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Why Am I Surprised August 7, 2009

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Heidi Diaz just does NOT ever learn.  I would think by now her lawyer would tell her to just keep her mouth shut…


To listen to Heidi..she is just a poor little lady who never wanted money for anything and was FORCED into lying on her website Kimkins.con.  Are you kidding?  Heidi would NOT know the truth if it slapped her in the face.  As others have said..she is a lying liar who lies.  And as time has gone on..she is not even doing that too well.


Today on her joke of a website…kimkins.con.  She decided to tell her side.  She also asked for people to sign some paperwork to how the support for the DIET.   I can not believe how low the whole Heidi Diaz and Kimkins.con has fallen.  I imagine that must be hard to swallow. It sucks when lies and fraud catch up with you , huh Heidi?


So lets examine a few of Heidi lies..


Heidi AKA Kimmer…I said I lost 198 lbs in 11 months and that was untrue. I’ve lost 100 pounds several times. As I’ve posted previously over the last 3 years — losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard. I’m no different than anyone else when it comes to family stress, divorce, work stress and everything else that jogs us off track.


Ummm are you serious. Heck if I added up how much weight I have lost we would all be shocked.  But Heidi did not lose the 198 pounds in 11 months.  And yes we all have family stress and everything else.  But the differnce is..Heidi..we did not lie about how much weight we had lost and had it published in a national magizine..and last but most important for YOU..Make tons of money off YOUR LIES.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..I mixed “fake” success stories in with the real success stories. The “fake” success stories were _base_d on true success stories from the previous 9 years I gave diet advice for free at Lowcarbfriends before starting I wanted to show how people have overcome difficult problems and still lose weight — whether PCOS, fibromyalgia, menopause or thyroid problems. You can’t have a success story without photos so I found some at Russian bride websites. I now know there are websites where you can buy photos, but I didn’t know that then. It wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t a clever scheme to trick people.


Once again…are you serious.  You say you mixed fake with real stories.  Heidi repeat after me.  YOU LIED AND CHEATED YOUR READERS.  You always seem to fall back in LCF free advice you gave.  Okay..great.  Yet you lied there also.  your picture there was FAKE and a LIE.  You also talked about skin care that you did..and I have a feeling after seeing you while I was on vacation ..that was   a lie also.  Who in their right mind can say with a straight face ..Oh I found some Russian brides … you hear yourself?  And the worse lie of all is the was never done to scheme or trick people.  LIAR.  Yes you .  You did it to get readers and people to sign up for your website so you MAKE MONEY FROM THEM.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..How can I tell people how to lose weight if I’m fat? Because I know how to lose weight quickly and when people follow Kimkins strictly they lose incredibly fast. I could be a 1,000 pound Samoan guy — what difference does it make if what I tell you works?


The difference is YOU LIED.  Okay let’s try this.  I know how to start a IV really well.  I am pretty sure I could tap Philip’s shunt if I had to.  So since I KNOW how to do those thing…I guess I should just go ahead and do it..I mean what differnce does it make..If i can do it and it works? You are so warped..


Heidi AKA Kimmer..What’s the lawsuit about? Money. The plaintiffs thought there were millions. There wasn’t. They thought there was liability insurance. There wasn’t.

WRONG AGAIN.. We want to see your website closed down .  And trust me it will.  And IF you open another will be closed down.  Know what is kind of funny and yet freaky to me?  The way some of the “ducks” know what you are doing the very minute you do it.  Every web page, every blog and many of your schemes.  They just do not give up.  Good for them..VERY bad for you. Wonderful for all the ladies looking to lose weight.


From a KK member..Thank you Kimmer for being so upfront with us about this whole situation. It must be incredibly stressful to have this crap going on. This is just a bunch of people who don’t want to accept responsibility for their decisions and figure they can make a quick buck in the process.


Accept responsibility?  Are you serious.  Heidi has never accepted anything.  Even when she wsa caught redhanded on a new video  clip she said she was not Heidi.  She came on her own website and said it was not really her.  Tell me ..who needs to own up.  Heidi and upfront do NOT belong in the same sentence.  If this comment was not so sad to me it would be funny.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Go ahead and hate/resent me. I survived teenagers you can’t hurt my feelings (unless that makes anyone feel better then — yeah, you hurt my feelings).

I can not help but think the reason you can not hurt your feelings is ..because you are one very cold hard hearted person.  And you ONLY care about you …


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Bottom Line: John Tiedt (attorney) wants to shut down the Kimkins website. There is no money for refunds. My lone asset is my house worth maybe $225,000. John Tiedt & his partners have spent probably $300,000 or more to sue me. Who do you think gets paid first? We have 30,000 members (do the math at $60) — where’s that $1,700,000 going to come from?

If you read my previous posts on this thread I mention that I sat for 25 hours of videoed deposition. I answered question after question. I even went to deposition #4 after my doctor put me on 3 days of bed rest after 11 days of menstrual bleeding. I produced every financial document I had including bank statements.

