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The Real Heidi Diaz…Blinks First November 12, 2008

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The problem with lying is you usually always get caught.  I am sure Heidi Diaz thought she could pull off this FRAUD of weighing 118 pounds because no one knew who she was.  The problem is…when you tell one lie…you have to tell another…then another..and then another.  In Heidi’s case…it was the pictures.  Why in the world she posted so many pictures that looked nothing like the others I do not know.  But it was NOT a smart move.  Then again it was just one of many.   What I do not understand now is…NOW.  What is going on NOW.  I mean Heidi hands out Diet advice like she knows what she is talking about.  And maybe she thinks she does.  But the truth is….the proof is in the pudding…and in this case I think we are not talking Low Carb pudding.    Heidi , you are well at 300 pounds.  Are you doing your diet?  If so…maybe you need to run your fitday pass me.  Let me take a look at it..for some advice.   Would you care to post your link? Come on Heidi.  How can you tell the ladies to not eat this or that when by the looks of you a few months ago…you are not following your own advice? Have you lost any weight?  Post some updated pictures.  Help these ladies.  Show them you are willing to do what you ask of them.   This is not about you being heavy.  I was heavy also.  Most of us were.  If we were stick thin….we would not know what kimkins.con was all about…how I wish that were the case.  This is about you handing out advice on a subject you personally know nothing about.   I am glad I happen to see you at the store my friend shops at.  I am even more glad I posted them.  It is time for you to know you may hide but the TRUTH will always come out.  SOONER then Later.   YOu keep saying..I was at LCF giving out advice for free.  Heidi…You were at LCF lying for years…about who and what you are.  I swear I think you have started to belive you own lies.   The very fact that you are suing me..means you are  scared of me. and the truth..and you know what..GOOD…you blinked first.  Just like I knew you would.


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