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Not losing Weight? Do Not Blame Yourself August 23, 2008

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You know what I find odd….Okay I find tons of things odd.    But I find it odd when people post things at Kimkins.con and they are ignored or erased or even worse they are then bashed in a personal message from the almighty liar herself.  You know who I am talking about.   Seems there is a new wave of people who are finding they can not lose on KK no matter how low they go on the plan.  Pretty sad.  Atleast one person was smart enough to call out the others on just “GOING WITH THE FLOW” or “SAYING WHAT THEY ARE TRAINED TO SAY”.   Trust me if you can not lose with on KK or KE do not think you can ever keep it off after KK or KE.  Just skip the torture and do Atkins.    The following words are not taken word for word BECAUSE then Heidi Diaz would be jumping up and down ( um…okay never mind) to contact the blog police to close down my blog. 




Help! I’m new and am sure that I am doing  something wrong. I have  been doing KE from  Wednesday and  haven’t really lost any weight. Istarted  exercise in to get things  going but my weight hasn’t really gone down. I know that I’ve messed up my metabolism through years of playing around, but I need results quickly.I  ate two hard boiled eggs, for lunch 200g baked chicken and for dinner 200g baked chicken. Did I eat too much? I need help. Anyone have any suggestions? I think that am doing this wrong .
 I’m not doing well on Kimkins.con


I have the same problem! I started Kimkins.con   a week and a half ago, I lost a few pounds the first week now nothing.I have  scrambled egg whites with spinach, ham and mushrooms in the morning, I have  Caesar salad with chicken,  slices of grilled chicken ,  chicken or turkey dish and  some  sauteed broccoli. What am I doing wrong???

Your menu looks fine.    

should I cut down on my exercise??

    Oh no..I lost all control  yesterday and bought  no carb cheese.   The black coffee has carbs and how about the SF gum.  My mouth tatse awful.  I will stop all those also.     I have been on KK for 5 weeks and have only lost 12 pounds.  

I GAINED!! I have gained 7 pounds . TOM should be Thurs, but I can’t believe that it will cause a weight gain like that.   I am concerned by is that you have only eaten 2 eggs and 2 pieces of chicken a day. How in the world can  you guys say this  menu looks fine? She has barely eaten anything!!!—————————————————————————————————————————–

  And let me add..where is Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer on this?  Oh I forgot..she could care less who does what on her long as they do not tell the truth about her.   I am so glad to see that someone asked the hard question to this girl. Now where is Heidi?


One Response to “Not losing Weight? Do Not Blame Yourself”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, no need to worry about Heidi jumping up and down about your blog. I bet she can’t!

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