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Oh Please Just Stop September 7, 2008

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Wow ….I swear I think Heidi is losing it.  And I do not mean the weight.  As some of you know I post updates on what Heidi Diaz is doing over at kimkins.con often.  BUt I have to say that this latest update is just plain  “insane”.  There I said it …Heidi Diaz may be just plain down right insane with this latest “pull it out of my butt idea.   It has always been my idea that to have a END you need  BEGINNING.  And not only a beginning to the end.  But a Solid foundation.  If not it just crumbles.  And that is what Kimkins.con is all about.  It crumbles.  It is not solid.  It is a fake fix that is dangerous and in the end causes nothing but emotional and physical harm to each of us who have done it.
The idea that Heidi Diaz who weighs well at 300 pounds would even utter the words  ” maintenance”.  Could be considered almost comical is it was not so damn sad.
Heidi , are you serious? You are fat.  I am sorry if that sounds mean.  But it is the truth. And anyone who is 300 pounds know that they are over weight or if they are truthful with themselves they know they are fat.  So yes Heidi you are fat.  And that is okay.  Fat can be beautiful….it is what is on the inside that counts.  And Heidi trust me…what you have on the inside is uglier then anything that could ever be on the outside.  I could help you with that also but it could involve some medication and some detox AA and  some morals.  If you would like my help with any of there…give me a call.  Or hey…I can stop by for a visit. 
Oh I am just rambling non stop.  Back on topic. Heidi and the fraud.
Kimkins Maintenance should be as simple as Kimkins.” per Heidi Diaz

How do we add back junk food? per Heidi Diaz
Heidi have you ever taken the junk food out of your diet?  I mean come on…let’s get real?  You weigh 300 pounds.  It is obvious you can not and do not follow your own deadly Kimkins.con plan. 
 Will people “modify” Kimkins Maintenance? If so, is it really Kimkins? Per Heidi Diaz
OMG…does anyone really follow Kimkins.con?  You do not. What do you eat everyday?   And considering the daily I am going to start back post….not too many people are following Kimkins.con. So for a blast from the past…No Heidi…if you modify it is not really kimkins.  Thank goodness.
You need to just stop….




One Response to “Oh Please Just Stop”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:

    Maintnenace on Kimkins? even if she isnt any where near it I’d like to see how she proposes to transition kimkinettes from her dangerous low cal nutrtionally bankrupt diet to a healthy maintnenace plan so they don’t regain as all the former kk folk have posted about.

    I can just see it. Kimkins maintnenace is slimfast diet type thing 2 diet meals a day and one low glycemic low fat meal so they don’t regain those struggled for final pounds.

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