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A message from Gina/Dana October 26, 2008

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Today I have spent some time talking to a young lady who calls her self Dana/Gina.  There is a lot of background about this person and it can be found at my good buddies Prudentia’s blog ( and also at 2bigs’s blog ( 
  I am not sure what to think but I wanted to put my thoughts out here and maybe we can give Dana/Gina a chance to explain why she has behaved the way that she has.
   Gina came to me this morning in a email and told me who she is.  After we emailed back and forth a few times.  I told her that I had some serious concerns and asked her if we could talk on AIM.  She said yes and we talked for quite some time. It was a very blunt conversation and at times it was a little heated.  But in the end I hope the conversation was able to shed some truth on what has been going on.
  Am I sure the person I talked with today is Gina, Deb294er’s 20 year old daughter?  Honest?  No.  But I want her to be.  I want this person I spoke with today to be a young girl who got carried away and made a really big mistake.  Because if she is not Gina Deb294er’s 20 year old daughter then it was Deb294er and that is a really sick twisted game to be playing. 
  To start with….Here is the original email I got today from Gina
.     From: McdvdXXXXX@XXXX.XXXX
Date: 10/26/2008 12:56:56 PM
Subject: Gina here 
  I wrote to you before and I might have commented on your blog.  I was in support of you, but now I don’t know what to think.  You girls are so mean, all of you ganging up on me.  I am not Deborah, she is my mother. I left that last comment on 2bigs blog today, and that is all I am going to do.  She has not posted it yet.   My name is Gina. My last name is not Stevens.   I am 20.  I go to school and work in my mothers office on work study.  We have the same IP.  There is no mystery, and I never set out to hurt anyone. I tried to have some fun with 2big because she is so serious most of the time, and I thought she was a good person to have fun with.  I never thought it would go any further than her blog.  I never said much of anything except I liked Kimkins on other peoples blog. Only once or twice anyway.    I did say stuff about moles, because I know they are there.  It is easy to see that. Nobody ever talked to me in PM’s or anything at LCF. So no information was sent to Heidi.  It is very easy to find out anything and everything about Kimkins and Kimmer on the LCF site. I also know a lot because I read that FWK thread every day. It is fascinating.  My mother does Kimkins, I have seen the inside of the site before.   I have another screen name at LCF that I have used for a long time.  I am not going to tell anyone any information on it, because I still use it at least a few times a week.   I emailed you because I read the things on FWK thread that seemed hurtful to you ,and I thought that was bad too.  If you kept emails from then, you should have it.  I don’t know.  I have a new computer so I don’t have a copy of it. Does not matter anyway, you even wrote me back.   Now you are saying that my mom is me, and that is getting me in trouble with my family. I am done playing any games, and it is not fun talking to 2Big anymore.   Gina/Dana
  From: Amyb Date: 10/26/2008 1:04:04 PM
To: McdvdXXXX@XXXX.XXXXX Subject: Re: Gina here
  Okay…I want to belive you. And you know what.  I am not that mean person you keep saying that I am.   I am a nice person who has been used in all of this in more ways I care to mention by Heidi and her crew. I have no intentions to be used by you are your mom, or whoever you are. I am curious about something. If  I am going to reach my neck out here and  try trust you.  
   Tell  me…does your mom know know you are talking on the blogs?  Because If she does not and she finds out you may have a problem with her. Because she may have a issue with Heidi.  Do you understand  what I am saying?
  Also I am not sure your mom would be happy if you were talking to me because your mom can not stand me.  She has said some awful things about me.  Now I am not talking bad about your mom to you.  I am stating the facts.  The fact is your mom is very pro KK and I am very anti KK.
Would it be okay for me to help you clear this up today and post this email on my blog?  I can post this original email and anything else you would like to add.  You can have your say, your way, and clear the air.  This is your chance.
  I will go see if I can find that original email from you and that may help show your story is what you say it is.   Let me know your thoughts.  maybe with some honest talk from you..we canfigure out who you are in all of this.
  From: XXXX@XXXXX.XXXDate 10/26/2008 1:19:25 PM:
 Subject: Re: Gina here
   She knew I was commenting on the blogs at first and she told me to stop it.  I did stop it for awhile until I saw all the infighting on FWK.  I went to 2Bigs blog because she is the one I mostly talked to.  I went too far on that and I  know it. 
 I saw Derek being featured and then I saw his profile on FWK.  I thought that was not very nice too.    Now she knows I felt sorry for you and what happened, but she does not know I emailed you.  I will tell her though. 
 I am already in something deep right now.  she does not hate you.  She talked about you to me before.  I don’t think she understands everything that went on. I don’t really either, just what I saw on the thread.  I don’t know what bad things she said about you, but I can ask her. 
   I don’t really care if you post my email, but the XXXX is part of a family name and she will know it is me. I should probably tell her.  She is already mad at me for dragging her into the blog thing.   I just want this over with. I never thought it would leave her blog. Sorry.   Gina

