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I will Help Answer That Question/ Pictures Fixed For Yucky..LoL September 30, 2008

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XXXX,,,Last week you asked a simple question thinking you would get a simple answer.


Hey Kimmer I was curious  how you are doing with the weight loss. When you were at the 315. But if you don’t mind telling me…how much are you down now from then?  

XXXX – I am going to keep  my progress under wraps for now.   It also has been noted this month that three ladies who were new to your site asked about your weight loss and were banned within the first week.  No refund offered and tickets were ignored.  Funny how they ended up at my blog and then emailed me but now they have been referred to John. 

    Heidi…what I do not understand own a diet group.  You came out and made the pinky swear  thread.  You posted your weight updates and your pictures.  And you had your ladies do the same.  You were the leader there.  They looked up to you and wanted to see how you were doing, what you were doing and how it was working for you.  It is called being a team player.    Since you still have   a few ladies at kimkins.con that still trust you and look up to you ,  I would think you would not snub your nose at them.   It is a diet group and people talk about weight.  Asking about your weight loss is not a cause of TOS and being banned.     But as many of you know I happen to be visiting a very special friend who happens to live in Corona.  I was shocked when we saw Heidi Diaz right there in front of us.  So I snapped a few pictures.  Did I see her first or did she see me?   I am not 100% sure.  Since doing kimkins.con my memory is off.  Hummmm…. Back to my story….There was Heidi and I thought…wow here is the famous Heidi Diaz. .  The one that was on the WW magizine…well not her but well you know.  So I took some pictures at the local store that my friends shops at and so does Heidi Diaz.  Simple.   XXXX…since you asked and could not get a answer.  I will help answer your question.  Here are a few pictures below of Heidi from a few months ago.  XXXX….I hope you re think your diet choices.  I know Kimkins.con has a certain appeal to it, trust me.  But so does a lot of things that are bad for us and can end up killing us.  It is not worth it and you are worth so much more then that.  Good luck.

Fixed just for Yucky…lol.  Thanks Yucky for the suggestion.




2 Responses to “I will Help Answer That Question/ Pictures Fixed For Yucky..LoL”

  1. yustyucky Says:

    Oh how the might have fallen!

    ps is there any way to lighten the pix? I’m very hard of seeing lol

  2. vernswifevickie Says:

    Wouldn’t you think if she’s not gonna follow her own diet of death and drop some pounds she’d at least take some of the money she’s making and buy some BIGGER stretch pants for pete’s sake!!!???

    Heidi…Honey…..Those stretch pants will only stretch sooo far ya know! Geesh….buy some that fit…you look ridiculous!!

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