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The HD Chronicles..Heidi Calls Members Weak December 4, 2008

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Yesterday I blogged about how the holidays bring out the desire to lose weight.  I have been there and done that.  In fact I am feeling that push to drop a few right now.  Luckly for me I now know that the diet I did on Kimkins.con was nothing more then a form of starvation .  I dopped weight but also dropped my vitamin levels and developed a serious host of other medical issues.  These are well documented and one day may even help in proving just how dangerous kimkins.con diet was for many of us.   A special thank you for the brave ladies who shared there information with me..the truth will come out.   Until that can happen…I plan to make sure everyone at kimkins.con and everyone searching for a quick weight loss fix…see the real Heidi Diaz.  The real Heidi Diaz.
Kimmer wrote:
XXXX  didn’t mean to come down hard on anybody, but not everybody posting these days is our friend … some are looking for evidence, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’m wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but eating pie, alcohol, etc and then asking the same day “when will I lose” is iffy.  Why they can not stick to plan is because they are weak.  You’re a smart lady and I’ll take my post out if you think it’s better. I’m not trying to embarrass anybody.

I would absolutely love to brag on your group! Give me the details and what not and we’ll get a thing going!!!

XXXX wrote:
Hey, if I had seen that list of foods I would have been a little tougher on her too. Did you know that this forum has lost over 2,000 pounds since we began in June? Also if you need some extra bragging rights for Kimkins, talk to Lynne who was nearly bound to her wheel chair when she first started and now is walking miles each week. And many of the girls here have had outstanding improvements in their health which has been verify by thier doctors. Cecile in Canada has lost tons of weight and she is 60 years old. We have a lot of girls in here who have amazing stories.

I dont mind at all you popping in and setting the record straight… Thanks.—————————————-
Kimmer wrote:
XXXX , sorry to barge in your challenge. Another member mentioned I should check “XXX” Fitday so I did. Don’t mean to be a pest.


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  1. sam05 Says:

    ask kimmer about heidi k.blomker

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