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Why Am I Surprised August 7, 2009

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Heidi Diaz just does NOT ever learn.  I would think by now her lawyer would tell her to just keep her mouth shut…


To listen to Heidi..she is just a poor little lady who never wanted money for anything and was FORCED into lying on her website Kimkins.con.  Are you kidding?  Heidi would NOT know the truth if it slapped her in the face.  As others have said..she is a lying liar who lies.  And as time has gone on..she is not even doing that too well.


Today on her joke of a website…kimkins.con.  She decided to tell her side.  She also asked for people to sign some paperwork to how the support for the DIET.   I can not believe how low the whole Heidi Diaz and Kimkins.con has fallen.  I imagine that must be hard to swallow. It sucks when lies and fraud catch up with you , huh Heidi?


So lets examine a few of Heidi lies..


Heidi AKA Kimmer…I said I lost 198 lbs in 11 months and that was untrue. I’ve lost 100 pounds several times. As I’ve posted previously over the last 3 years — losing weight is easy, keeping it off is hard. I’m no different than anyone else when it comes to family stress, divorce, work stress and everything else that jogs us off track.


Ummm are you serious. Heck if I added up how much weight I have lost we would all be shocked.  But Heidi did not lose the 198 pounds in 11 months.  And yes we all have family stress and everything else.  But the differnce is..Heidi..we did not lie about how much weight we had lost and had it published in a national magizine..and last but most important for YOU..Make tons of money off YOUR LIES.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..I mixed “fake” success stories in with the real success stories. The “fake” success stories were _base_d on true success stories from the previous 9 years I gave diet advice for free at Lowcarbfriends before starting I wanted to show how people have overcome difficult problems and still lose weight — whether PCOS, fibromyalgia, menopause or thyroid problems. You can’t have a success story without photos so I found some at Russian bride websites. I now know there are websites where you can buy photos, but I didn’t know that then. It wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t a clever scheme to trick people.


Once again…are you serious.  You say you mixed fake with real stories.  Heidi repeat after me.  YOU LIED AND CHEATED YOUR READERS.  You always seem to fall back in LCF free advice you gave.  Okay..great.  Yet you lied there also.  your picture there was FAKE and a LIE.  You also talked about skin care that you did..and I have a feeling after seeing you while I was on vacation ..that was   a lie also.  Who in their right mind can say with a straight face ..Oh I found some Russian brides … you hear yourself?  And the worse lie of all is the was never done to scheme or trick people.  LIAR.  Yes you .  You did it to get readers and people to sign up for your website so you MAKE MONEY FROM THEM.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..How can I tell people how to lose weight if I’m fat? Because I know how to lose weight quickly and when people follow Kimkins strictly they lose incredibly fast. I could be a 1,000 pound Samoan guy — what difference does it make if what I tell you works?


The difference is YOU LIED.  Okay let’s try this.  I know how to start a IV really well.  I am pretty sure I could tap Philip’s shunt if I had to.  So since I KNOW how to do those thing…I guess I should just go ahead and do it..I mean what differnce does it make..If i can do it and it works? You are so warped..


Heidi AKA Kimmer..What’s the lawsuit about? Money. The plaintiffs thought there were millions. There wasn’t. They thought there was liability insurance. There wasn’t.

WRONG AGAIN.. We want to see your website closed down .  And trust me it will.  And IF you open another will be closed down.  Know what is kind of funny and yet freaky to me?  The way some of the “ducks” know what you are doing the very minute you do it.  Every web page, every blog and many of your schemes.  They just do not give up.  Good for them..VERY bad for you. Wonderful for all the ladies looking to lose weight.


From a KK member..Thank you Kimmer for being so upfront with us about this whole situation. It must be incredibly stressful to have this crap going on. This is just a bunch of people who don’t want to accept responsibility for their decisions and figure they can make a quick buck in the process.


Accept responsibility?  Are you serious.  Heidi has never accepted anything.  Even when she wsa caught redhanded on a new video  clip she said she was not Heidi.  She came on her own website and said it was not really her.  Tell me ..who needs to own up.  Heidi and upfront do NOT belong in the same sentence.  If this comment was not so sad to me it would be funny.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Go ahead and hate/resent me. I survived teenagers you can’t hurt my feelings (unless that makes anyone feel better then — yeah, you hurt my feelings).

I can not help but think the reason you can not hurt your feelings is ..because you are one very cold hard hearted person.  And you ONLY care about you …


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Bottom Line: John Tiedt (attorney) wants to shut down the Kimkins website. There is no money for refunds. My lone asset is my house worth maybe $225,000. John Tiedt & his partners have spent probably $300,000 or more to sue me. Who do you think gets paid first? We have 30,000 members (do the math at $60) — where’s that $1,700,000 going to come from?

If you read my previous posts on this thread I mention that I sat for 25 hours of videoed deposition. I answered question after question. I even went to deposition #4 after my doctor put me on 3 days of bed rest after 11 days of menstrual bleeding. I produced every financial document I had including bank statements.

At deposition #1 Mr. Tiedt discovered that the $2,000,000 some people thought I had didn’t exist. Financially speaking there was no point to the lawsuit and he told me and my attorney after deposition #1 that they would work out a settlement. OK.