After these emails I asked Gina if we could talk on Pm and we did.  I want to share part of the PM so  maybe we can try to understand where Gina is comming from…..Please remeber this ia a very raw conversation .


There are a few breaks in the PM that are taken off .  These were about her goals for weight loss and some very personal issues I as a mom will not post online in my blog.  But  the bases of the PM are here and you can see what was said.,  If you have any questions feel free to email me.


I chnaged her screen name to XXX because it is her last name…


:00 PM): I use this , hello Amy

AmyB159 (1:56:13 PM): Ok…

 AmyB159 (1:56:19 PM): Hey there

 XXXXXX (1:56:37 PM): I am sorry, I really am, but now I am scared

 AmyB159 (1:56:54 PM): well let’s talk and see if I can understand better

 XXXXXX (1:57:04 PM): ok
AmyB159 (1:57:08 PM): but I am going to tell you this up front

AmyB159 (1:57:17 PM): I do not really like you mom

 AmyB159 (1:57:19 PM): I am sorry but it is how I feel

 XXXXXX (1:57:25 PM): I know

 AmyB159 (1:57:29 PM): and if you are her and playing with me

 AmyB159 (1:57:33 PM): then that is your bad and it will all come out

 AmyB159 (1:57:43 PM): but if you are a young girl who has gone to far

 XXXXXX (1:57:45 PM): no, I am not

 AmyB159 (1:57:48 PM): then I am here to listen

 AmyB159 (1:57:55 PM): cause I am a mom and I care


 AmyB159 (1:58:00 PM): so I am trusting you for right now.

 AmyB159 (1:58:07 PM): so let’s see what we can do to get to the bottom of this

 XXXXXX (1:58:07 PM): look Amy, I made a mistake,  it went too far

AmyB159 (1:58:17 PM): you need to tell me everything ..all of it

AmyB159 (1:58:26 PM): if you want me to help you clear this up

 XXXXXXX (1:58:45 PM): ok, what do you want to know that I did not tell you


 AmyB159 (1:59:16 PM): well… did all of this get started?  I mean how and why?

 XXXXXXX(1:59:33 PM): the blog thing?

 AmyB159 (1:59:55 PM): my understanding is this started in Jan with 2big right?


 XXXXXXX (2:00:10 PM): yes, in January

 AmyB159 (2:00:23 PM): can you tell me why?

 XXXXXXXX (2:00:33 PM): my mom was saying that people in that thread were being mean to people who were still at kimkins

AmyB159 (2:00:51 PM): ok and

 XXXXXXXXX (2:00:52 PM): It started to defend those people

 XXXXXXXXXX (2:01:16 PM): but I thought I was a bad ass, its easy on the interent

 AmyB159 (2:01:34 PM): yes it is and that happens to many of us online

 XXXXXXXXX (2:01:47 PM): but then 2 big got my IP and that scared me

 XXXXXXXX (2:01:55 PM): so the lies started as to who I was

 AmyB159 (2:02:29 PM): Ok and then you went away for a while..right?

