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More of the Same..or is it? September 11, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 11:48 pm

Today has been a little bit of a hard day for me.  Some of you know that I got bad medical news for Philip that could be very serious.  So those of you who pray , please do for wisdom for the medical staff. 

Tonight has been what I can only refer to as eye opening.  After  I picked my panties out of a wad…I did some thinking and serious soul searching.  Not sure I came up with the perfect answers ,  so I will keep working on it.

For a short while tonight I let myself get all upset about some negative post and comments on LCF about my blog.  Heidi I know you will love this.  There are ladies there who think I am being mean to you.  That I am cruel.  Now mind you some of these very ladies were on the most visious war path with you a few months back.I do believe there were a token few of these very ladies who wanted the PI to post your pics without your wig and also pics of your son.  I guess it was okay for them back then.   Either something has changed or someone wants to see all the pics at once.  Either is a  odd day for you Heidi Diaz when some  ducks side with you…You might even win over one of your biggest targets.  Good Job. Enough of that.  Moving on.

So today I had a wonderful surprise.  I got three very cool responses to my blog. One was a lady who has just joined and had visited the weight site once.  Somehow she was directed to my blog and spent some time reading it today.  She notified Heidi that she wants a complete refund based on fraud.  I love that she is out before she even started.  I now have directed her to some wonderful supportive LC web sites.  I have a feeling she will do great.

Next I got two separate emails from current members who were in the pinky challenge who were so disappointed in Heidi Diaz for Photo shopping her pictures, they have now left kimkins.con.  Both ladies have promised to stay in contact and look  into joining a different free LC site.  One lady told me that she had no idea that Heidi was the size she was and if she had told the truth it would of been fine..but to catch her again in a weight loss lie was one time too many. And the truth is…words say alot but pics tell a real long as they are not photoshopped.

I can not help but long it has been with any of my blog post that I have had anyone tell me they are leaving Kimkins.con.  There have been no flowers picked lately.  So if posting pics for a few days gets some attention from kimkin.con members….then that is what I care about.

I can not help but wonder.     I know  some  of you reached out to me because you cared, really care.  Thank You.  I do appreciate you words and I am considering them.  But for the others and you know who you are.  Do you have anything to offer for the ladies at Kimkins,con?  I mean now that the Russian brides are all found and the PI pics are posted.  Where are you?  It is fine to do your own thing…but in return I am going to do mine.  And one more thing.  If you are going to complain about the pics being so bad etc.  You might not want to be clicking on my blog 11 times in a day to check for updates.  Just a thought.  Do what you want.

So my new ex kimkins.con friends.  Congrats on making healthy choice today and doing the right thing.  I am a email away. You will do great.


26 Responses to “More of the Same..or is it?”

  1. dispotz Says:

    I think these pics show the best so far that she hasn’t lost any weight. Its just a combination of wearing dark colors and she’s probably wearing some darn constricting undergarments. Plus her clothes fit very different than the PI pics. IMO–no weight has been lost.
    Great job AmyB!

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    Hey there Girl..
    Thanks for the comment., I guess the few who think they are not going to see any differnt with any of Heidi frame by frame pics and plan to not check back ..will miss out. Nah..they have already clicked on this morning..LOL.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. 1slickchick Says:

    So some that say that you are wrong to post pixs of Heidi… and that they won’t be looking here if you post… they are here this morning already? Gee, curiosity… it can get the best of us. So sounds a bit like wanting to be judgmental of you/others and still wanting to KNOW what’s going on. Hummm…

  4. gran to angels Says:

    So Amy…..let me get this straight…..several people at LCF decided to have an opinion about what you are doing….voice that opinion….state that they will no longer visit here…..but…..then come and visit anyway? hmmmmm the first word that comes to mind is “hypocrite”…I won’t tell you what other words come to mind!! LOL!!!

  5. vernswifevickie Says:

    Hey Amy…Just a big {{{HUG}}} for you. I’m happy to see that you’ve blogged more of your pictures. Seems to me that THREE ladies leaving kimkns.con and her deadly starvation diet is a pretty good outcome from a couple of days of blogging! Your photos PROVE once again that NOTHING has changed with Heidi.

  6. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I know you aren’t talking about me ’cause I check in about 20 times a day! To be honest, I haven’t even really looked at the pictures, I get a bigger kick out of your story.