The next day I posted in my Pinky Swear Challenge thread that I was embarrassed to have not known the answers to the most basic business questions about Kimkins. I complimented Mr. Tiedt for his comments because it made me aware that I needed to know more and formalize. Hours after that post I received a message that Mr. Tiedt had learned of the post, that it made him look bad to his clients and now there would be no settlement. Litigation would continue … it’s 2 years now.

It would have been over and done in October 2007. A slam dunk for Tiedt. Now he’s spent hundreds of thousands. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands. Unless he’s going to sell my house, get his partners to suck up $300,000 of expenses and prorate the house sale proceeds at about $5 per member — nobody’s getting anything.

There was an easy way to handle this situation. That didn’t happen.


Yes Heidi…there was a easy way to handle this…and no it did not happen.  You could have shut down your web site and gave your members back their money.  I bet deep down you so wish you had given Jenessa back her refund.  Just think how much that mistake has cost you..ouch.


Heidi AKA  Kimmer..The “haters” think I’m consumed by the lawsuit. I’m not. It’s been going on for so l-o-n-g and there’s so much redundant paperwork, well … the thrill is gone. When our attorneys give me a project I work on it, but other than that I don’t pay attention. My #1 priority is getting the KK2 website done (and that’s taking forever, too!)

You are right Heidi.  You are not so consumed with the lawsuit…you are consumed with making new webites..blogs and more money. 


Heidi AKA Kimmer..As to the people who spun off their own blogs and websites in competition with Kimkins … we’ll be talking with them real soon.

Talk to who?  The people who have worked on getting the truth out?  The same people who found out who you really were?  If you are really worried about paperwork..Maybe your legal team can NOT send threaten paperwork in the mail about blogs that are only telling the truth.  You do know what the truth is, right?


Heidi AKA Kimmer..Yes, I made mistakes. I’ll make more. I made poor decisions. People have asked why I didn’t “come clean” sooner about my weight loss … or lack thereof. My answer is exactly what happened when I did. Members weren’t relieved. They were confused, angry and lost their motivation. Ask yourself, “Do I feel better knowing that Kimmer didn’t lose 198 lbs in 11 months?” Probably not. Do you feel excited and motivated about weight loss? Probably not. Did gaining that knowledge help you toward goal. I doubt it. I’m not just talking about Kimkins, but at Lowcarbfriends, too.


Let me see if I can this in more simple way.  Heid…you should not of lied to begin with.  And since you became a problem.  Now IF you had come to your members and said your “story” about your issues with weight loss…I have a feeling most would of fallen for it .  BUt the problem not only lied and lied and lied and then lied.  You came on your own web site and said you were not you.  Now that is something for them to be confused about.


Heidi AKA Kimmer..When Catherine MacDonald approached me about collaborating on an e-book (which turned into a website), I should have stood my ground. I said I didn’t want “Kimmer” to be part of the home page. I don’t like attention. I don’t need “atta girl” pats on the back. I think putting yourself on the front of a website pretty much screams, “Hey, I’m important.” I’m not.

I didn’t want “Kimmer” to be on the home page, but I caved.

I didn’t want to give a “Kimmer” photo, but I caved. Even if I were a size 2 I wouldn’t have given my own photo, so I found a photo of someone and gave it. I should have said “no”.

I didn’t want Catherine’s pricing idea of “whatever the traffic will bear,” but I compromised. I should have insisted on my lower pricing.

I didn’t want to sign a Kimkins partnership agreement written by Catherine MacDonald with a $5,000 buyout provision (since I had no way to raise $5,000), but I caved.

But when Catherine saw how many people were joining Kimkins and wanted to revise her contract after only a few months to a 10X last month gross sales, I didn’t cave. I got $5,000 together and got Kimkins back.

I didn’t know a thing about websites. I had never seen an admin panel. I had never heard of most of the terminology or how things worked. But I had to learn or the website could die … and what would happen to the members? So I read everything I could get my eyes on and I begged for free tech help from anyone who’d give it. Some good, some bad … and I learned from that, too.

People think I did Kimkins for money. Not even. It was never about money. I did what I do for free for 9 years at Lowcarbfriends. I spent hours answering questions … the same ones over and over … until it sank in. People offered to buy me gifts and send money because they were thrilled to be losing weight. I turned every single person down and never took a penny. Gee, I really suck at this money whore thing.

Oh Heidi..somehow I think the whole..She MADE me do it..will not work. By any chance did you tell the ladies signing up for your website..Oh no..please do not pay me..I am so wanting to do this for free.

Money Whore? Hummm…


The bottom line tell your story…your words..out of your mouth..the same mouth you lied out of for years.Yet when others try to tell their side with have your lawyer send threats to shut them up.  Is that working?  Because the truth will come out.  Look at how much have changed since the good ole days..

The TRUTH will come out …it always does.


VERY IMPORTANT June 28, 2009

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Please go and read a very important update from one of my very favorite bloggers..She has a very important update…


Regarding the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit


Back Up Site …No Charge…hummm…. January 18, 2009

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RE:glad you are a tough chick like me



Melissa, welcome back!!!

