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Laurala Speaks April 24, 2008

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I hope that all the Laurala supporters from KK will take a long open minded look at what the truth is and why your friend is one of many who left KK. Trust me….the group is not going to be around for much longer and when it is gone where will you go? You paid your money Heidi has got what she wants from you. You are not important to her. Just a reminder..Heidi is a women who used so many names to hide her fraud…including her sons and her mom who is dead. How much longer do you think she will get away with this. Things are catching up with her. The walls are closing in. If I did not know the harsh truth…I would feel sorry for her.

I have been asked to speak about why I left the front page at Kimkins……………..

My name is Laura and I was a Kimkins Covergirl for a very short period of time…..
I had been a member for quite some time and never really got involved in alot of the drama that
had always seemed to be taking place over there. I mearly stayed in my own little threads with
my friends and just blocked out the outside world. Why? because I had amazing results and didnt
want anything to come in the way of that. I am a very trusting person and I try to always give someone the benefit of the doubt. I had known that Heidi posted fake pictures, I belived that she apologized publically and I thought that was that. Boy was I wrong. I left the front page because Amy had opned my eyes to just how wrong it was for me to be there on the cover representing her. I never saw it in that light before , I just saw that I was making lots of friends with some awesome beautiful women and I just wanted to stay focused and positive and lose the weight. It was like I was blocking out everything that I was hearing. I really was in denial about the whole kimkins ordeal and what was going on behind closed doors. Everybody makes mistakes right? I thought Heidi had made hers and asked for forgiveness. I spent days reading and reading about all of the drama and couldnt believe what I was reading. I read terrible things about myself, and this is when I knew I had to do something. How could I stay on the front cover representing Heid? I never had any confrintations with her, she took me off when I asked and then I went to log in one day and I was banned. I was very surprised. What had I done wrong? Apparently this is what happens over there. AllI wanted to do was come off the front page to avoid anyone accusing me of making Heidi money/and or working for Heidi. My heart was crushed, I felt betrayed. I then began to read about how so many people suffered so many side affects from this plan. How Deni & Cutie tried to warn me before and I was just to stubborn to listen. I wanted to believe that Heidi had changed. I wanted to be successful for the first time. I spoke with Amy for hours on the phone recently. I want to set the record straight. I NEVER spoke of her son in a negative way. I would NEVER do that because I am a mother myself and would never do that to anyone or their child. I DID NOT come back to Kimkins with another identity. DId I think about it? Yes, absolutely. I was afterwards given the opportunity after I was banned to come back. I chose not to because I believe that I gave a promsie and I always keep my word. I feel badly for anything negative that might be out there about me. I have tried to always do the right things in life, and sometimes we need a little guidance along the way. I am thankful for Amy and Deni and Cutie for always supporting me and showing me the truth.


Messages From Gran April 23, 2008

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I wanted to address some of the comments….I have to firure out how to get an account!!! LOL!!! This is what I wanted to post to them all…..let me know what you think!


Thank you BamaGal! Thank you for your help and for asking other to help to. I would not been able to reach as many people alone. Thank you for you positive thoughts on my road to recovery….it may be a long one.

It was my desire….to reach out to people that may suffer the same problems as me. You know….there are others….lots of others….I remember posting with Christin and Becky and then one day they were gone! They had health problems too….I didn’t listen. I was a newbie and was grateful for their help. I should have listened….I realize I can’t “should” on myself so I’m trying to move on but I really wanted to help just one person!

Heidi claims I was disgruntled and some one else said I should have kept my gripe with Heidi between the two of us…..funny…I clearly stated I simply wanted to help others. Heidi played the ban game with me….as she has done with many. One day my log in would not work…I sent a tech support message….got lots of emails from Heidi….I’ll post some here.

1slick chick…..I cannot thank you enough!! You are so amazing….your support is so appreciated…more than you will ever know!

I’m with you….I’ll pray that everyone will choose number 4 on your list! There is a huge caring low carb community where you can ask any question and get good sound and proven advise! And get to know someone like slick!!!