XXXXXXX (2:02:38 PM): yes, my mom told me to drop it

 XXXXXX (2:02:44 PM): stay off all blogs

 AmyB159 (2:03:56 PM): okay…what made you show back up?

 XXXXXX (2:04:19 PM): the infighting , I was again trying to be a badass

 XXXXXX (2:04:44 PM): then the other Amy put up dereks picture and profile

AmyB159 (2:04:53 PM): you kind of forgot about being scared and started back again, right? AmyB159 (2:05:00 PM): This is very important…

 XXXXXXX (2:05:00 PM): yes, it had been months  Some personal talk about why she felt protective about Derek..  

 Xxxxxxxx (2:05:48 PM): I am backing out of her blog

 AmyB159 (2:07:05 PM): Now you decided to get back involved.  You kind of forgot what it is like to be scared,right?

XXXXXXXX (2:07:15 PM): yes, i did forget

AmyB159 (2:07:22 PM): that is easy to do.


 AmyB159 (2:07:42 PM): Now tell me this..what does your mom know?

 AmyB159 (2:07:59 PM): because I can not imagine she is pleased with you

 XXXXXX (2:08:09 PM): she knows pretty much all of it now, except that  i am talking to you XXXXXXX (2:08:23 PM): no , she is mad

XXXXXXX (2:08:33 PM): for me going on the blogs m ostly

AmyB159 (2:09:22 PM): Ha..sorry I have to laugh..she would be really mad if she knew you were talking to me.

 AmyB159 (2:10:27 PM): I think what you have done is nothing that bad

AmyB159 (2:10:33 PM): you got carries away

AmyB159 (2:10:35 PM): we all have

 XXXXXXX (2:10:39 PM): yeah

AmyB159 (2:10:41 PM): me included

 XXXXXXXX (2:11:09 PM): ok, i know

 AmyB159 (2:11:13 PM): first…do you really know who I am

 AmyB159 (2:11:15 PM): I mean

 AmyB159 (2:11:21 PM): from my blog, and pics?

XXXXXXXX(2:11:25 PM): oh, yes

AmyB159 (2:11:28 PM): Ok

AmyB159 (2:11:38 PM): so you know I am not always sure of myself either, even as adults we still make mistakes.


AmyB159 (2:11:40 PM): right

 XXXXXXX (2:11:41 PM): i know you from another site too

 XXXXXX (2:11:44 PM): yes

AmyB159 (2:11:46 PM): Ok

 AmyB159 (2:11:47 PM): good

AmyB159 (2:11:59 PM): I think..the only way you  can end this and be done is this


AmyB159 (2:12:09 PM):  tell the truth all of it

 XXXXXX (2:12:16 PM): ok

 XXXXXXX(2:12:25 PM): but i am going to be in so deep here

AmyB159 (2:13:06 PM): deep with who..your mom?

 XXXXXX (2:13:10 PM): yes

AmyB159 (2:13:24 PM): that what you want me to call you?

AmyB159 (2:13:28 PM): Your mom knows

XXXXXXX (2:13:31 PM): gina is my real name

XXXXXXX (2:13:33 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:13:35 PM): trust me

 XXXXXXX (2:13:37 PM): yes, she knows

 AmyB159 (2:13:37 PM): she knows

 XXXXXXXX(2:14:31 PM):  i always thought you were good, that is why your posts there scared me AmyB159 (2:14:43 PM): I thought you were your mom