I’m more human than you’ll ever know! This is why I understand so well when people fall off, slip up, cave in. Been there. Rough day or year? Been there, too. I just want to show people there’s a very simple principle to lose quickly. Once they understand, they have an “ah ha!” moment and it all makes sense. From that minute on, they know the secret.

The website is fine, he can’t shut it down which is all that I cared about. I was telling the anti-Kimmer lawyer that the girls form support groups and “families” and this is why the website is important. That why I made a backup website (which has never been used). If we needed a place to move to for the girls, then we had one. I wouldn’t make a penny from that. Everyone paid a lifetime fee, I can’t charge them again. The backup website would cost money: hosting, admin, tech support. Anti-KK lawyer doesn’t get it.

Thanks again, you re-energized me this morning! It’s 9 am here. Have a fabulous day!


What Makes A Credit Criminal? January 12, 2009

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Would you think a person who files bankruptcy not once, not twice but three times by  the age of 50 would qualify for that title?

Would you think a person who runs a million business and then files bankruptcy would qualify for that title?

Would you think a person who has no lawyer  and then files bankruptcy would qualify for that title?

Last but not least, would you think a person who was due to show up in court in two days to face the charges of a class action lawsuit and files bankruptcy, would qualify for that title?

Far be it for me to accuse any one  of anything.. I am just offering some information  as I see it….I guess maybe you could say if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.

A message from John Tiedt….

Heidi Diaz has filed bankruptcy protection.  All pending motions in the state court have been stayed for the time being.  The bankruptcy court will take jurisdiction.  I have attached the bankruptcy notice for your review.

Make no mistake, we will continue the fight in the bankruptcy court.

John Tiedt

Heidi…I think this means ou can run but you can not hide.