Jazzygirl….I am open to any questions you have….I’m more than happy to talk to you. It took me almost 10 months to lose 100 pounds. I started in June as well!! When I first started KK I was never advised to take vitamins nor see my doc. I did both those things however! I was only told to eat lean protein…..that is all! If I wanted to lose a lot really quickly…choose only KE. Only now are vitamins and low carb veggies suggested but not back then. My early days consisted of boiled chicken and deviled eggs….stay below 800 calories and never go above 20 grams of carbs were the instructions I got. I weighed every meal…counted every bite. I was made to feel like a failure if I could not stick with this and a success if I could go lower on the calories. I know some days were below 400. I would go to everyone’s fitday and see what they were eating!!! I felt I had to do the same!!!!

I found a challenge thread full of the most caring and compassionate ladies I had ever met…..some are friends still today. We learned from a very smart lady that we needed to up our fats and cycle between several plans like Protien Power and Atkins…I think making those changes really helped stop the dangerous path of my body consuming lean muscle….I owe a lot to those ladies!

I have lost ¾ of my hair and the loss of muscle will result in a surgery to repair muscle so weak that it cannot hold together. I don’t believe I ever mentioned heart problems….what I did say is that I’m very afraid….since I have lost quite a bit of muscle and my heart is a muscle….have I compromised my heart too?

This all happened rather suddenly…I understand this is normal….my doc had been seeing me every 3 months, blood and urine tests too….she was not too concerned until last Monday….now we are both concerned. There was no warning! Once muscle that has been compromised fails….the only recourse is to have it surgically repaired!! PLEASE make sure you are eating enough essential fats and calories!!!

Thanks 2big! I appreciate you support and prayers more than anything! I will make this my fight….to get back to healthy… help those that can’t see the truth yet. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else but I’m afraid it will.

Thanks to you too bluesuederebel…..again…I need all the prayers that I can get! I’m thankful to Amy for all that she had done….she’s a great friend!

Katinsac….thank you ….I do hope more than 1 see the light but I’d be happy with 1!!

Magicsmom…I was told on several occasions to drink Smooth Move tea or take some MOM for “potty” problems or to break a stall!!!! I never did that thank goodness but I know a lot that did! That is nothing short of teaching a new addiction!

Thanks to you too Mayberryfan!! I so remember reading your posts and enjoying them very much and then poof…you were gone! I’m glad you only stayed for 3 months before you realized there was a problem…..I did not. I appreciate you help and prayers too!!!

Thank Amy….for all you do!!!



So many names.. April 21, 2008

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Today there seemed to be some ” harsh” e-mails and PM being sent from a camp memember. When I read the PM it sounded like someone we all know too well. Heidi and her admin crew may be many things..orginal they are not.
So today I decided to figure out the conection between these people…and guess what? They are one in the same person.. Bring back memories? Let’s compare…

Get a life Amy. You were always a trouble maker at You constantly asked questions to aggravate Kimmer and its members. You know why you were banned both times. Stop playing the SAHM and Sick Child card over and over again. BORING! You should spend less time online AND CONCENTRATE MORE ON SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. YOU ARE NOT SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR YOUR KIDS. Think about this. Teach your kids to forgive and forget not to get even! Move on because life is so short to be so miserable all the time.

vatefairefoutrelol | Who is Heidi? Your imaginary friend?

From Picking Flowers, 2008/04/02 at 4:08 PM


Summary – Casaba
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From Camp today….

I do not want to associate with someone who did what she did at……such a grammar school prank . Grow up! You lost a lot of weight there and then turn against its members like that by possting nasty messages all over th place. They did nothing to you. If you do not like Kimmer….take it up with her not its members.
I am latin and my english writing is not good. I want to thank my daughter for writing this for me.

AmyB is not the person you think she is…..she is a trouble maker and manipulates people and you are one of them. Your turn will come…. Now your door is closed at Kimkins.

….you can not keep straight who you are or the lies you tell. Look at how much your messages reflect your issues with me. You have such a issue with me..let it go Heidi. It is okay to not be happy with who you are but to try to tear people down to make you feel better. SAD.
What some of you may not know is… I have gotten 20 plus Blog rude awful messages about Philip. I hit delete and a message pops up with more. Your messages about Philip and his illness…makes you a mean hurtful person. Who in the world writes such awful words about someone’s child? And on top of that you post under so many names…I wonder if you know who you are on any given day. Take some time Heidi…get away. Start some meds. Something to help yourself.

