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In The End August 5, 2008

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One day all the Kimkins.con craziness will come to a end.  I dare say it is not that for from the day where we see a 404 error code when we log on to the kimkins.con web page.  One thing we all know about Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer ..she does nothing for free or the goodness of her heart.  And since she has only a handful if that of new members, she will close down shop before too much longer.

So my question is what then? Today I had a very interesting phone chat with someone I have grown to very much respect.  She made a comment that really hit home with me.  IN the end..we will have a big woo hoo slap hands party online and then all go along our merry ways.  She commented that in the end some of us will come out of this with true friendships. That got me to thinking about ..what I would like in the end…

 Hopefully Heidi will be back in jail where she once was and IN MY OPINION now belongs for her ACCUSED fraudulent business behaviors.  Gary has already ran with his tail between his legs and Singinglass will be reading someone’s palm in a tent at the fair.

Out of all this crazy mess I have been blessed to learn some hard lessons and make some wonderful friends.  That is one thing Heidi and her ugly mess can not take away…the lessons and the friendships.

The lessons…wow where to begin.  How about if it seems to good then it is.  Losing weight is hard work.  There are no quick fixes.  And the ones that are quick are not safe or real.  Just ask the tons of us ex KKers who feel like yo yo’s. 

Real friendship..this is something I have learned a lot about with the KK mess.  I have lost some friends who I THOUGHT were there and cared.  I have found some friends who I THOUGHT I would never even want to talk with.  I have trusted people and learned the hard way it was a mistake.  And I have taken a leap of faith and trusted when reality screamed to not.  So for me the whole idea of friendships and lessons has been a hard and wonderful experience. So thank you for those who have supported me.  You know who you are.

And one last thing.  I had to share.  Back  over a week ago.  I spent a wonderful few days with some special friends that I would never of known if it were not for Kimkins,con.  I had to  laugh as 4  banned Kimkins.con members  sat in  sunny California eating a  wonderful Low Carb dinner.  We smiled, laughed, joked, cried …it was such a wonderful few days. Thanks Heidi for bringing the 4 of us together.  Real friendship out of lies and fraud. Such a shame for you to be missing out on having us in your diet group.  But then again…I can understand that jealously can make a person rotten. Heck you might of even enjoyed meeting up with us…umm…Nah…..ha

So…next time I get frustrated with how slow the system is going.  Or that Heidi Diaz seems to be getting away with her accused fraudulent ways.  There has been some real good to come out of this. 

How about for all of you?


9 Responses to “In The End”

  1. Christin Says:

    Hi Friend! 🙂

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    You are such a special friend. Enjoyed our phone chat always. Thanks for being YOU.

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Oops…I forgot…I am so looking forward to our time in California…soon…

  4. malucas Says:

    Amy you hit the nail right on the head when you said you made some life long friends after the hell you have been through..It is because of that site..(well because you were banned from there) that I really got to see you..We can’t undo the damage that Heidi has done BUT we certainly can benefit in the way of personal experiences and again real relationships developed from we went through..It isn’t KK against the world..It is a” lonely, bored, fat, immature person that destroyed any attempt at true peace and joy in her life..It is that world that is “taking on” Heidi and her Diet of Death” lies and we will be victorious…

  5. katinsac Says:

    Good points Amy and Malucas. I hope all 4 of you are part of the lawsuit…John needs you CA gals! We need to stick together. At least Heidi couldn’t take everything from us, hea?

  6. yustyucky Says:

    {{Amy}} You so rock. It’s fantastic to see whenever people make some good come out of whatever bad has happened. That’s a very cool and hopeful thing for the human race. If we don’t make up our minds to make some good come out of the bad, then the bad wins.

    I am so sorry for the times I contributed to the badness of your experience and others’ also.

  7. 1slickchick Says:

    Your blog is spot on Amyb!!!! It reminds me of a saying… When life hands you lemons… Make lemonade. You have made lemonade, your other 3 friends you had a meal with in CA make lemonade… Unfortunately, there are many others that only see sour lemons.

  8. gran to angels Says:

    Well all I can say is California will never be the same!!! LOL!!!

    Yep….Yucky you are right….we cannot let bad or evil win…ever!

    I have been posting this all over the place….Go where you are celebrated not tolerated….life is a celebration, friends are a celebration…..lets keep that in the front of our thoughts. I’m truly blessed to have all of you as my friends! You add to my life….how great is that!!!!
    Evil tried to break us….we came out on top and in a lot of ways we came out even better! Yes there are still things we need to work on….ED’s for me left over from Heidi’s diet of death as Mal calls it….but with the friends I have willing to help……I’ll succeed and be better for it!
    Slick….love your thoughts too!

  9. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, thank you for sharing with us. This post is so thought provoking. Like you, I think I have found some wonderful friends. Out of Heidi’s evil comes good.

    I missed you while you were gone. I’m glad you had a good time, but it’s good to see you back.

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