Meet Heidi’s New Marketing Tool December 30, 2008

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If you are seeing this Blog post then it means two things.  One my automatic post happened ..I have had this set up to be posted  on a certain day  and had no idea it would work.  And more important it means my attempt to convince  a current Kimkins.con member to not be a part of the ploy to be used as a marketing tool for Kimkins.con. When a person has their picture in a Kimkins.con newsletter they are yelling to there world that they fully support a diet site that is unsafe and shown to be dangerous to many members.    Let me add that when I saw pictures of this member I could not help but think WOW she looks awesome and she does…But at what price?  After learning the lengths that Heidi went to support her current cover girl to go to get to goal…It is very clear that Heidi Diaz has not and will not change.    Notice that there is the common words of “I told my staff and or brother ” to not hit on my friends.  Oh and we have the typical ” my sister is so mad you look so great .  I know this is petty …but Heidi PLEASE come up with some new lines…They  have been used up.
For all of you who want to be just like can do it.  Many have and do without Kimkins.con.
XXX please  take some time and re think your support of Kimkins.con.  Yes you look great and you have worked hard.  But there is a starvation mode and it seems like many days you are in that mode and Heidi is your cheerleader. Ask yourself this..why is she not doing this also?
Here is a example of my concern…
Kimmer wrote:
I can resize your pics. Send them to webmaster@XXX.XXX and I’ll do them.
XXXX wrote:
Hey thanks, I will find it again
and send it, it is the only real decent one I can find LOL, I can not wait
to post my goal one.
Kimmer wrote:
No problem, I’m glad to do it. I
would love to feature you in the January newsletter! You’re very pretty.
What do you think?
XXXX wrote:
I am not sure whether my last PM got
sent to you, but YES I would be very very honored to do that, and it gives
me time to tone up better too, should be able to be looking way HOT by Jan
Kimmer wrote:
Woo hoo! But I have to be honest. You
looked good “before” and nobody is going to give you any sympathy, LOL!
Your niece is very pretty too. My brother was here when I opened your photo.
He asked, “Who’s the hot chick?” I told him, “Never mind and quit hitting on
my friends!”
All I’ll need is your “story”. Say
whatever you like. I never change anything except fix spelling or something
like that. I don’t take words out or move anything around. Then send me the
before” & “after” you want to use.
If you’re interested, some of the
success story people sign up for the Affiliate Program. It’s free and gives
you a code. I put the code in your story and if anybody joins from your
story, you earn $20 each. You won’t get rich but you can buy a couple new
Thanks, XXXX. I’m excited for you!
Good job! (Wasn’t Kimkins better than 1/2 pound a week at Weight Watchers?)
XXXXX wrote:
Awww thank you so much for the
compliments  And yes I know that a lot of ppl will say I was fine at the
start, but for me I wasn’t happy, and I think that everyone has there own
self image type thing if ya know what I mean. I was always tiny while
growing up, I had the odd time where I gained, like pregnancies etc, but the
weight was really easy to get off back then, so for me it has been like a
never ending yoyo thing I have done forever with no results, drove me nuts
and yes, that is what always made me fail before, was those stupid 1/2 pound
loses, it was crazy and I really started to give up and figured oh well
middle age spread  but I wasn’t at all happy about it. I think people who
allowed them selves to get larger, was because they gave up and weren’t
constantly dieting if ya get what I mean, and then one day they go HOLY MOLY
  they may have noticed they were getting larger, but maybe didn’t care
enough, and I spose it comes down to being vain LOL, I don’t know. I am not
vain in the sense of I think I am all that, but in the sense for myself
imagine and who I want to see for me, if that makes since.
Any ways I am thrilled to do the Jan
letter, and very honored  terribly inspirational for me to really tone up
and get my legs and abs toned WOOHOO, how many weeks does that give me LOL.. the resized Pic, and thanks heaps for doing that.
Kimmer wrote:
What people don’t understand is that you
weren’t eat a lot before. You weren’t BIG. It can be harder for the
25-lbs-to-lose people because there isn’t any wiggle room. That’s why you’ll
touch so many with your story. We feature our 100 lbs losers and that’s
impressive, but smaller people need to know that Kimkins works for the 25-35
lbs people too.
If you can have it to me by December 20th
that would be great! We’ll start sending the day after Christmas. It takes
about 3 weeks to finish the mailing (isn’t that crazy?) Everybody wants to
start losing January 1.
Thanks again, have a fun day!
XXXX wrote:
I am glad you undertand, yes I ate like a
bird and gained I was like WTF, excuse the french, but that is what it was
like, couldn’t lose for trying, and you are right, the ppl with less to lose
have to know it can work for them also  because that is exactly what I was
thinking when I joined
I am so so excited, can not wait to tell
hubby I will be in the news letter WOOHOOO, how many before pictures do you
need?? I can find some, and use the same clothes in the after pictures even
so you can see the difference  I don’t think I have any though of me at 150,
I will have to search my friends camera’s and my daughters too LOL, must
have at least one some where.
OK I am off to do some crunches, I want to
have a good ab pictures for you
Kimmer wrote:
Usually we do a before/after and we can also
add more if you want. This is YOUR issue so we’ll do it YOUR way!
XXXX wrote:
OK disregard that last message LOL, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ( Took out Privite TMI stuff)
 down .8 ounces LOLYAY, so sitting at
131.2 now hehehehe, and that is after a few cups of coffee even, so I don’t
think things have slowed at all YAY
Kimmer wrote:
How did the weekend go?
XXXX wrote:
OK I am awake now LOL……well first off I started
eating last night, I ate some chicken, I just had to eat something LOL, so
no lose this morning, no gain either so I am happy with that.
I think between here and Thanksgiving I will do I
meal of protein (breakfast) and the rest shakes, then after Thankgiving I
will go back to just all shakes again   The past couple of day I have really
started to miss food, and I figured it was better to eat planned, then leave
it to late and freak out and eat something bad LOL, so I am very pleased
with myself.
Is turkey bacon safe to eat for breaky with say and
egg??? I don’t to screw all my hard work up
Kimmer wrote:
Turkey bacon is fine, but remember portion size. A
plate of turkey bacon and egg fried in butter can be half your day’s
calories. Try 2 turkey bacon & 1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with nonstick
XXXXX wrote:
I was thinking 2 pieces of turkey bacon and one boiled
egg, I have this hankering for a boiled agg   I will really be careful with
my cals over the next few days and hopefully I will still slowly lose
something  I will go back to all shakes after Thanksgiving I think for the
final push ….
Hey is it ok for me to mention to my challenge buddies
that I will be in the Dec new letter, or would you prefer I didn’t, I haven
t said anythng to anyone except my family who thinks its great
XXX wrote
OK Kimmer I am kind of back to planet earth now  WOW what a rush that was
OK just letting you know I have so not lost focus, in fact I have focus for
Everyone now   My abs are even starting to show now, I just noticed that in
The pictures, isn’t that funny how we don’t notice those things when we see
Ourselves every day  OK so now I have to get into some serious working out
And tone all this up so I can take some really awesome pictures for your
News letter I AM SO EXCITED HEHEHEHE……I really don’t know how to thank
You enough, and I will ALWAYS stay close to this site and help as many ppl
