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Why I Needed To See Her.. September 8, 2008

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So more on my trip and sight seeing.  Are any of you curious how I saw Heidi?  Maybe I should explain. So I needed some LC food while on vacation.  So A and G and G decided to go to the store and OMG we saw Heidi.  Now…if you believe that I know of the perfect  diet with a lady who weighs 118 pounds and has kept it off for 6 years . And there are tons of beautiful women who have success stories posted on the site.  And also…this lady who owns the diet site…only wants to protect her group for the ladies not the money.  Ha…now that is such a lie…kind of like running into Heidi at the store.  Ha

Do you know why I needed to see Heidi in person? Let me see if I can explain.

I have had such a mixture of feelings over the last year about Heidi Diaz.  I have felt such respect for her because of her weight loss success.  I felt blessed by her for making a web site for ladies like me who so needed someone who understood how hard the weight loss is.  I have felt envy for her because she was 118 pounds and not only that but she had kept it off for years.  I felt a tad jealous of her because I thought she was stronger then me ..I mean my gosh…she could do water and diet coke fast for months and I can not mange it for a day.  Then I started to feel abandoned by her. One day she was there, the next she was gone.  I was sure I needed her daily support to get to goal.  Then I felt let down by her .  She not only left but she sold the website.  Was she going to ever come back? Then I felt hurt by her when the famous ducks found the success ladies were Russian brides.  Then I sorry for her when I saw the PI pictures.  Poor Heidi Diaz.  She is heavy and hurting.  Then finally I felt ashamed of her when she was not honest enough to say that she was Heidi Diaz and had been lying.  And for one finally thought…I felt blessed when I got kicked out of the group when I was not strong enough to do the right thing and leave on my own.

So back to the original thought.  Why did I feel like I needed to see Heidi in person?  This women had evoked so many emotions in me, including anger.  I needed to see that she was a real person .  I needed to put a face with my emotions. And oh we saw her..close up and personal. How could one person who I had never met envoke so many emotions.  I gave Heidi way too much control in my life.  In truth I am still giving her too much control.  I so want her site closed down.  Somedays I think she is going to win.  But then I see the desperate acts of ads in rag mags etc.  Heidi is feeling the heat and she knows the end is near.  That must suck for her.

There were many emotions when I saw Heidi.  I think that should be my next blog post.


8 Responses to “Why I Needed To See Her..”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I have thought a lot about this situation myself, and I wasn’t as emotinally involved in it as you because I never communicated with Heidi. I can remember praying and thanking God that I had found KK’s. It just makes me sick to think that I thought KK’s was the answer to my weight problems, knowing now that it was all smoke and mirrors created by a devious con artist.

  2. 1slickchick Says:

    Ya know Amy… I can only imagine (gee, that sounds like a song) how you feel. I never was jealous of Heidi, I didn’t need HER support (the gals I was in group with, sure… but HER… no), I DID feel hurt when she “disappeared” though. But I didn’t feel blessed when I got kicked out… I was pissed, well unhappy, yea.. LOL that’s it.. I was unhappy. NOW though, I realize it was the best thing that could have happened. TY.

    Regardless… my emotions of HER were not as strong as yours, but I still really have a burning desire to see her and I also so want her site closed down. She will NOT win.. we will be vindicated and I pray that the damage that she has caused stops AND that others will not be led into her bag of tricks and lies like lemmings. That’s one of many prayers that I have daily…

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Too bad you put your faith in some of them. A few of those seem as shallow as Heidi Diaz herself. And then of course a few of them I miss a lot. Oh well. Live and Learn.

  4. 1slickchick Says:

    Yes, it was too bad… but it’s all a learning experience. I have learned and that is all good… as long as I have learned a lesson from it. And I most assuredly have.

  5. yustyucky Says:

    Just reading and thinking, and wanted to send a hug to you all.

  6. gran to angels Says:

    Here is my thought……had I never gone to KK…I would not have met you Amy! and WhiteRabbit! Out of all of the terror that I went through….you guys are the good of it!
    Actually….when I think of it….there are so many people that I cherish….Malucas, Beacher, Zai, Barbara B, Heather and Brian, Yucky, M2E, Dspotz, Christin, really the list just grows and grows….there are so many more names to this list.
    Yes there are some that I have lost contact with…they were not the friends I thought they were….it’s ok!
    KK took my hair, muscle, self respect for a time, depended on support BUT! HD could not break my spirit! I did get away from the mind games and deadly diet…..and found true friendship!

  7. barbarab2 Says:

    Yes, it’s pretty amazing how many people HD brought together. And how many of us became activists and found the strength that can come from people who have formed groups because of a common cause. Many thanks for these pictures. Keep them coming.

  8. Newbirth Says:

    I saw an ad for her diet yesterday on When I was updating my food journal an ad for her appeared to the side.

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