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Things that make me go Hummm ….and Ha September 27, 2008

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OKay I have a confession.  I think I am suppose to be panicked or scared or upset .But I am not one bit.  What   I am  is nothing short of embarrassed for Heidi Diaz for her latest show of what I can only describe as a pathetic attempt of being a bully. I am shocked that she would pay a lawyer by the hour to file the legal paper work with the courts .  After reading it….it pretty much seemed like she said…hey they are being mean to me…tell them to stop cause I Heidi can dish it out but can not take it..I can only imagine how much that cost.  I wonder if a lawyer makes a decision about filing counter suits based on facts or dollars signs?  Just curious?

A few facts of the counter suits that stood out to me were…Heidi claimed that due to negative blogs “Substantial success is floundering at this time”.

Heidi , do you think you have any ownership in any of that? I mean do you ever really take ownership of the fact that you lied about your weight?  You like to make it sound all nice and pretty and say you did false advertisements.  But in truth you lied about what you weighed.  You told us that you weighed 118 pounds and had kept it off for years.  You faked doing water fast when we felt like failures for not being able to live up to your standards.  And the worse thing for me is….when you were caught…red handed…micrphone in face…you said you were not Heidi Diaz.  Heidi you caused your success to fail.  The problem was built on lies and they came crashing down.  Take responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS.

Heidi claims “Emotional and physical distress requiring medical attention”.   Heidi I am sure it had to be hard to fake being someone you were not.  I am sure it was hard to do fake interviews with the WW magazines and Jimmy Moore.  And then to fake all the post in the kimkins.con website.  I think that would be very hard for me emotionally also.  And I am sure trying to keep track of who you banned and did not ban was very hard for you.  Having the boards in a up roar was very hard for us.  Plus when you told us all that you had sold the business and you really had not.  That must of been really hard.  To live the secret lies of being someone you are not and lie about who you are , size you are, your name, and who owns your very own business.  I would imagine you did have emotional issues  Physical?  I have no idea.  But as for as I know no one has ever hurt you physically.   A million Dollars Heidi?

I would like to add that I do think that some people have ended up hurt from you Heidi ….do you care?  Does that bother you? What did they ever do to you Heidi?

Heidi suggest “Unjust hardship and disregard for her rights”.  This is a little hard for me to swallow.  Her rights?  What about everyone else’s rights?  The whole idea of disregarding rights …reminds me of the whole kimkins.con mess.  I just find the whole idea of this law suit somewhat of a joke ,  I am curious who could keep a straight face when they wrote this.  I mean it is almost comical.

The best was this one.  Heidi is basing her lawsuit on a statue based on  conspiracy to “Post   or  publish  false statement on a media  source”.  I almost chocked when I read this.  Heidi….come on now.  What was the WW issue.  You not only lied about who you were.  Your stats, you weight, you diet plan, you used a Russian bride for your pics.  And you have the nerve to bring up the fact that we use things in our blogs.  I know for a  fact my info is 100% correct,  How about you Heidi?

You also say you want to make a example out of the defendants.  But Heidi what about making a example out of you?  Why could you not do the right now?  Why not come out, tell the truth and say I am heavier and I need to lose weight.  Instead you choice this being long lie.  Now you would rather sue us instead of paying the price of this lawsuit. 

I have a little heads up for you Heidi Diaz.  Your “legal” paperwork says you  have done nothing wrong except a advertising mistake.  Heidi Come come..who are you trying to fool?  Did your lawyer let that be in there and go to the judge?  How much time did it take to search out the Russian Brides and then add the stories and post them.  You even talked about them like you were involved in their lives.  That is not only wrong but plain insane( In my mind ( legal CYA talk) 

What about the people who depended on your plan for friends and support and all of the sudden they go to log on and you ban them.  Or even worse you “fake banned ” them.  I know for a fact that there were some ladies who for the first time in their lives that took a Chance and joined and reached out and made friends.  They were coming out of a shell and happy.  And you with a smirk on your face just hit ban.  Did that make you feel good?  Now I do now that some ladies really did need to not be there to keep the group going…but my you took it so far it is a joke.  Like many other thinks you have done with kimkins.con.

My goodness the list of things you have done wrong goes on and on and on.  It is a shock to me that your lawyer said that you only had a advertising issue that you handle.  In fact My good buddy  prudentia calls me yesterday and after we talked she says umm…are you sure a lawyer filed this…so while we talked I went to check.  Sure enough.  yep…things that make you go hummm..or Haaaa…

And while there are many “facts” of this legal paperwork I have a family that needs to be feed and loads of wash that needs to be done.  My DH reminded me of the laundry this morning.  Ha


Heidi when you say  “Make a example of the defendants” I think that is a great idea.  Because you know what Heidi.  If you do that then maybe just maybe in the future someone will think twice before they decide to take advantage of people .  Maybe they will see that a group  of ladies who do not know each other come from different backgrounds, different sizes, different colors, even different countries have one thing in common…making sure that no one gets hurt from someone who seem hell bent on taking advantage of people and making matter what.  So go ahead make us a example.  I kind of think we are a great example.  What do you guys think? 

I know that maybe sometimes my blog may of be a tad raw .  Who can judge me or sue me for my feeling ?    What I am trying to say is.  While my blog may not always come up smell like roses it is from my heart?  I stand by my blog the good and the bad and the ugly.  While things said on here may not of been pretty about Heidi Diaz they were the truth.


7 Responses to “Things that make me go Hummm ….and Ha”

  1. mariasol Says:

    Glad to see you blogging again. Great post! And while I can’t speak for the other bloggers (conspiracy? where? how?) I fully agree with what you say about us.

  2. magicsmom Says:

    Not only did she lie about losing weight, she is still basically lying to people today. If it weren’t for the blogs, people would be paying for a membership without knowing that 1) she never lost the weight and 2) that her plan has never gotten a nod from a doctor as being medically safe. They would be paying this money without knowing these very important facts if the bloggers weren’t out here giving them access to this information. If Heidi really wants to do full disclosure, she will put this information on her home page for people to see before they pay the money. Pfffft! What am I thinking?

  3. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I’m glad you are blogging again. I have missed you.

  4. barbarab2 Says:

    Nice post, Amy. Glad to have you back blogging.

  5. avenuegirl Says:

    And the biggest joke today – those ads that are supposedly taken off the site are still there! I was sure to make a little video of it to show they were still running.

    She is a piece of work.

  6. gran to angels Says:

    Great post Amy!!! You know what’s nice about the truth…it’s easy to remember! Lies just start rolling over themselves and wind up making a huge mess! Heidi is in a huge mess right now!
    Keep talking Amy….keep telling the truth….there are more ladies that need to be reached and you are one of the best at it! There are many that are the best at this…God Bless you all!

  7. yustyucky Says:

    Well said, Amy! {{{hugs to all}}}

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