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To Anonymous From California October 24, 2008

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A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  I did not think twice about the package as I threw it on the coach and ran out the door late for a MRI appt for Philip. Later that night My daughter Emily asked me if she could open the package and I told her sure.  I thought it was the charger for the computer that Best buys was sending us .  Emily came in with a shocked look on her face and said Mom why in the world would you order this book.  It looks so sad.  I looked up to see my 11 year old daughter holding a book called “Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood”. For a split second I was confused as to what in the world she was talking about and then I was shocked.  I had no idea how in the world this book would of ended up at my house .  After telling Emily I was sure it was a mistake and I would send it back. We put the book away and went on about out evening.  Trust me that book was not far from my mind.  Come to find out the book was sent from California.  Mailed in a yellow envelope . The odd thing is the town I live on was misspelled just like I have seen it done before.  Hummm..  So I only know two people in California that live where the book was mailed from.  I called and asked my friend if by any odd chance she had sent it to me. She was offended that I even had to ask. While I knew she had not I still felt the need to just make sure.  Since there had been a certain someone who had accused me  Munchausen by Proxy concerning my son Philip.  I thought maybe by some slim chance my friend had found the book and wanted to send it to me to show me how crazy she thought the idea was.  Instead she thought I was crazy for even having to ask. So I spoke to Joh Tidet about it and he was as shocked as I was about it.  I think his words were…My gosh that is so sick. Yep, that is my thought too. So I guess this leads me to ask…why would someone even waste their time and money sending me that book?  But have no worries.  The book has not gone to waste.  I donated the book to the hospital library . If you really feel the need to send me something….I can think of better ways to spoil me with gifts…just ask..

8 Responses to “To Anonymous From California”

  1. 2big4mysize Says:


    just when you think they can’t get any lower. Glad Emily had no idea about the implied ramifications of the sad book.

  2. 1slickchick Says:

    I remember being appalled when you told me about the package. Nope, appalled is too nice a word… I think I mean, well shoot – I can’t say… it would be wrong for me to stoop to her level.

    And now today when you blog about it… it brings back all those feelings I had when you first told me about it. I am upset, appalled, and amazed that she could do such a thing. Her maliciousness of her total and complete disregard for your mental state is absolutely amazing, and not only to you, but to the entire family. A line has been crossed with this book being delivered to you. One that can’t be taken back!

  3. mayberryfan Says:

    The creature (for she is NOT human) that sent you that book obviously is feeling terribly desperate to do such a thing. She obviously isn’t all that bright, either. MBPS is where a parent makes a child sick on purpose for attention. Philip’s difficulties are well-documented as true and not caused by your actions or in-actions. Only someone desperate for the limelight, and low enought to use her own children (which she has done) would accuse someone of MBPS.

    I guess this really means you are hitting her where it hurts with the truth! Keep it up!!

  4. katinsac Says:

    How many people even know your address? That’s a pretty low blow if you ask me……I can only think of one person who would do something that mean. Oh, and I live in CA and it wasn’t me! lol

  5. avenuegirl Says:

    I hope the book was dusted for finger prints.

  6. deedlynn22 Says:

    Amy……I just heard about this in the past couple days and just read your blog today.

    That is absolutely sickening. I’m not even sure what to say, other than sorry that …uh…someone put you and your daughter through that.

    I know it’s obvious who sent it….but is anything really obvious out here anymore. It’s so obvious that I’m questioning it. The likely sender seems much more sly than that.

    I dunno…but I guess I dunno much anymore….but I do know that I’m sorry that it happened to you and your family.

    It seems like someone is trying to break you mentally and emotionially. If there is one thing I know for sure….that is NOT gonna happen.


  7. gran to angels Says:

    The thought that this book was sent to you makes me sick……but then again….it’s the kind of thing a monster would do!
    I’m sure it came from Corona CA! Hey…I’ll ask her the next time I see her in the stores! Let see what what excuse comes out….oh wait….we already know it will be a lie!
    Invading one’s blog is one thing…to do that to a persons family is despicable.

  8. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I don’t what I can add to what has already been said. Just know that I’m sorry it happened, and I’m here for you.

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