    I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about papparazzi (?). They said that people who put themselves out to the public are fair game for taking their picuture as long as you don’t hinder their movement or touch them. I feel like Heidi became fair game when she said she weighed 118 and sold her plan to so many unsuspecting people.

    Why wouldn’t we want to see what she looks like? As far as touching her? Ewwww …

  7. 2big4mysize Says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad news about Phillip.

    Glad you got some joy in picking flowers with your blog.

  8. amyb1569 Says:

    2big..I hope we all get joy about of the ex kk flowers picked. Unless something has chnaged…Even when we disagree I hope the common cause stays the same..saving un knowing ladies from the clutches of Heidi and her fraud group. So the flowers picked are all of ours…These three ladies are going to do great.
    I am sure with the prayers of Philip’s supporters Philip will be blessed again.
    Thanks for the comments.

  9. amyb1569 Says:

    You know I know you love the blog…lol. You click as much as you want. And as I told you last night. If I stop posting you get them all including the odd and ends. So you are set. LOL

    You do not have to touch her…LOL

  10. amyb1569 Says:

    Three ladies leaving kimkins.con is a big blessing. I have not had any response of people leaving for a while. The last time was when a wonderful lady name Penelope left and thank gosh she is still gone and at camp doing great.
    So if my blog can help one kimkins.con lady…then I am excited and feel like it is worth it to be bashed…LOL
    BTW speaking of pics…will you still do that project for me if I get some pics to you this weekend?

  11. vernswifevickie Says:

    Amy…of course I will. I would be honored. Just send me the photos whenever you get a chance.

  12. mad4plaid Says:

    Amy, I hardly feel like I even have any right to an opinion on this matter since I’m not an ex-KK member, and have done precious little in the fight to bring down kk.con…

    … but daggone it, it’s *your* blog to do with as you see fit (within the boundaries of the law – and none of this has overstepped those boundaries), and it’s obviously doing good to have the pictures here since you’ve had 3 come out of KK, just in the last couple days.

    I’m one of the ones who pops in here all too frequently to see if there’s anything new, and much as I’d love to just see all the photos right now, you are entitled to handle it any way you see fit, without being accused of crossing some kind of arbitrary nice/mean line. You need to be able to get out your hurts and feelings somehow.


    *fist pump*

  13. prudentiablog Says:

    Hey – I just realized something … she is starting back with the cart! Dang. I thought it was going to take 6 months! LOL

  14. bluesuederebel Says:

    I didn’t post this at the other site, but they are talking about everyone having a belly button. Well, there is another part of the anatomy that everyone has, too, and I see a lot of people over there acting like one.

    And, by the way, I don’t see anything about your posts to make me think you have any kind of psychological problems. For those who seem to be insinuating that you do, then in my opinion, they are the ones who need their heads checked.

  15. magicsmom Says:

    IMO, Heidi has lost a little weight. Not much more than 25 or 30 pounds. Considering how long ago she launched her “watch us lose” campaing and she began supplying us with photochopped pictures of her “weight loss”, she has had abysmal results. Geez Louise, Heidi! Isn’t your plan “better than gastric bypass”?

  16. katinsac Says:

    Amy, great job on the flower picking! I love your stories too and if people don’t want to see then they don’t have to look. Prayers for Philip too. Keep up the good work!

  17. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    Are you kidding me? This blog is mean?? LOL Go read Mariasol’s or Medusa’s blog and find out what REAL mean is. I would have saved this comment for LCF but ya know I am banned–and by such nice people! lol

    Amy, carry on with your mission.

  18. yustyucky Says:

    {{{Amy & Philip & all the medical staff}}}

    Hey girl, you’ve seen how I get all emotional everytime somebody opines about stuff I do / say, or disagrees with me, or does something I don’t agree with — and girl you do NOT want to grow up into a habitual hissyfitter like me! :rotfl

    So you hold your head up proudly, do your own thing, and hang on to the reality that everybody who expresses their opinions is on their own journey through this mess, with their own real emotions and their own real opinions.

    They don’t intend to cause you pain when they express those emotions and opinions.