Gran To Angels Speaks Out Part One

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I would like to give Grans To Angels a chance to explain why she choose to leave KK. She could of just left and maybe no one would of noticed. But Gran felt so worried about some issues at KK that she decided to handle things in a different way.
I have spoken to Gran often on the phone over the past months. I have NEVER heard her say a ill word about anyone. In fact when I got banned from KK she was so upset about the way it was handled she stopped posting.
Last night Gran wanted to reach out to KK ladies to help. What many of you know is yes Gran lost over 100 pounds while at KK. But at the same time many may not know that Gran has lost almost all of her hair and even worse….she is facing major surgery this week. A condition brought on by the KK diet. Muscle loss could end up causing Gran perm ant damage or even worse. I have asked Gran if it was okay to post this personal information. She said if it would help save one person from KK she wanted to share the details.
Kimmer I have one question for you. You so jumped in to take credit for Grans 100 pound weight loss. So tell me Heidi…are you also going to take credit for her hair lose? And so much more important….her life threatening medical condition?
You know Heidi..I have always thought you lucked out by not causing someone serious or life threatening illness or worse…luck may be catching up with you. you are not going to die..I am trying to make a point.

Re:GRAN TO ANGELS 3 Minutes ago posted by Kimmer

Ordinarily I don’t comment about the disgruntled members, but it makes you shake your head to think that Gran to Angels lost over 100 pounds with Kimkins.

This was posted at Kimkins a few minutes ago……yes I lost 100 pounds…I also lost ¾ of my hair and so much muscle loss that I’m facing surgery….I see a specialist tomorrow. This will be a lasting problem….a big problem! Could I have lost my hair on any program? Sure! Could I have lost muscle on any other program….I don’t think so! Hair loss, muscle loss, heart problems…..none of this was disclosed to me…..when people tried to warn me months ago before they left the site…I decided not to listen….did they know what they were talking about…..oh yes they did!!! I wish with all my heart that I had listened.

I’m not “disgruntled”….I’m falling apart!

I posted at KK tonight…..I had help….lots of help. There were many there trying to reach out, trying to save even just one person. That was my goal….could I just sit by and let others go through what I’m going through? NO! My post was just information…no pics…no mean words… helpers have a lot to say….more info than I know…so I asked for help….I got it!!! I feel supported…..they said what I could not…now…the rest is up to you….will you stay, risk hair loss, muscle loss, loss of self respect for blindly following such a cruel person? I stayed in my own little challenges and convinced myself it was ok until AmyB and 1slick chick were banned….banned for what? What did they do??? Nothing! They were banned simply because Heidi can! It was not right and I did not post at KK after they were banned….I would not let Heidi see my name and think that what she does is ok….it’s so not ok!

Thank you Amy for letting me tell my story…..I pray for a happy ending and I pray that others will find the strength to move on and get healthy….before it’s too late.

Gran to Angels


Set Up To Feel Like A Failure April 19, 2008

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I have something to admit…I also said those words…you know the ones. The words “I do not care what Kimmer weighs” Or “The diet works” that is all that counts. I even went as far to say….I feel sorry for Kimmer. Oh I do feel sorrow…sorrow for all of those who listened and trusted what Heidi Diaz said. I feel sorrow for those of us who held on to every word that she said. I feel sorrow for those days some of us logged of her site feeling too weak or told we just did not want it bad enough. Those are more then words. Those are words that place blame on a person. The very person who we looked up to, the person who did what we so needed and wanted to do. Or so we thought.Have I ever lied about something? Yes. Maybe about some ones new haircut or a new outfit. I call it a white lie.

Yes I know a white lie is still a lie..but in this case…these lies below are what I consider dangerous and hurtful.
Below are example of the lies Heidi Diaz posted to the very people who trusted and depended on her for advice and help.
I felt like a failure daily ..for not living up to Heidi’s standards.
Kimmer : I’d love to have stopped at size 8. Unfortunately, I’m still a child and can’t
“say no” to temptation, so I keep it away from me.