AmyB159 (2:14:47 PM): and wanna know something

 XXXXXXXX (2:14:52 PM): i tried to be i guess

 AmyB159 (2:14:53 PM): I do not even know your mom

AmyB159 (2:14:57 PM): but

 AmyB159 (2:15:00 PM): I know Heidi

AmyB159 (2:15:06 PM): and she has been cruel to me


AmyB159 (2:15:09 PM): and my son

AmyB159 (2:15:16 PM): and that is Heidi

XXXXXXXX (2:15:23 PM): so you see something that i did not see, heidi

AmyB159 (2:15:32 PM): Heidi is awful

XXXXXXXX (2:15:34 PM): i think my mom does not really see it right

AmyB159 (2:15:37 PM): plain and simple

AmyB159 (2:15:43 PM): wanna know something

XXXXXXXX (2:15:46 PM): yes

AmyB159 (2:15:47 PM): this is honest

 AmyB159 (2:16:06 PM): I miss being at KK

AmyB159 (2:16:08 PM): I do

AmyB159 (2:16:16 PM): I miss feeling the rush I had there

 XXXXXXXX (2:16:23 PM): i think you said that before on fwk

AmyB159 (2:16:24 PM): I felt at home there

AmyB159 (2:16:34 PM): and I thought Heidi was real

XXXXXXXX (2:16:41 PM): that is howmy mom feels tol, she told me that

AmyB159 (2:16:44 PM): and when I saw she was heavy I did not care

AmyB159 (2:16:50 PM): I was heavy

AmyB159 (2:17:01 PM): I felt ugly

AmyB159 (2:17:12 PM): I could of been Heidi

AmyB159 (2:17:27 PM): but Gina she accused me of being respoible for my son’s illness AmyB159 (2:17:32 PM): did you know that?

AmyB159 (2:17:39 PM): That is fact

XXXXXXXX (2:17:39 PM): no, i didn’t

XXXXXXXX (2:17:57 PM): ok, i didnt know that was true

 AmyB159 (2:18:08 PM):  a blog up that said I had mental disorder  where I caused Philip’s medical issues AmyB159 (2:18:17 PM): My son who has fought to live

AmyB159 (2:18:30 PM): one day you will be a mom and you will know what that love feels like XXXXXXXX (2:18:31 PM): i know about your son, i read his site, i am sorry

AmyB159 (2:18:38 PM): and you know what

AmyB159 (2:18:46 PM): I feel sorry for your mom

XXXXXXXX (2:18:51 PM): that is why i emailed you the first time what?

AmyB159 (2:18:53 PM): because she is a lot like me

XXXXXXXX (2:18:54 PM): why

XXXXXXXX (2:18:57 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:19:02 PM): she wants to belive in heidi

XXXXXXXX (2:19:06 PM): she does

AmyB159 (2:19:10 PM): I see your mom has lost a lot of weight

XXXXXXXX (2:19:15 PM): she has

AmyB159 (2:19:21 PM): I bet she is proud of herself

AmyB159 (2:19:24 PM): and she should be

AmyB159 (2:19:27 PM): but you know what


 XXXXXXXX (2:19:27 PM): she is happy, yes

AmyB159 (2:19:30 PM): YOUR MOM

AmyB159 (2:19:33 PM): lost that weight

AmyB159 (2:19:36 PM): not heidi

XXXXXXXXX (2:19:54 PM): after reading alot of what is said on that blog, i see it more yeah AmyB159 (2:19:58 PM): I have a feeling your mom and I could  be buddies on any other site XXXXXXXX (2:20:12 PM): probably,yes

AmyB159 (2:20:25 PM): but when your mom tells Heidi she wants to “beat me up” and then Heidi sends that to me

AmyB159 (2:20:35 PM): how can your mom think Heidi is anything but bad

AmyB159 (2:20:39 PM): see what I mean

AmyB159 (2:20:45 PM): this is not about your mom

 XXXXXXXX(2:20:48 PM): she said that?  i havent asked her yet

AmyB159 (2:21:01 PM): well Heidi said your mom said that…

AmyB159 (2:21:07 PM): and that is silly

AmyB159 (2:21:10 PM): but the point is

AmyB159 (2:21:19 PM): if your mom said it mad

AmyB159 (2:21:21 PM): so be it

AmyB159 (2:21:28 PM): but Heidi came to me with it

AmyB159 (2:21:35 PM): Heidi is like that

XXXXXXXX (2:21:35 PM): i cant see my mom saying that

AmyB159 (2:21:44 PM): well you know your mom..I do not

 XXXXXXXX (2:22:01 PM): did she say it or did heidi say it?

