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Heidi Heidi Heidi…I Wonder November 19, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 3:38 pm

 I wonder did your mama never teach you..that you better be careful..cause when you slapp someone they may very well slapp you back and VERY hard.  Of course I am talking about the lawsuit.

   I wonder do  you ever stop and think that you are making a bigger mess of things for yourself?   I wonder if you and your lawyer could be that scared of John Tidet ?  I have a gut feeling you THOUGHT he would be so stretched working on the slapp suit that he may stop breathing down your back.  Fat chance.

    I wonder if you thought this slapp suit would shut the “ducks” up?  Um….have you gotten your answer yet?  If not…just keep reading the blogs.

   I wonder if you really thought your snarky little comments to some of your so called Favorite Kimkins.con gals would stay quite ?  Ha..that is a joke.  Hey Heidi …here is a tid bit for of charge.  Trust no one but yourself.  Umm…humm…okay ..that is not even funny.  I take that back..  Just trust no one.

   I wonder if you really think the ladies over at Kimkins have one ounce of respect for you?  How could they?  You preach and preach what to eat, how to make it and yadda yadda.  And yet you will not post your pictures, or a weigh in ever.  You have yet to get close to goal.  And that is not a big deal but own up to it.  They do.  They tell the good and the bad. And you will not even post your stats in your own thread.  That is crazy and really sad for your ladies over there.

  I wonder what you are going to do when kimkins.con is shut down. 

   I wonder what you are going to do when all the dirty little secrets come out?

  I wonder what you are going to do when your money is gone paying your legal fees?  

 I wonder how you are going to deal with having to make a living the legal way..not on the internet…running some  alleged scams…Have you thought of what you may like to do for a legal living?

  And last I wonder what you are going to feel like when you have to pay me back my dang money for the filing fees for this silly slapp suite?  I think you know the address from the book.  Right?


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