I would read stuff like this and think she is so strong. Look where she came from and look at her now. Why can I not lose like her. I would think how much I wanted to be just like her. Oh how times have changed. I looked up to her. I wanted to be as strong as Heidi. On the hard diet days..I would be so hard on myself and most times Heidi was there adding her ” you must not want it bad enough”.
Now that I’m at goal, I needed maintenance to be “automatic” for me
I do Not even have a maintenance plan. I wanted to eat just what Heidi did so I could be her size and stay her size. I was blown away that she had kept the weight off for so many years. The more we asked and sometimes begged for a maintenance plan. She would talk down to us. Like where we crazy..couldn’t we figure it out. I now wonder why I did not say Heidi what the heck are you eating each day to stay that size 4 .. 120 pounds.
You may need to start MOM.
I swear I thought MOM was a diet med. It was talked about daily. Gross Gross Gross. She would throw in the MOM words every time someone was not losing tons of weight, Could a easier answer of been…it is not the normal to drop tons of weight each day It did not make us weak .
If I had to do it over again I would do a liquid fast with diet coke.
Okay..I had some thoughts one day about doing this. What I want to know is..since she is on the diet now..why not take your own advice? You would lose much faster then your reported lose on front page.
Dunno, but I don’t have any concerns about low calorie, low carb and yanking
thyroids out of whack.
Easy for you to say…you were not doing low anything. This is a major problem for me to read, My thyroid is NOW so out of wack it is not even funny. My DR even said You are not starving yourself are you? Well of course I said NO. KK was not starving it was a diet plan ..and it worked for Heidi and the ladies on the front page…It was going to for me too. And just as follow up..I had spoken with Becky ( Little Bit) about my medical issues LONG before I was anti Heidi or KK.
That menu would bore many to death. Where’s the “whites”? I’m counting my lucky
stars that I don’t have a fondness for bread, pasta, rice and related carbs.

I would read stuff like this and think ..I am so weak..I want to eat carbs. I want to eat something other then the same foods. All the while ..I was telling myself Kimmer is doing can I. And she was weighing well over 300 pounds. I have a feeling there were some weights being eaten each day to maintain that obese weight.

Me too! My “stop” weight is 5 lb (I’m up/down 3 lb all the time), or my fail
safe test … my jeans. Recall “the thighs don’t lie” as you pull them up, LOL!

Well the thighs do not lie thing ..says it all. What else can be said? Your thighs don’t lie..everytime you open your mouth you lie.

Still no need for laxative help, huh?
My gosh this person posted menus for a week. She was talking about severe snatt and not one day were the calories above 300 to 400. Never once did Kimmer say something to ask them to up calories. She only asked if they needed a laxative. My gosh..she had no food to get rid of. Why would she do that? Heidi do you have MOM stock?
Don’t panic about low calories.
Well…I now seem to panic about all calories. You did a good job messing with our thoughts about calories.
You don’t have to fast specifically. When your calories are very low, and foods
are small (quick) to eat, your body can finish the digestion process that much
faster. When digestion is done, your body goes back to housecleaning and
Bottom line, as long as you have sufficient body fat you don’t need to eat
calories — you’re carrying them with you.

What? Where do you get this stuff? So…ok..I do not need to fast just keep calories at 300ish.

If your body needs 2000 calories for the day and eats 300, the body will take
1700 calories from body fat (which is why it’s there.) As you lose weight, your
body will need fewer calories which is why weight loss naturally slows as we
near goal.

Here we go with 300 calorie it is a normal thing. Heidi were you only eating 300 calories? What about now? You seem to be losing really slow…compared to what you expected of us. How many calories are you getting daily Heidi

If you’ve got time, read my post on the benefits of water fasting (article by
Curezone) which explains about what your body does for protein during a water
fast. Very interesting stuff!

Okay..300 calories is not good enough. She pushes the water fast very hard. She also claimed to do the water fast for weekends and was 118. I bet that weekend she drank ..just not water.