    At least, the normal, basically good decent people don’t intend to cause you pain. They’re just speaking from their own hearts and minds. You can choose to get upset, or you can choose to take it in stride. You can choose to not be like me — time after time I have insisted upon my right to do and say as I please, but then turn around and get all emotional when other people do that.

    I’m ashamed of myself, and I regret the feelings I’ve hurt by lashing out in these sorts of situations.

    You carry enough burdens already without that ridiculous additional burden.

    Everybody carries enough burdens already. I forget that. Don’t you forget it, too. Ok?


    Now. About those three new Kimkins refugees. Your choice to be present and active in their experience has been a blessing to them. Period.

    Who can criticize that? Nobody. Well, except Heidi. 🙂

  19. mariasol Says:

    Hey, Tippy Toes! Why don’t you make your comments about my blog on MY blog instead of AmyB’s? Sure, I have criticized people that support Heidi and Heidi’s scam. That’s what my blog is about.

    And I recall that the nice people at LCF banned you for sending a threatening email to a moderator. A mod that doesn’t even post on FWK.

  20. 2medusa Says:

    Tippy, it’s time for you to put on your big girl panties.

    You aided and abetted a deadly scammer who continues to play with the lives of people desperate to lose weight…and you did so knowing full well she is a fraud and a liar. You sold your soul to the devil for a few paltry dollars.

    If you’ve got anything to say to me, post a comment on my blog, not here on Amy’s. I’d be delighted to respond to any comment you post on my blog.

    Amy, hugs to you, hon. Sorry for cluttering up your comment section, but Tippy’s comment begged for a response.

    ~ The Queen of Mean

  21. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    Amy, they are right in that I have clogged your blog with my opinion. I realize I am not entitled to one. However, that said, John has plenty evidence that will show the I did believe her. After all, Medusa does not have all the emails. I’m gone, best wishes.

  22. amyb1569 Says:

    No one has clogged my blog..this is what I have my blog here for…peeling back the layers. And gosh knows there are many layers..huh?
    I am not sure why you think you are not entitled to a opinion. But here each and every opinion and thoughts count and will be posted.
    Everyone feel free to post anything …anytime.

  23. yustyucky Says:

    Hey, I am slowwwwwwly catching up reading the thread at LCF, and it occurs to me that some of the controversy centers around the obvious inability of some people to accept the fact(s) that:

    1. nice people are sometimes gleefully bitchy, vindictive and self-serving people — but nice people are never Heidi

    2. gleefully bitchy, vindictive and self-serving is normal — not some sort of psychological malfunction or mental impairment or emotional meltdown

    3. gleefully bitchy, vindictive and self-serving is what the Munchkins were being when they sang “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” — but the Poor Heidi-ists don’t want to tisk-tisk the gleeful bitchy vindictive self-servingness of the Munchkins. Nope. They just want to tisk-tisk you and your little blog, too.

    Why? I mean, really.

    Some people have theorized that the tisk-tiskers are disappointed in the pix. Like, what, the pix aren’t sensational enough? Aren’t scandalous enough? w’huh?

    But I think the tisk-tiskers are just snippy ’cause they want to be the wild & crazy Adventure Gurl. They want to be the one who went to Corona and did the papparazzi thing and snapped the pix and lived to tell the thrilling tale and be the antiKimkins celebrity du jour. I certainly would! Probably the only reason I’m no tisk-tisking is ’cause I like you and you are cracking me up with the snarky pix commentary 🙂

  24. gran to angels Says:

    Well I did notice the the word “hypocrite” or “hypocritical” looks good in ” “! I wonder why everyone is using ” ” now!! LOL!

    I just love your thoughts Yucky!

  25. barbarab2 Says:

    Yucky, very funny (and true) post! I love the whole Munchkin analogy. You are a hoot sometimes!

    AmyB: The BEST of what Yucky said:

    “1. nice people are sometimes gleefully bitchy, vindictive and self-serving people — but nice people are never Heidi”

    You see, some of us have every right to be “bitchy, vindicative and self-serving” — when we are pushed to the wall and scammed.

  26. dispotz Says:

    “You see, some of us have every right to be “bitchy, vindicative and self-serving” — when we are pushed to the wall and scammed.”

    Eh, sometimes I’m bitchy, vindictive and self-serving just because I can be.

    Darn, I missed Tippy. :,(

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