AmyB159 (2:22:16 PM): Heidi said your mom said it…

AmyB159 (2:22:18 PM): so see

AmyB159 (2:22:26 PM): I have no idea if your mom said it

AmyB159 (2:22:30 PM): BUT the point is

AmyB159 (2:22:34 PM): Heidi said she did

XXXXXXX (2:22:35 PM): what if she really didnt?  i want to ask her , ok

AmyB159 (2:22:44 PM): and your mom supports Heidi

 XXXXXXXX (2:22:48 PM): so heidi is using my mom?

AmyB159 (2:23:06 PM): Gina..I am open to talking to your mom anytime.


AmyB159 (2:23:20 PM): I am a nice person…unless someone lies and pretends to be someone else AmyB159 (2:23:40 PM): so…back to you..

XXXXXXXXX (2:23:47 PM): this is sort of scary to me.  would she really use my mom against me or anything? AmyB159 (2:23:54 PM): Ummm…yes

AmyB159 (2:23:59 PM): 100% yes

AmyB159 (2:24:12 PM): she sent me a book about a mom who tries to kill her son with faking medical illnesses

XXXXXXX (2:24:14 PM): i think i need to talk to her soon, i wish i never heard of kimkins AmyB159 (2:24:17 PM): Heidi is evil

XXXXXXXX (2:24:32 PM): is taht the book on your blog?

AmyB159 (2:24:34 PM): Gina..your mom is not going to want to hear what you know that AmyB159 (2:24:38 PM): yes it is..

AmyB159 (2:24:46 PM): do you have weight to lose?


AmyB159 (2:24:50 PM): just curious?

XXXXXXXX(2:24:53 PM): ok, i dont know what to say to her then,  I am very fat myself

XXXXX (2:24:59 PM): 258 now   WE talked some private diet talk here…That I took out…it had nothing to do with any of this.

AmyB159 (2:26:49 PM): now back to you

XXXXXXX (2:26:52 PM): yes, send me the link please, i hate being so heavy

AmyB159 (2:26:52 PM): your mom knows

AmyB159 (2:26:57 PM): the ducks know

XXXXXX (2:26:58 PM): yes, she knows


XXXXXXX (2:27:01 PM): yes

AmyB159 (2:27:02 PM): period

AmyB159 (2:27:08 PM): so lets fix this

XXXXXX (2:27:11 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:27:12 PM): as well as we can

AmyB159 (2:27:18 PM): you write me a email ..

AmyB159 (2:27:23 PM): in depth

AmyB159 (2:27:27 PM): as long as you need to

AmyB159 (2:27:35 PM): explain from the beginning to end

AmyB159 (2:27:37 PM): all of it

XXXXXXX(2:27:43 PM): ok, beginning of jan?

AmyB159 (2:27:46 PM): how you felt  and why



AmyB159 (2:27:47 PM): yes

XXXXXX(2:27:49 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:27:53 PM): and how it got out of hand

 XXXXXXX (2:28:11 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:28:11 PM): all of it