At deposition #1 Mr. Tiedt discovered that the $2,000,000 some people thought I had didn’t exist. Financially speaking there was no point to the lawsuit and he told me and my attorney after deposition #1 that they would work out a settlement. OK.

The next day I posted in my Pinky Swear Challenge thread that I was embarrassed to have not known the answers to the most basic business questions about Kimkins. I complimented Mr. Tiedt for his comments because it made me aware that I needed to know more and formalize. Hours after that post I received a message that Mr. Tiedt had learned of the post, that it made him look bad to his clients and now there would be no settlement. Litigation would continue … it’s 2 years now.

It would have been over and done in October 2007. A slam dunk for Tiedt. Now he’s spent hundreds of thousands. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands. Unless he’s going to sell my house, get his partners to suck up $300,000 of expenses and prorate the house sale proceeds at about $5 per member — nobody’s getting anything.

There was an easy way to handle this situation. That didn’t happen.


Yes Heidi…there was a easy way to handle this…and no it did not happen.  You could have shut down your web site and gave your members back their money.  I bet deep down you so wish you had given Jenessa back her refund.  Just think how much that mistake has cost you..ouch.


Heidi AKA  Kimmer..The “haters” think I’m consumed by the lawsuit. I’m not. It’s been going on for so l-o-n-g and there’s so much redundant paperwork, well … the thrill is gone. When our attorneys give me a project I work on it, but other than that I don’t pay attention. My #1 priority is getting the KK2 website done (and that’s taking forever, too!)

You are right Heidi.  You are not so consumed with the lawsuit…you are consumed with making new webites..blogs and more money. 


Heidi AKA Kimmer..As to the people who spun off their own blogs and websites in competition with Kimkins … we’ll be talking with them real soon.

Talk to who?  The people who have worked on getting the truth out?  The same people who found out who you really were?  If you are really worried about paperwork..Maybe your legal team can NOT send threaten paperwork in the mail about blogs that are only telling the truth.  You do know what the truth is, right?


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Yes, I made mistakes. I’ll make more. I made poor decisions. People have asked why I didn’t “come clean” sooner about my weight loss … or lack thereof. My answer is exactly what happened when I did. Members weren’t relieved. They were confused, angry and lost their motivation. Ask yourself, “Do I feel better knowing that Kimmer didn’t lose 198 lbs in 11 months?” Probably not. Do you feel excited and motivated about weight loss? Probably not. Did gaining that knowledge help you toward goal. I doubt it. I’m not just talking about Kimkins, but at Lowcarbfriends, too.


Let me see if I can this in more simple way.  Heid…you should not of lied to begin with.  And since you became a problem.  Now IF you had come to your members and said your “story” about your issues with weight loss…I have a feeling most would of fallen for it .  BUt the problem not only lied and lied and lied and then lied.  You came on your own web site and said you were not you.  Now that is something for them to be confused about.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..When Catherine MacDonald approached me about collaborating on an e-book (which turned into a website), I should have stood my ground. I said I didn’t want “Kimmer” to be part of the home page. I don’t like attention. I don’t need “atta girl” pats on the back. I think putting yourself on the front of a website pretty much screams, “Hey, I’m important.” I’m not.

I didn’t want “Kimmer” to be on the home page, but I caved.

I didn’t want to give a “Kimmer” photo, but I caved. Even if I were a size 2 I wouldn’t have given my own photo, so I found a photo of someone and gave it. I should have said “no”.

I didn’t want Catherine’s pricing idea of “whatever the traffic will bear,” but I compromised. I should have insisted on my lower pricing.

I didn’t want to sign a Kimkins partnership agreement written by Catherine MacDonald with a $5,000 buyout provision (since I had no way to raise $5,000), but I caved.

But when Catherine saw how many people were joining Kimkins and wanted to revise her contract after only a few months to a 10X last month gross sales, I didn’t cave. I got $5,000 together and got Kimkins back.

I didn’t know a thing about websites. I had never seen an admin panel. I had never heard of most of the terminology or how things worked. But I had to learn or the website could die … and what would happen to the members? So I read everything I could get my eyes on and I begged for free tech help from anyone who’d give it. Some good, some bad … and I learned from that, too.

People think I did Kimkins for money. Not even. It was never about money. I did what I do for free for 9 years at Lowcarbfriends. I spent hours answering questions … the same ones over and over … until it sank in. People offered to buy me gifts and send money because they were thrilled to be losing weight. I turned every single person down and never took a penny. Gee, I really suck at this money whore thing.

Oh Heidi..somehow I think the whole..She MADE me do it..will not work. By any chance did you tell the ladies signing up for your website..Oh no..please do not pay me..I am so wanting to do this for free.

Money Whore? Hummm…


The bottom line tell your story…your words..out of your mouth..the same mouth you lied out of for years.Yet when others try to tell their side with have your lawyer send threats to shut them up.  Is that working?  Because the truth will come out.  Look at how much have changed since the good ole days..

The TRUTH will come out …it always does.


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  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Well, I’m just killed. I could handle all the devious things she has done, but I’m just floored that she didn’t really have a tech team. I was so worried about that one guy being sick. LOL!!!

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