkins.con  follower several times over….I succeed, then get to around 205lbs, and fall off the wagon.   I became too strict with myself last time and too dependant on shakes to see me through…sometimes all day,

   I was to start back at Kimkins.con  and not to let myself down, but again…..I Quit! the 3rd time has got to be it. I am in desperate need to have this work.  

   I’m picking myself up and brushing it off. I’m going to have a smaller goal for 30 days to loose 30 pounds. That seems less overwhelming to me.

   Starting  really can not be that hard. So, here’s to my 30 pounds in 30 days challenge!  

  former “at goal” Kimkins.con  member who has fallen off the wagon.  

 Ladies, we have hit the RESTART button the past 3 weeks   I AM ASKING for your support and join me with me a week of JUST shakes that’s 7 days! I am willing to try anything.