AmyB159 (2:28:14 PM): come clean

AmyB159 (2:28:17 PM): ALL of it

XXXXXXX (2:28:20 PM): ok

AmyB159 (2:28:30 PM): because if more comes out afterwards then it will not work

AmyB159 (2:28:37 PM): BRB..Kids


AmyB159 (2:30:05 PM):  you  said you worry about your mom and KK

AmyB159 (2:30:13 PM): you need to  mention everything you spoke about here

XXXXXXX (2:30:15 PM): i really do actually

 AmyB159 (2:30:20 PM): then say that

XXXXXXXX (2:30:24 PM): she doesnt eat enogh

AmyB159 (2:30:32 PM): Then you need to say that to her

AmyB159 (2:30:40 PM): do you know my health is awful

AmyB159 (2:30:45 PM): I lost 95 pounds

XXXXXXX (2:30:47 PM): not really

XXXXXXX (2:30:58 PM): yes, i know you did great,

AmyB159 (2:31:08 PM): and struggle to not gain eating a apple

AmyB159 (2:32:20 PM): so…take a few minutes and email me …long..honest and in careful to not leave anything out or lie.

XXXXXX (2:32:43 PM): ok, yes

AmyB159 (2:32:49 PM): I am adding you to my aim

XXXXXX (2:33:06 PM): ok, you are making me feel better, thank you

AmyB159 (2:33:10 PM): now go get started

XXXXXXX (2:33:14 PM): ok, thank you

AmyB159 (2:33:18 PM): Gina..just tell the truth

AmyB159 (2:33:26 PM): go get started..I will watch for the email.

AmyB159 (2:33:32 PM): it will be okay..

XXXXXX (2:33:33 PM): i hopes so, i feel horrbile



XXXXXXX (2:33:37 PM): thank you, ill do it now

AmyB159 (2:33:44 PM): and if your mom wants to talk..I am a email away..

XXXXXX (2:34:02 PM): ok


    ——-Original Message——-   From: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Date: 10/26/2008 3:12:26 PM


Subject: I am Gina

  Amy,       I am going to tell you what I was thinking when I decided to become Dana.  I am not looking at any timelines, so I don’t know the dates.  It was January when I decided to go to some blogs because I had been reading the FWK threads for a long time, and I thought there was mean spirited stuff going on.  My mom does Kimkins, and she followed it sort of on LCF before joining the site.  I support my mom,( Deb294evr) in her weight loss efforts.  My mom loves Kimkins and likes Kimmer too.  I hear one side of the story, where she is very nice, then I go to the threads and she is being called the devil. I don’t understand.   I am 20 years old, my name is Gina and I am a college student.  I work at my college in work study at the same place my mother works.    We talk about the site, but I am not a member, I only want to support my mom.  So I go to the blogs and leave some bad ass messages as “Dana”.  I felt great getting my message out, which really isn’t my message, but what I hear from home. I also read some of the old ask Kimmer stuff and see that it didn’t seem so bad.  Then I ran into 2Big.  she looks up my IP and tells me I am working for some professor that I do not know.  I figure she might contact my job and get me into trouble, so I tell my Mom about it.  She tells me to get off the blogs and stop what I was doing.    I did stop that for a long time.  I then saw AmyB being talked about very hurtfully on the FWK threads that had to do with Kimmer doing things to her, and she showed some things on her blog that got my sympathy.  I decided to get my new screen name GinaStevens44 when I had decided Kimkins was maybe not so good. I posted in the FWK thread a few times about being in WW, and about some things about Kimmer, trying to blend in.  I really wanted to contact AmyB and I did.  I wrote her an email,and I think I commented in her blog, I don’t remember.  I did not tell my mom because she was still very pro KK, and still is.   I really did try WW but I was a failure, like in most diets I try.  I am still very fat. I am not afraid to say I am fat, because I am.  I have tried every diet, but on the internet you can be whatever you want to be.   After my WW failure, I tried Kimkins and failed at that.  I never joined the site, just went by what was in the LCF archives and what my mom was eating.  That kind of put me back into the pro KK frame of mind.    I read the FWK threads every day. I am fascinated with it.  I just did not understand why everyone was being attacked on the newsletter.  I saw Dee being attacked, and the other lady with thin hair.  Then Derek came along. I said this already, but he is very cute. I honestly am not in any way connected to Derek, ( wish) lol. Right as his profile comes on the FWK thread, I feel all badass again and head to 2Big’s blog, but she had not written anything about him, so I looked for the latest comments and went in there.    It got out of control.  I was being what I wanted to be, a successful dieter who was losing weight and eating what I consider Kimkins.  I wanted to stick up for Derek, but also for everyone who is on the site still.  My mom knew nothing of this until Prudentia blogged about her and I being the same person.  We are not.  She did find out though, after I did.  I had to tell her and she was angry.  I got scared when so many people started attacking me and my mom.  She did not do anything in there, she has not posted anywhere that I know of in a long time, but she was getting blamed for what I did.  I am afraid for her myself, she does not eat very much.  I think she is eating more healthy than some did, but I would starve on that.    Anyway, I had to come clean when the entire family got on to me.  I also got scared when Amy, who I think is a nice person, and trustworthy, started talking mean to me.  That is frightening when a bunch of people gang up on you. Especially when I am young and I will admit stupid in this. I did not start out trying to hurt anyone, only to support my mom. That is really all.  I got out of hand with my bad ass persona I had invented, and I am very very sorry I ever did that.  I am sorry that any words I said hurt anyone, I never ever thought it would leave 2Big’s blog.  Boy was I wrong.  I will never post on any blogs again, and I am thinking of leaving LCF and never reading those threads again.    That’s about it, I am confused and scared, and I hope everyone leaves me alone now.   Thanks, Gina  