As I possibly can to stay focused, cuz the glory you feel when you get a
Reward like this is PRICELESS…….
Once again
Thank You
Kimmer wrote:
Haven’t got them yet, it takes a few minutes going through the KK server.
I’m really thrilled for you!!! Gosh, hope you don’t need a SMALLER size for
Your newsletter pic!
>>Pat yourself on the back, XXX. You’re the one who did all the hard
XXX wrote:
Kimmer wrote:
Girl, you just made my day!!!!!!!!!!! OK, send a pic but I don’t want
Any personal husband/wife stuff, LOL — we’re a family site! I’m so thrilled
For you!!!!!!! Now you understand what I’ve been saying. And that
Starvation mode” can go f*ck itself!
Waiting for that pic!
XXXX wrote:
LOL……ok I have to calm down, you are never going to believe this shit,
Guess what………..ok ok, so about a week before Halloween I bought a pair
Of jeans right, way to small, they have been my inspiration jeans…..ok I
Could only JUST SQUEEZE them on back then, and my goal was to wear these
Jeans and fit them perfectly without a muffin top… get this, not only
   IT MADE ME CRY……….I AM SO THRILLED……will be sending you a pic
Shortly, I am waiting for hubby to bring my camera home, so will u plz re
Size it for me
Kimmer wrote:
You can eat protein & very low carb veggies and still lose. The
Trick is understanding exactly what you’re eating and what to avoid. For now
Skip ANY beef or hamburger and pork. Pick skinless chicken, shrimp or fish,
All made without butter or oil. Make lettuce salads and use spray dressing
Like Wishbone Spritzers.
Use your food scale. Look for 4 oz portions (it’s not a lot).
Salads should be a “grab” with your finger tips (that’s about 1 cup). Drink
Plain iced tea, water or diet soda. You might regain at first only from the
Weight of the food before it goes through. But you’ll still be losing and
The scale will catch up.
Get some activity in to take your mind off of everything, LOL. Go
For a 30-60 minute walk with your daughter in the early evening (walk out 30
Minutes and then back 30 minutes). Guess how far that is? 4 miles!!!!!!!!!!!
XXXX wrote:
OH ya I know what ya mean it is only in this losing game part,
See my real ultimate goal is 120 so I have that 5 pound wiggle room you
Speak of, cause I know full well that I will gain at least 5 pounds back
Once I start to add more. But in the same token I am going to be building
Muscle and this will add weight too, so I am ready for it LOL, Kimmer do you
Think if I am really careful over the next few days and only eat really
small protein besides my shakes like, that I might still be able to lose a
little bit??? I am not holding my breath, cuz I know how this next 5 pounds
or so is going to be like pulling teeth LOL. OH I have no doubt at all in my
mind that I will get to 125 in the next week or 2, but that 120 goal line is
going to be a major grind
But my ultimate question is this…..lets say I stop losing for
a few days right, ok no biggy, but do you think I will have to wait 4 days
on shakes alone to get things moving again??? I know you do not have a
crystal ball, but I have no clue as to how things will go and I was just
wondering, because I am keeping in mind Thanksgiving coming up, and I don’t
want to ya know eat for say 2 days, then have to wait 4 days, just start
losing again, then BAM Thanksgiving and have to wait another 4 days  see
what I mean??
Kimmer wrote:
The one thing I want you to keep in mind is this “watching
everything closely” is only for the “losing” part now. Once you’re at goal
then you’ll eat more and a wider variety. Smaller portions of course, but it
won’t be strict like this.
You should probably go 3-4 pounds below goal eventually
because when you add carbs back, you’ll regain your initial water weight.
Everyone does. It’s not fat but nobody wants to see it on the scale, LOL.
Let’s see you’ve got about 4 weeks until photos are due. You
CAN get to goal before then!!!  I have faith in you girl!!!!!!!
XXXX wrote:
Thanks for the compliments  Ya I didn’t think it was a good
idea to tell any one and figured it would be more fun any ways when they get
the surprise that it is me  Gosh I really want to be able to get to goal
before the news letter goes out too, would be an extra bonus if ya know what
I mean  so I am really thinking hard about how and what I am about to eat, I
know everything counts now  so I will take it easy, I think once I have had
a couple of days of a little bit of this and that it will be out of my
system and then I can go fully back to the shakes. Will I have to wait
another 4 days after being all shakes to see a lose again do you think??? I
am so dam close to going into the 120s now, and every little gosh darn thing
is going to count now, oh man but I am sure I can keep my focus as things in
my body are really starting to change now, it is so amazing  I could even
add the egg whites to one of my shakes, although it is the chewing thing and
just the feeling of food in your mouth I am missing most, and the taste of
this ketosis is just nasty nasty, can not drink enough water LOL
Kimmer wrote:
I love boiled eggs, too! Weird, huh? If you’ve got a dog
to feed yolks to, how about 1 boiled egg (70 calories) and then a few egg
whites (15 calories each)? Did you know 95% of the egg protein is in the
white part? The yolk has the fat & cholesterol (and vitamins). The yolk is
my favorite part so I never give it to my dogs, LOL.
I’m glad you asked! Please DON’T tell anyone about the
newsletter. People LOVE getting the surprise of who’s there when we send it
out. About a year ago the girl who was going to be the “story” told her
group and I got so many PMs from other members telling me it took the fun
out of being surprised — go figure?
I know it’s hard to keep a secret, but it’s only for a few
weeks! Thanks again for doing it. You’re gonna break some hearts, lady!
Kimmer wrote:
Of course help others lose! That’s your “job” now. It’s everyone’s job who
Has learned the low carb secret. I feel so bad for people doing low calorie
Because they’re eating small portions but high carbs and they don’t lose —
Or do the .5 lb a week thing.
>>BTW, I sent your pics to my sister. She wrote back: “Bitch. (hahahaha)” She’s so happy for you, too!
Oh tell me about it, and that is what I struggled with forever, pathetic
Little 1 pound a week if I was lucky losses, so I would always lose my
Stamina and give up and I would yoyo back and fourth back and fourth, that
Is so cruel  That was funny to think some one thinks I am a bitch LOL about
Dam time too hehehehe, tell her I said thank you
Hey Kimmer, we are going to Vegas in Dec for like 4-5 days  and I am like
Not worried about the food to much, I can make good decision at the buffets
No problem  but I am really worried about the drinking  OK now I know no
Matter what I drink it will halt me for ages, but I still want to make the
Best choice available………so what do you suggest, low carb beer, or rum
And diet, or wine spritzers??? I am trying to plan a head and get things in
My mind ready if ya know what I mean
Scales are stuck at exactly 130.2 and they are not fluctuating up or down, I
Have been doing about 3 shakes a day @ 110 cals, and the odd egg white
Thrown in the odd one, and I had like 3 ounces of chicken breast last night.
OK so I am thinking to push threw into the 120s even if it is 129
99999999999 LOL, just to see those numbers LOL……should I do a day or 3-4
LOL of just the shakes again….I am thinking maybe if I go back to shakes
And do like 4 per day till Thanksgiving and get my butt walking on the
Treadmill also. I have been logging into fitday still so you can check it
Kimmer wrote:
Are you using a food scale or eyeballing it? Get a scale and make sure
  Is it plain chicken or like chicken with stuff for the family? A chicken
breast for example is about 8 oz so 3 oz would be 1/3 of one.
In Vegas I’d limit to 3 drinks a day and save it for night time. Wine
spritzers are best, then rum/vodka & diet “something, then low carb beer. If
you get wine spritzers or a mixed drink ask for plenty of ice. It lasts
longer that way and gives you plenty of time to use the alcohol. Be sure the
spritzer is mixed with soda water or diet 7-Up (bring a couple cans in your
purse, LOL).
