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The Heidi Diaz Chronicles.. December 3, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 8:01 pm

I have been doing a lot of thinking…imagine that.

 With the holidays approaching fast many ladies will feel that urge to lose some serious weigh. And that means searching for the quick fix.  I bet most of  us have been there.  In fact that is how I found Kimkins.con.  Looking for the magical fix.  When in fact all I ended up with was a diet plan and support that encouraged me to spend most days starving to lose weight. Oh and I almost forgot…some bills  for weekly ED therapy.

  Today I happen to look in my inbox and noticed just how many kimkins.con e-mails I have.  I call it the KK CYA folder.  It has some pretty interesting stuff in there.  I am shocked at the behind the scene stuff that people saved and sent me. 

  So I am thinking it might be a good time to share some of these goodies from time to time….just so we can all be reminded just who the real Heidi Diaz is..behind the scenes.

   If anyone would like to share your goodies with me..I open my blog for you to share the stage.  We will call it The Heidi Diaz Chronicles.. Heck it is for a good cause…


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