In closing I want to say  a few things.  As a mom my heart felt a tug talking with Gina today on Aim.  I am not sure if I understand her or what she has done.  But I do know that the person I talked to seemed very scared .  I hope that she sat down with her mom today and had a long honest talk. 

Gina ..I meant what I said to you today about healthy weight loss.  I will follow through with what I offered to you.  I am all about a young girl losing weight the healthy way.  If I can help you with that vs you ever thinking of doing Kimkins.con, I am more then willing to help.


I understand that your desire with trying to help Derek and yes he is handsome.  But you work on getting yourself healthy and more confident and in wonderful shape and you will find your Derek.  I promise.


Gina..I want to believe you are not Deb294er.  I even felt myself starting to “get” your mom today after talking to you.  If you are not Gina the 20 year old daughter.  Then I tried my best and I feel good about reaching out to you.  So in my heart I did the right thing.


One last thing.  No matter how I feel about your mom and her relationship with Heidi Diaz.  You put her in a bad place.  I know things got out of hand but make this a lesson learned. 


And Deb294er.  I tried very hard to treat your daughter today the way I would want you to treat my daughter.  I did not post any personal info that would hurt embarrassed her or give away your last name.  I would appreciate if you would contact me and let me know that you know about this and that you indeed do have a daughter name Gina.  I am sure you want to clear this up also.






To Anonymous From California October 24, 2008

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A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  I did not think twice about the package as I threw it on the coach and ran out the door late for a MRI appt for Philip. Later that night My daughter Emily asked me if she could open the package and I told her sure.  I thought it was the charger for the computer that Best buys was sending us .  Emily came in with a shocked look on her face and said Mom why in the world would you order this book.  It looks so sad.  I looked up to see my 11 year old daughter holding a book called “Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood”. For a split second I was confused as to what in the world she was talking about and then I was shocked.  I had no idea how in the world this book would of ended up at my house .  After telling Emily I was sure it was a mistake and I would send it back. We put the book away and went on about out evening.  Trust me that book was not far from my mind.  Come to find out the book was sent from California.  Mailed in a yellow envelope . The odd thing is the town I live on was misspelled just like I have seen it done before.  Hummm..  So I only know two people in California that live where the book was mailed from.  I called and asked my friend if by any odd chance she had sent it to me. She was offended that I even had to ask. While I knew she had not I still felt the need to just make sure.  Since there had been a certain someone who had accused me  Munchausen by Proxy concerning my son Philip.  I thought maybe by some slim chance my friend had found the book and wanted to send it to me to show me how crazy she thought the idea was.  Instead she thought I was crazy for even having to ask. So I spoke to Joh Tidet about it and he was as shocked as I was about it.  I think his words were…My gosh that is so sick. Yep, that is my thought too. So I guess this leads me to ask…why would someone even waste their time and money sending me that book?  But have no worries.  The book has not gone to waste.  I donated the book to the hospital library . If you really feel the need to send me something….I can think of better ways to spoil me with gifts…just ask..