Oops, I tossed your Fitday info. People think I’m nosey but not, LOL.
If you can afford it, how about an experiment? Buy ready to drink EAS low
carb shakes. They look like juice boxes for kids. Each one is exactly 100
calories. Try 4-5 a day for 3 days and watch the scale drop. I’m always a
bit leery about homemade shakes. Not you, but the companies. Labels can be
so screwed up!
No just plain old chicken, and yuk weighing, it was only a couple of
mouth fulls LOL…………OK I can try those EAS shakes, but they have like
4-5 carbs each don’t think???so ya think 4-5 per day OK can so, will go to
store shortly and get some
>>>>Holy heck I had it back to front with the alcohol, I thought the beer
was going to be the best, good thing I asked LOL….if I drink rum and diet,
trust me it will only take 2 and I will be half stupid LOL………..tell
your sis I love her
>>Kimmer wrote:
>>Low carb beer is the worst for weight loss.  Alternate your drinks with
something plain, too, but I guess you already know that.
>>Not weighing food is a big reason for stalls when somebody doesn’t know
why. For example if you take a small chicken drumstick (skin off) and pull
off the meat (it’s not much) — how much meat is that? It’s 3 oz and it’s
tiny. A kid’s cheapo hamburger at McDonald’s is a 3 oz hamburger patty and
it’s practically nothing! Most people would guess all of those at 1-2 oz and
especially with hamburger they’re off on calories.
>>EAS shakes are 3 carbs, 15 protein and 100 calories each.
OK I found the shakes, I got strawberry and YUM YUM YUM, 1 filled me up
wayyyyyyyy more then my home made ones, what the heck is with that  any ways
mine say 2 carbs 1 fiber, and 110 cals, total fat 3 grams….couldn’t find
any at 100 cals, but these are dam good LOL
OMG we are going out for dinner tonight, so I am thinking I will have a
grilled chicken salad, no dressing, take a to go box home, or some grilled
fish or something really light, think hubby would think I was nuts if I
ordered a boiled egg
Oh well not to worry I haven’t has a lot today, so as long as I am extra
careful…………. And don’t worry I learn t the hard why when it came to
not weighing my food  so I do it by habit now
These shakes ROCK, thanks
Kimmer wrote:
WOO HOO you skinny minny! You’re shrinking before our very eyes!!! I’m
so happy for you!!! My brother is here and we’re going to our sister’s house
for Thanksgiving. He saw your avatar and says you look like Shania Twain —
not bad!
Happy Thanksgiving!
XXXXX wrote:
WOOOHOOO Shania, heck that aint to bad at all
Well I did really good yesterday  I don’t think I really had to much of
anything to bad at all, well except alcohol. And after the meal I went for a
walk  This morning was like  to get on the scales, but get this….I did not
even gain an ounce, not an ounce   so still at 127.6 this morning YAY for me
… I am getting straight back onto the shakes now.
OMG I had such a sore tummy yesterday after eating all that food YUK…
I mean what a nasty feeling and then got so tired, I do not miss that
feeling at all…..
>>>>Hope you had a lovely day
Kimmer wrote:
Woo hoo “Shania”, glad you did good! Remember it can take 2 days to show
up on the scale IF there’s going to be a change. If you didn’t pig out
except for alcohol, then you probably sailed right through it. Yesterday I
went to my sister’s and my nephew brought his new girlfriend. She looked so
much like your avatar pic! Very nice girl, a little quiet because she didn’t
know us (and we get pretty crazy!) But I was thinking of you yesterday.
I’m glad you’re doing so good! You’re trying hard and that’s the TOTAL
difference between the people that make it and those that are still at
starting weight 3 years later. Kimkins website will be 3 years old in April
.. Some original members are still at starting weight.
XXX wrote
Nope I didn’t pig out at all, heck I couldn’t LOL, my tummy has shrunk so
much LOL, and there is no way I could of eaten to much. Everything I ate
yesterday was safe….turkey not a lot either, some salad, no dressing, some
broccoli ……the only things that I had that were bad were…..a mouth
full of stuffing, just so I could say OK I tasted your stuffing LOL…..a
tiny tiny bit of gravy……and of course the alcohol LOL….vodka and
crystal light, and rum and diet, and yes I have a hang over today LOL….I
didn’t need that much at all LOL
Our family is crazy too LOL…..OMG everyone got blasted yesterday hehehe,
all the guys pretty much joed out by 7pm, my hubby’s cousin fell over in the
bathroom and gave himself a black eye LOL….we, the kids and I, drew all
over another family member with makeup…gave him one eye brow LOL and some
hot red lips and took pictures HAHAHA.
I really don’t think I did to much damage yesterday, well here is hoping any
ways LOL…
I find it really hard to support and encourage people who are making all
kinds of excuses as to why they ate this, or that and then they get all
upset as to why they are not losing   There are a few that have not lost a
pound since I started and whine about it, but they are eating KFC and taco
bell etc and I am like   maybe the realization of what they need to do has
not taken place yet, and they are just fantasizing that they are trying to
lose weight …who knows, but that would drive me nuts LOL
I am glad you had a nice day with your family yesterday, it rocks doesn’t it
XXX wrote
Yup Kimmer you were right again  it does take 2 days to show DAMMIT LOL.
…no biggy though, 129.2 today, hoping I can get back into losing mode by
Monday  I did shakes yesterday but ate turkey as well because of the hang
over I was seriously craving anything bad, so I opted for turkey instead and
it got me threw PHEW… back fully on track today, all shakes, and maybe
with any luck I will be back in full losing swing come Monday  here is
hoping anyways ….. Then Vegas on the 7th threw till the 11th, can you
believe this crap LOL…..I am thinking I might take pictures for you next
week end, I would hate to come back with a 5 pound gain or something    and
of course every little pound shows now let me tell ya LOL……
OK well off to get some crap done for the day, nothing at all got done except me whining all day yesterday about my sore head LOL, that will teach me hehehehe NOT LOL
Kimmer wrote:
>>Yeah 2 days (have I been wrong yet LOL?) But … And this is important …
it’s NOT fat! All you did was regain water. A lot of girls get discouraged
because the scale went up and they think they regained. They didn’t. It’s
just water weight coming back and it will leave again. You’re still losing!
STAY STRONG over the weekend. Pretend the scale didn’t show a damn thing.
And by Tuesday/Wednesday not only will the water weight be gone, but it will
take a couple friends with it. Come on … Trust me!
>>Take pics whenever you think is best. I don’t want you to be stressed in
Vegas (and you already look soooo good!) We can do a before, after & a
belly abs” shot if you don’t mind?
I trust you 100 % you have never put me wrong  I am completely back fully
focused and ready to ROCK IT BABY LOL…..
As far as pictures go, I will just have my daughter take a heap for ya and
you can choose which ever ones you want  I will get ya some good AB ones
heheh they are really starting to show threw good now and I have been
getting heaps of compliments on them YAY……I will also try and scout some
more before ones, I have a good before one on my daughters cell phone, just
trying to figure out if I can get it onto the computer, it really shows how
chubby I had gotten in my face  I looked at it the other day and said ” ok I
didn’t have worms that is for sure ” LOL
I have a few, but they are not when I was at 150, more like 140s and that
extra 10 pound really showed at the end
But yeah I will get ya some good ones
OK off to shop for some new jeans YAY, all my jeans are getting all loose,
can not believe it, even with a bellt they are sliding down and gathering at
the top, so it is time YAY, I am delighted
>>Kimmer wrote:
    Your after picture is going to be HOT.  My tech guy asked me if you were married.  I told him to stop hitting on my friends. 
>> A fast is not a bad idea.  Just be careful to add back foods slowly or you will gain all the weight back that you lost.

