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Heidi..I Will Not Be Bullied November 5, 2008

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Dear Heidi…
I really need you to understand something..I know that in the past it has been hard for you to “get things”. So let me spell it out as clear as I can. .No matter what you say.  No matter what you do.  No matter how many rude  books you  send,  No matter how many nasty comments you post on my son’s medical update site.  No matter how many people you have email me or call me hours before my son’s operations.  No matter how many blogs you post accusing me of harming my son. And most important…No matter how much you pay your lawyer to sue me for telling the TRUTH.  I will NOT be bullied.  I will NOT ever be stopped from telling the simple truth about you. The difference between you and me ….TRUTH.
The truth is…Heidi lied and you got caught.  The truth is you keep lying and you keep getting caught. And the truth is based on your long history you most likely will not stop lying.  And as long as you run your web site or any diet web site I plan to keep my blog up and running.  You Heidi Diaz are mean and cruel.  You do nothing just by chance. It could be said that  someone like you  would sell there soul for a dime…. Is it worth it Heidi? 
So Heidi…Just  in case you did not know..Here is a  FYI  I got your summons today.  How ironic that my children answered the door since I am on bed rest from my surgery.  If I did not know better I would think it was planned for the “nice” man to tell my innocent children that he needed to see me because I had a paper   from a person name Diaz from CA who was suing me.  Gosh if I did not know better..seems like a Heidi touch.  That sounds snarky…but really seems like something you would enjoy happening.
Oh well..My kids know right from wrong.  Philip said as serious as can be…Oh mom is that the crazy lady who is mad cause she got caught lying about losing her weight?  Wow….Philip…so smart .  If it were only that simple.
 As moms it is important to teach our children not only right from wrong but to stand up for our rights.   And one thing my children know about me is….I would never lower myself to your standards..for any amount of money.  I dare ask..what would your children say if they were asked the same about you Heidi?
So on the advice of my kick butt lawyer….I have taken my pain medication .  Heck I might even try to pick a flower or two this week. 

4 Responses to “Heidi..I Will Not Be Bullied”

  1. katinsac Says: go girl! maybe you should of been on pain
    pills a long time ago! Good job. Sorry about the
    upcoming additional surgery. You just can’t get a break. all will be worth it when Heidi is taken down.

  2. bluesuederebel Says:

    Well, I would have been disappointed if Heidi had not served you first. All she did is give you more incentive to get well. Remember what a man we admire says … “Stand up! Stand up and fight!” I’ve got a feeling she will be sorry she ever “messed” with you.

  3. yustyucky Says:

    {{{Amy and everybody}}} Just when you think Heidi can’t stoop any lower 😦

  4. sweeteater Says:

    You go, girl!

    from an AmyB fan 🙂

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