We See You…You See Us…Two pics.. October 17, 2008

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Fixed Pictures ..just for ya’ll… October 8, 2008

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Ladies…Just for you ..can you see these any better? I hope so.

 I was joking about hiding her face.  LOL. 

 Some of you have asked what she is doing with her hand. 

 Well one thing Heidi Diaz is not lacking is self esteem.  She was taking her hand and kind of throwing back her hair.  Now see how kind I am about the hair part.  She flips her head pack and does this thing WIth her hand. Heidi likes herself a lot.  I am glad cause someone has to like her.  Right?   Well it is the truth…and we all know it..right?

 And be sure to check out the next picture  cause it tells the real story of Heidi Diaz.  SNARKY .



Just Does Not Seem Fair…Wonder Why? October 5, 2008

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There seems to a buzz going on at Kimkins.con.  Seems Heidi Diaz has decided to change the rules on a daily basis and depending on who the member is.   As we all know most of the current kimkins.con members are not doing kimkins.  Either they have taken the advice of others and decided to not RIsk their health with the what I feel is a nutrient  bankrupt diet.  Many have fallen off the diet so many times they have been smart enough to just give up.  And many just decided to not starve to lose weight.  As some of us have learned or are still learning ….there are many ways to lose weight and not starve and risk your health.   So on any given day you can log on to Kimkins.con and see a host of different post about many diet plans .  Such as Weight Watchers, Nutria Systems, Biggest Loser, Diabetic diet, Atkins, and so on. Then you have the procedures such as lap ban and gastric bypass.  There has also been post about different wraps and Acupuncture . There have been endless post about every weight loss herb there is from A to Z.  Of course none  of us can forget about the fasting that Heidi claimed she did and the wonderful post  pushing using laxatives.  Now let me ask you.  Would you say that Kimkins.con is a group that does NOT allow any other diet or weight loss tools to be promoted?   Seems the answer to that depends on who you are and what you want to say in your post.     It seems that a few weeks ago a KK old timer posted in a thread about starting on Phentermine.  Heidi deleted the whole post and sent a very stern message to the posted who I will call “Sally” to NOT post about diet pills again.  Being that “Sally” was a active long time KK member many KK ladies were very upset about this and told Heidi about there concerns.  Heidi told them flat out that it was her group and she would allow what she wanted and diet pills was not allowed.  Period end of story. A week or so later another reference was made about diet pills and the post was once removed with a second warning saying that she would be removed if it happened again. Ouch. Now it seems that this person has been told she can not post about weight watchers and told to post it someplace else.  Makes you wonder what is going on.  Why is it good for some and not others? Why are you being picked out of a whole group?   I hope this “Sally” will not allow herself to be told what she can and can not talk about.  Take a look around.  kimkins.con is not a diet group about just kimkins and it has not been for a long time. Have you stopped and wonder why Heidi is trying to control you?  I have a feeling that  it is because she does not want others seeing you doing something else.  It is not about having your best interest at heart. .  I hate that I allowed her to tell me what I could and could not do on her board.  I was weak and now I am still a tad embarrassed about it.   Good Luck “Sally” with whatever you decide to do.  Just be true to yourself and you can never go wrong.   Ladies….   As promised the next  pictures of Heidi..taken at a local place…lol