Bits and Pieces from Heidi’s World

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Scheduled to post 12/30


Happy New Year.! Your picture looks amazing…you are doing an amazing job!

I have just received permission to start my blog. I deleted the PM that told me which site you wanted me to use, would you please send that over.

Also, a question about the diet. I’ve been VERY VERY good on this diet, last time I was here I’d lost the majority of my 30lbs by now…my weight is coming off at a snails pace. What should I do different? I am going back to exercising twice this week and I am going to keep my menus the same, I went out a purchased quite a bit of ground turkey breast for my little burgers…the scale is not moving…the tape measure is doing great, I can say I am down a complete size which I wonderful, but I really need to see that number on the scale get smaller.

Thanks Kimmer.

Much love,
Thu 27 Dec


Holy cow, I had no idea. How do you sleep at night, this can’t be good for your health. There are ways to getting people to join, I think a well publicized blog will help. Once the public understands that all the negative stuff out there was a few people blowing smoke they will come. Have you had new members since all of this started? Holy cow Kimmer. Are you able to keep your head above water with all of this financially? I know it is really none of my business, and I’m sorry for asking, but for 18 years I was a fundraiser for a major University here on the East coast…I’m sure if we brainstorm there will be ways to raise monies…I know you are not asking but I don’t want to see this site go away, nor do I wish to see you go away.

