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After Kimkins.con August 12, 2008

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So I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail.  Imagine my surprise when I see a strange anonymous   e-mail address with a rather rude e-mail.  The e-mail suggest that I have not be truthful about my weight loss and my ability to keep my weight off after leaving Kimkins.con.  It then suggest that maybe if I beg Heidi she might let me come back to lose my weight again.  The wording of the e-mail made me start to think.  I am pretty good about posting current pictures of my weight loss.  I also am pretty open about when I have a weight gain.  And yes trust me there have been many up’s and down’s since being blessed with being banned from Kimkins.con. Unlike some people..this is no big secret. But for you who doubts …here is a picture taken this past Sunday. Starting weight was 233 and Sunday I was 142.5.  Heidi  would you like to take a new picture to post.   Gosh how long has it been? I would be more then glad to post it here for you with a update on your weight loss progress. Another thing that caught my eye was…this person assume I had gained my weight.  Why?  This is why…many people do lose weight on kimkins.con.  In fact the truth is we could all starve ourselves on our own without the hefty $79.99 charge for a accused fraudulent web site that is owned and ran by a person who herself was forced to stop lying about her own ability to lose weight. But what the problem is ..other then we could end up very sick or even dying while starving too death under some ill given advice. The weight always comes back.  Then what? I received some interesting information today , that supported this rude person’s thoughts…on me gaining back my weight.  Post after post on Kimkins.con shows that the weight comes back and then the members come back…it is like a never ending cycle.  It is scary and dangerous.  Just for you Heidi..these were NOT copy and pasted so feel free to notify the blog police once again to report my blog. Are you that scared to have people read the truth?  I explained to “the blog police” your history and why you would want this blog closed.  I understand ALL  my right and responsibilities.  Enjoy the blog.  


 Some thoughts of some Kimkins.con ladies.  I so hope they see the YO YO pattern of kimkins.con. As Dr. Phil would say…How is this working for you as a life long plan?


After so long. I started , again. I had a headache..   I really hate to admit this but I am back–going back on tomorrow a–but sooo reluctantly!! I have done kimkins .con many other times.

The first time was wonderful, I lost weight easily . Then I  tried two other times and never had the success that I had that first time. I also had a lot of grumpiness, lack of energy, and mental fogginess.  

 I needed to get serious about weight loss and  began walking/jogging 4 miles per day and cutting calories generally to 600-1000 per day. 

 I  gradually stopped the Kimkin’s .con steady gained back all of my weight back and more. So now I now have to relose quite a bit of the weight.  

  I am back after a few months of eating everything in sight and gaining back about 30 of the 50 lbs I had lost  

 Welcome back! A lot of people find themselves coming back to kimkins.con after gaining the weight back.  

 I  really want to stick with it this time     I Have gained 50 pounds.
I just restarted kimkins .con AGAIN yesterday. I started last June and lost 38 pounds. I have put everything back on I have lost.  

 I have been a Kimkins.con  follower several times over….I succeed, then get to around 205lbs, and fall off the wagon.   I became too strict with myself last time and too dependant on shakes to see me through…sometimes all day,

   I was to start back at Kimkins.con  and not to let myself down, but again…..I Quit! the 3rd time has got to be it. I am in desperate need to have this work.  

   I’m picking myself up and brushing it off. I’m going to have a smaller goal for 30 days to loose 30 pounds. That seems less overwhelming to me.

   Starting  really can not be that hard. So, here’s to my 30 pounds in 30 days challenge!  

  former “at goal” Kimkins.con  member who has fallen off the wagon.  

 Ladies, we have hit the RESTART button the past 3 weeks   I AM ASKING for your support and join me with me a week of JUST shakes that’s 7 days! I am willing to try anything.


2 Responses to “After Kimkins.con”

  1. barbarab2 Says:

    This is really sad. Heartbreaking. Nothing but shakes for 7 days? And if the plan failed her twice before, why do it again? Back to binge eating patterns again and again, regain and more kk. I don’t get it.

  2. malucas Says:

    Well Amy, I have personally seen you and are a testiment to your maintenance after the Diet of Death..(which by the way is no thanks to Heidi) in any way shape or form….I will gladly sit on the beamus seat in court and testify to not only your weight but to the lies that still continue to fall thickly from Heidi’s Mouth…(For shame, Liar liar pants on Fire) Yes I had a brief immature moment..nananana. With all that to say, despite your best efforts there are still Amy haters out there and let me tell you something Chickie…I am not one of them!!!!! Blog On, Babe….

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