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What if…. August 22, 2008

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( This was written last week before the storm hit.  It never got published.  So here it is. Better late then never)

One thing that I must admit.  I wanted Heidi Diaz to be sorry.  To take responsibility for what she has done wrong.    Did she even ever say she was sorry?  I swear I do not recall her ever saying she is sorry. I wanted  for her to be REALLY  sorry.  Not sorry she got caught.  But sorry she hurt so many people.  Sorry she lied and cheated so many people out of their hard earned money . Sorry for  stealing a Russian bride picture to fake as herself and having people spend money on her web site to lose weight and be just like her.  I cringe at that thought.  I wanted her to be sorry that she lead people to belive she was there for them and then ran away and faked a sell out when the heat turn up some.  And Sorry that she banned so many people for asking normal everyday questions, such as….can we see a updated picture.  The list of things Heidi Diaz should be sorry about goes on and on.

 I wonder how different things may of been if Heidi was  REALLY sorry.  Would YOU forgive Heidi?  Would you feel like maybe she could change?  Would the ducks still have the deep passion to watch every place Heidi post?  I wonder if maybe I would even still want to be back at KK?  Would you? 


Last week I read this on a web page about a person who was a fraud.  This person did not fake the things that Heidi Diaz did.  This person did not hurt the large number of people Heidi Diaz did and continues to do .  But never the less this person did hurt someone .  The following words were used to describe this person.  I swear they are the words I would use to describe someone just like Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer.







Remorse (n) – “deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; compunction.”



Anti-social personality – Also called a psychopath, or a sociopath, this person is superficially charming and a habitual liar, has no regard for others, shows no remorse after hurting them, has no shame for behaving in an outrageously objectionable manner, and is unable to form relationships and take responsibility.
Dept. Social Services, Missouri


“Many authors have also underscored the co-occurrence (or causal role?) of some pathological personality traits and/or disorders.

In this vein the acceptance and even search of “heavy” diagnostic and therapeutic procedures was related to masochistic traits.

Identity disturbance, unstable interpersonal relationships and recurrent suicidal or self-mutilating behaviors are similar to those encountered in borderline personality disorder.

Deceitfulness, lack of remorse, reckless disregard for safety of self, repeated failure to sustain constant work behavior and failure to conform social norms are common features of factitious disorder and antisocial personality disorder.”


“Pathological lying was originally defined as complex lies which are internally consistent, that may drag on for years and– and this is the key point– do not have an obvious purpose or gain. They are not lies told to self-aggrandize, or minimize guilt. They’re not trying to con you into or out of anything. They’re just making crap up.”


“Most definitions of lying refer to the deliberate communication of information believed to be false and intended to deceive (although terms such as “the whole truth” and being “economical with the truth” suggest that the inclusion of false information is not necessary to the concept of lying in its wider aspects). Thus, patients who communicate false information in the context of a range of psychiatric states, such as when they are confabulating, have delusional memory, or are demented, are not lying because they are not deliberately misleading us.”


2 Responses to “What if….”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I’m so glad to “see” you back online. I have missed you.

    What can I say? Heidi is sorry, but not the kind of sorry you are talking about.

  2. 1slickchick Says:

    You, me and a bunch of others would LOVE it if she was sorry (for the right things)… if she took responsibility. Gosh, I can forgive almost anything if someone is genuine in their taking responsibility, being sorry and asking forgiveness. Shame she doesn’t get it. Hummm… pathological lying — lying for the SPORT of it, just making up crap. Yea, I can see that. Again, sad.

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