I understand your reluctance to trust…I can’t even imagine what this has done to you. But you really do have to. It will take time but no one can/should shoulder all of this alone. You have several people here who adore you, several that I think would stab you in the back if they got a chance, you have to let your instincts guide you (along with a good lawyer).

Kimmer, I know you don’t know me, but I requested to be a part of this community for a reason. I loved it here when I was here last and I will defend you and this woe to my last breath. I am not asking you to trust me at all, but I do want you to know I’m here for you, if you just need a sounding board, don’t hesitate to use me. Know that you are loved very much by so many of us.

God bless you Kimmer, hang in there.


>>Kimmer wrote:
>>You don’t even know the half of it!
>>XXXX’s family has financial problems so this must look pretty good to her. I was going to make XXXX a 0% loan to start her own web business so this is her way of getting the money instead. Other stuff too.
>>It’s a shame because XXXXX wanted a career in public relations. No company would touch her now. She’s revealed confidential communications on the Internet. My former partner, Catherine, actually included the original member list in court papers! That’s totally confidential. Many people don’t want anyone to know they joined a diet website and many email addresses are “names”. I truly can’t believe she would do that!
>>I’ve learned not to trust so much and that’s sad. On the Internet, trust is everything because you never “meet” anyone. Our tech guys are Turkish & Iranian. Someone made a joke that it seems the only people I can trust are the guys from the Middle East.
>>What people don’t understand about $$$ is that we charge a one time fee. If we never get another new member, I still have to pay the hosting ($1000/MO), tech support ($4000/MO), etc. For years to come. 50% of our purchase price goes to taxes. 25% for affiliates sales and that’s off the top. We actually lose money on affiliate sales. I’m sure Weight Watchers & other online diets are laughing their #$%@ off that we’re dumb enough to pay for resources for years for 1 person for $30.
>>Well … Enough complaining on my end.

Wed 26 Dec

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Kimmer, they are suing for the same reason they joined and were advisors…get rich quick. Unfortunately, there will always be those who set aside their integrity for the all mighty dollar. I would, however, like to expose them for who they are, and help assure America that people are not dropping dead here…we are not winding up in the hospital and we are improving our health.

You will always have to put up with ex-employees that want revenge…just be very careful about those people you allow to get that close. From what I’ve read online, you’ve learned the hard way. I takes something from you when you are taken advantaged of that way I’m sure.

I do not even begin to understand what this past year has been for you, but I will do with I can to help make the upcoming year a little more pleasant.

I had a wonderful Christmas, thank you. I equally hope you and your family found piece.


>>Kimmer wrote:
>>Merry Christmas to you, too!
>>I would love if you and others open Kimkins blogs! If you want to go whole hog, you can sign up as an affiliate and put a banner. If anyone clicks on it and joins, then you earn $14.99. We’ve got a few affiliates that earn enough for their car payment this way.
>>I absolutely DO NOT want to approve anything you write. I’m a huge supporter of free speech and you should say whatever you think is right.
>>To be honest, I have my own feelings about what’s going on with Kimkins and former members, but the attorneys want me to be quiet so I’m keeping my feelings to myself for now. Funny how some people can lose weight and promote Kimkins as a great diet … Until they get terminated. And they gave out the same advice I did. Hone$tly, I ju$t don’t have a $ingle idea a$ to why they are $uing Kimkin$..
>>Anywho, get blogging! What a fun outlet for you, too! Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends.
1 Mon 24 Dec


Kimmer – 1st Merry Christmas, much love to you and your family.

Is it ok for me to write a blog about Kimkins? Would you want what I am going to write submitted to you prior. I’ve done quite a bit of research in the past week, there are plenty of negative blogs out there about our woe but I’ve not come over anything positive. I’m sure I will be slammed but I am more than ready to defend this woe, my decision to follow it and your involvement.

I find it very interesting that many people are calling you are liar, they don’t seem to understand that as a foster parent you had a duty to keep your identity private, that it does not matter how long the children have been out of your home, the need to keep their placement and situation private is important for their entire lives. They don’t seem to be giving you any slack at all concerning poor PR…ok, you made a few mistakes with the site…nothing at all for all of this negativity…anybody without marketing experience could have made the same mistakes.

I bet if one or two of us started blogs more and more would go up. So many rely on the Internet to be informed, if all the general public reads is negative feedback how is it possible for them to understand what we are doing here is saving lives and adding years to members lives.

I’m also quite offended by those who have lost all their weight here and are not bashing the plan. These are the same people who told me what I was doing at the time was right and that I should stick with it, I think I had very low calories…why are they now being held on this platform as wonderful people when they are guilty of exactly what they are pointing the finger at you for? I realize you do not know me and maybe I am taking far too much liberty, but I think it unfair and unbalanced.


Changes In The Blog… December 18, 2008

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As many of you know I am having some medical issues that I need to focus on right now.  My focus  has to be my family and my health…


But I am not ready or willing to give up my fight to watch kimkins.con close down. How can I do that?  Simple..


Months ago I decided to write up some blog post to be saved  as drafts and posted at a later time.  There were some reasons that I am not willing to share right now why I felt I needed to wait to post these.  No need to wait anymore.


I will not be active on my blog but my blog will be active…


Did that make sense?