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Just Does Not Seem Fair…Wonder Why? October 5, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 4:15 pm

There seems to a buzz going on at Kimkins.con.  Seems Heidi Diaz has decided to change the rules on a daily basis and depending on who the member is.   As we all know most of the current kimkins.con members are not doing kimkins.  Either they have taken the advice of others and decided to not RIsk their health with the what I feel is a nutrient  bankrupt diet.  Many have fallen off the diet so many times they have been smart enough to just give up.  And many just decided to not starve to lose weight.  As some of us have learned or are still learning ….there are many ways to lose weight and not starve and risk your health.   So on any given day you can log on to Kimkins.con and see a host of different post about many diet plans .  Such as Weight Watchers, Nutria Systems, Biggest Loser, Diabetic diet, Atkins, and so on. Then you have the procedures such as lap ban and gastric bypass.  There has also been post about different wraps and Acupuncture . There have been endless post about every weight loss herb there is from A to Z.  Of course none  of us can forget about the fasting that Heidi claimed she did and the wonderful post  pushing using laxatives.  Now let me ask you.  Would you say that Kimkins.con is a group that does NOT allow any other diet or weight loss tools to be promoted?   Seems the answer to that depends on who you are and what you want to say in your post.     It seems that a few weeks ago a KK old timer posted in a thread about starting on Phentermine.  Heidi deleted the whole post and sent a very stern message to the posted who I will call “Sally” to NOT post about diet pills again.  Being that “Sally” was a active long time KK member many KK ladies were very upset about this and told Heidi about there concerns.  Heidi told them flat out that it was her group and she would allow what she wanted and diet pills was not allowed.  Period end of story. A week or so later another reference was made about diet pills and the post was once removed with a second warning saying that she would be removed if it happened again. Ouch. Now it seems that this person has been told she can not post about weight watchers and told to post it someplace else.  Makes you wonder what is going on.  Why is it good for some and not others? Why are you being picked out of a whole group?   I hope this “Sally” will not allow herself to be told what she can and can not talk about.  Take a look around.  kimkins.con is not a diet group about just kimkins and it has not been for a long time. Have you stopped and wonder why Heidi is trying to control you?  I have a feeling that  it is because she does not want others seeing you doing something else.  It is not about having your best interest at heart. .  I hate that I allowed her to tell me what I could and could not do on her board.  I was weak and now I am still a tad embarrassed about it.   Good Luck “Sally” with whatever you decide to do.  Just be true to yourself and you can never go wrong.   Ladies….   As promised the next  pictures of Heidi..taken at a local place…lol



6 Responses to “Just Does Not Seem Fair…Wonder Why?”

  1. lovelylady1104 Says:

    Heidi, if you’re reading this, PLLLLLEASE wear longer shirts when wearing stretch/tight pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all.

  2. prudentiablog Says:

    Amy, I sure do hope that Sally sees the forest for the trees. When Heidi starts to take on one of her long time members like this, banning can not be far behind. Sally, be sure you know how to get ahold of your friends or risk losing touch forever. Why would Heidi do that, you ask? Well, she already has your lifetime membership fee. She can’t get anything more out of you, so you are expendable. The fact that others defend you means you are also more popular than her. That makes you a target.

    Love the pics, dear! I so agree with lovelylady – change up the wardrobe Heidi. That one isn’t working so well.

  3. katinsac Says:

    The pics are dark and I can’t see them but I’m sure the tell all, lol.

    Looks like Heidi is at least “warning” people now…more than she use to do, she would just ban them.

    I hope “Sally” has a large following and when banned they go too!!

  4. 2big4mysize Says:

    Hope Sally reads here and is forwarned and has a ready escape plan when the banning comes.

    And I got to ask what is the hand in front of kimmer’s face doing? the pic is too dark to make out the details.

  5. amyb1569 Says:

    Just for all of you. LOL..I am working on the pics being lighter…please check back.

    Since I was there..I think she was tring to hide her face with her hand…LOL.

  6. 2big4mysize Says:

    oh is this the she knew I was there pic?

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