Wanted To Clear Something Up… April 6, 2008

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I wanted to take a second to clear something up here. I think most of you know me as a person who is who I say I am..I am blunt , honest..sometimes that comes back to haunt me. Ha
This week is about family time . But since that family is all worn down from being up 22 hrs and a 17 hr flying time…I am here …..kind of sad..huh?

I need to clear something up . I know most of you know this..or I sure hope that you do…..But…just in it is….

If you share something with me in privite…it stays there. IF I want to share something with someone or in my BLOG I ask first ALWAYS 100%.

If someone tells you or hints around or you hear from this person that another person said Amy B said such A such..I can assure you…I did not.

I also know that there seems to be a NEW thing happening…some little things have been hinted to that I have said this or that..and of course it involves Singinglass and Heidi. NO NO and NO.

It is not always easy for me to NOT want to share or tell certain things..especially when I it is a slam at me or my family. But if ya tell me something or share something…and I ask and you say NO I can not share..well I do not share. End of story.

The other thing to know is…I have many people who share things with if something comes out does not mean it came from you. Seems lately…lot’s of people know the same thing info..well sometimes.

For example…SassyLass…I know who she is..what she did what she did . I found out afterwords and was very impressed and moved with what she had to say. I asked..or I begged her to let me share..and she said NO. So I have not said a word to anyone. SassyLass…if ya change your mind..ya know who to tell…ha..Okay..that was not the point.

The point is..I can be trusted and I try my best to do what is right . I am not perfect..but I am try hard to treat people with respect and honor their request for privacy.

Now if you are reading this..and think I am talking to you..I might be and 10 other people too..Heidi wants to cause a rift between some of us. I feel confident …this to shall come to show Heidi lies ..once again .

A little tid bit…before I go..

Seems Heidi is banning people now to just ban odd. Wanna bet it turns out to be a opps…cause when she hears they are going to fight back..she claims computer NOT savy. I think there are issues at Kimkins…

And I am still picking flowers …one by one…


Consider The Source April 3, 2008

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This morning I got up and heard some wonderful news..There have been some changes over on the KK front page. Flower picking is rewarding work . On to the next flower.

Today I got to thinking about how off I felt yesterday with my blog. I am not sure why this did not accrue to me yesterday but I am glad it did today. Yesterday I let myself get so upset about what? Someone that hides behind a fake IP and name..saying mean things. That is plain crazy. It was wasted energy and if I can help it…It will not happen again. Today I had a little smile about yesterday…cause know what I figured out? I made someone mad. I made someone feel desperate enough to come to MY blog and post non important crap. Then the same person came back and asked if Heidi was my imaginary friend….Nope…It she your other personalty?

I am done worrying about what people say. Yes it bothers me and I get hurt. But I would rather be a person that can get hurt and have real feelings..then be so warped that I have no feelings. Speaking of feelings…I dare say this person is not a parent. No real parent would say things about a sick child. No real parent would say my issues with Philip are boring. IN fact I think maybe there are some people who are envious of Philip and that is why they talk so nasty. Philip has more morals and pride and faith then anyone who would come and post what you did yesterday. Talk about a bitter person…come on..take those rose colored glasses off and look in the mirror. You better be thankful..cause one day you could be looking at someone you love ending up very sick , It happens. God forbid but it does happen. A little advice…if it does…try to find a heart. I would hate for anyone to treat you or your child the way you have treated me and Philip. Ya know…Did you feel good at the end of the day…dragging a child into your I love Heidi Diaz war? Oh please? Seems to the me the only love Heidi has is her money…maybe she is the mom you should take a good look at. Be warned is sad.

I am not bitter…I am actually doing pretty darn good. I have 4 wonderful children..married 20 years and just lost 90 pounds. Oh and I am packing to go to Hawaii…hummm…why did I not remind myself of this yesterday? Oh well I did today and I feel much better.

There are many KK people who are upset with my blog. My suggestion…do not read it. Pretty simple.

Simpleannie..I sent you a e-mail…let me know if you are intrested.

Thanks for all the great support. I am still the same Amy …even banned…I am here if anyone wants to talks.

I promise it is a good thing…get do not walk…and do not look back. Easy to say..hard to do. But you can and I am here with others…to help anyway we can.

I need to get ready for bed..I have some flowers to pick tomorrow.