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Back Up Site …No Charge…hummm…. January 18, 2009

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RE:glad you are a tough chick like me



Melissa, welcome back!!!

I’m more human than you’ll ever know! This is why I understand so well when people fall off, slip up, cave in. Been there. Rough day or year? Been there, too. I just want to show people there’s a very simple principle to lose quickly. Once they understand, they have an “ah ha!” moment and it all makes sense. From that minute on, they know the secret.

The website is fine, he can’t shut it down which is all that I cared about. I was telling the anti-Kimmer lawyer that the girls form support groups and “families” and this is why the website is important. That why I made a backup website (which has never been used). If we needed a place to move to for the girls, then we had one. I wouldn’t make a penny from that. Everyone paid a lifetime fee, I can’t charge them again. The backup website would cost money: hosting, admin, tech support. Anti-KK lawyer doesn’t get it.

Thanks again, you re-energized me this morning! It’s 9 am here. Have a fabulous day!


One Response to “Back Up Site …No Charge…hummm….”

  1. magicsmom Says:

    Lifetime fee, Gracie? Bwahahahaha! A fat lot of good the “lifetime” fee does you after she bans you!

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