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Who is Amy B February 27, 2008

 I am Amy B , 39 and live on the east coast of Florida.  I have been married to my DH Jim for 20 years.  And I am blessed to be mom to Philip 17, Reed 14, Emily 11 and Cole 3.

  My avatar at Kimkins said Leaning on God While Learning To Love Myself.  I love those words. Day by Day I seem to find  more of who I am. 

This past year has been a mixture of blessings and hurts.  I am working on finding a balance.

My oldest son Philip has had 15 brain operations and a stroke that has required 23 plus painful operations.  He also had a serious shunt infection and now has two shunts.  And he is living daily with severe headaches due to a large cyst on his brain stem which is in bedded with scar tissues from the stroke and major blood vessels.  We are working on what plan of action is the safest way to help Philip.

I also spent the last year working on a new Amy .  I started my weight loss at 223 and a size 24.  I now weigh 136 and wear a size 6/8.

While there is a joy of losing so much weight.  It did come with a price.  I lost my weight on a mixture of Atkins and Kimkins.  Once I started Kimkins, my weight did come off fast but some medical side effects came on even faster.  Add to the mixture the owner of Kimkins is a fraud. Kimmer better known as Heidi Diaz is under investigations for so many issues, I will not even begin to list them.

I am working on finding a balance of weight loss, maintaining my weight loss,  medical issues due to  harsh dieting   and being harassed by the owner and admins of Kimkins.

If any former or current KK ladies  would like to contact me,


One Response to “Who is Amy B”

  1. deedlynn22 Says:

    Disappointed and surprised…But more disappointed. & yes….that is my name…..although screen names are used EVERYWHERE on the internet. Very very very disappointed.

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