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Heidi Diaz …Sick In More Ways Then One.. August 13, 2008

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Tomorrow is a BIG day for Heidi Diaz.  Tomorrow is depo day.  By now Heidi should be a expert at this… three times is the charm.    I wonder  if you might be a no show like the member of your legal team was this week for his depo.  That might not be to smart of a idea.  Then again lot’s of things you have done are not overly smart. I bet deep down you know that…don’t ya Heidi?   I have to admit  I was not too surprised to hear of your medical condition.  Your Dr wants you on bed rest?  Did you explain to him that tomorrow you need to answer some very important questions in regards to a fraud case? I sure hope the blood lose you are posting about does not cause a lack of oxygen to your brain that causes you to not be able to tell the truth.  I would like to offer  a free piece of advice…tell the truth. Although  based on the past  I expect that may not be too easy for you.  Just do it.  It will set you free in the end…or in your case it could send you to jail…but still…tell the truth. you ever just wonder how much easier things could of been to just of lost the weight?  Or even better…just to of given Jeanessa her money back?  Wow..what if’s suck.  Huh?

 I do hope you feel better. 

Not C and P word for my blog is safe…

  Kimmer (Admin)   I just got back from hospital and I got to ride in a wheelchair! Nothing’s wrong, just TOM is usually 5 days … Not 13. I told the doc I woke up feeling tired and that’s when I realized 13 days. All the blood tests were normal. He thinks it’s fibroids  So I’m taking meds to stop “things” but it will take a few more days. He suggested bed rest for a few days. Ha!

The nurse reminded me to follow the Diabetes Educator’s diet advice. I told them I followed it for 12 weeks as an experiment and regained 15 pounds plus my blood sugar was high. I don’t want to repeat when she told me to do because I don’t want anyone to stop doing what their doctor’s may tell them. But her ideas were contrary to how I think blood sugar works … Especially the evening advice. So … Back on Kimkins and blood sugar is good again. I also stopped the oral diabetes meds after that super low BS episode a few weeks ago (nobody quit meds w/o talking to your doc!) I hate taking meds and it feels good to stop a few!

I’m tired from temporary reduced blood volume


4 Responses to “Heidi Diaz …Sick In More Ways Then One..”

  1. katinsac Says:

    I’m sure John would be happy to show up at Heidi’s home to take her depo while she lays around, lol.

    Isn’t alcohol like 100% sugar? No wonder she is having problems doing the diabetic diet!

    At 50 her body should be starting to go through the change so she will have some wacky TOM’s….it will pass.

    Can’t believe she admited to gaining some weight…isn’t her MO losing it even if it means photoshopping?

    Amy…love the new Pic!!

  2. vernswifevickie Says:

    She so full of crap! If my doctor had prescribed bedrest every time I had TOM for an extended time in my peri-menopausal days before my hysterectomy…I would have spent about a year and a half on bedrest! She irritates me to no end!

    How are you Amy? Next time you’re in California I’d love to get together with you!

  3. magicsmom Says:

    Hey Heidi-kins, I worked a full time job with fibroids and TOMs that lasted longer than 13 days. You know, honest work – sorry, that’s a concept that’s lost on you. My point is, if I could drag my arse to a job with the same problem that you went to the hospital with, then you can get up and go to that deposition. If you as me, it’s rather babyish of you to run to the hospital just because of a long TOM. Then again, can we really believe anything the lying liar that lies has to say? After all, who has TOMs at your age, anyway?

  4. bluesuederebel Says:

    One big thing that glares out at me (besides Heidi) is — how do we know she bled for 15 days? That’s her story.

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