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Just Be True To Yourself July 22, 2008

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Something has been nagging at me.  Imagine that.  But lately there seems to be many “ex” KK members going back to KK.  This may not be the popular answer but you know what I so understand.  The common thought is “well it works”.  And you know what it does work.  While you do it.  I know many of you are over hearing about getting sick.  We all think we will NOT get sick.  So for the sake of trying to reach out to some of you let’s just leave that oh so true probably gonna happen  alone for now.  What about when you just stop doing the diet?  What about when you get burned out of the KK WOE?  What about when you have vacations? What about when emotions get the best of you?  The holidays?  A party?  The list goes on and on.  The problem I have with the kick fix of Kimkins.con is..WHAT ABOUT…..we all know that quick fixes are just that.  But we do not think past the now.  But guess what…the scale does.   Did I lose quick weight on Kimkins.con?  Yep I sure did.  Many of you have commented on my success and my pictures etc.  Wow I was really excited and proud that I finally had GOT IT DONE.  But little did I know.  It is not real.  Ladies….I fight every single day of my life to keep the weight from stacking back on.  I went off over the holidays and went from 137 to 158 in a snap of the fingers.  After the holidays I went way too low again and no matter how hard I tried I just could not get the weight off again.  I got back to 145 and went off for 2 weeks and bam…up to 159.  Yo Yo equals lot’s of tears and frustrations some days.   So this morning I weighed in 142.5 .  How did I do it? Not Kimkins.con.  I did it a real solid way.  I ate meat, some LC veggies .  I did a true induction Atkins and some days I am adding a little more of this and that.  You know what that is called?  Real eating in the real world. Not over night.  BUt does not come back on over night.   Do I think any of you will listen to me?  Nah.  I would not of listened to me when the scale was moving each day.  That is addicting and I miss it also.  But I do not miss it moving the opposite direction just as fast. I am just putting this out there …think back on it when you get to THAT point.  You know the point.  The one where enough is enough. And as many of you already know…email me anytime   Take a look at your tickers this morning.  If you are back at Kimkins.con or you are re starting the program.  Look at that ticker.  I dare say many of you are re starting because once again you are back or almost back where you started.  YO YO.  It will never stop.  Trust me.  I have been there and done it.  I really do understand.   One last thing…..If you decide to go back to Kimkin.con.  Just stand up tall and do it.  Do not hide it or start a new account or change your name…cause you worry….what are you worried about?  I think Heidi has some of you so primed that you will be attacked or stalked.  I have done that to not one person.  Heck Heidi even accuses me of attacking her front page ladies when they leave.  Not that they have a mind of their own and can listen to some common sense.  And yes Heidi you can screen shot this.  I will keep fighting to bring every KK person and every KK front page girl away from Kimkin.con.  If that is illegal..then sue me.  Cause I will not give up and I would love to explain to a judge that I was trying to save ladies from the clutches of a ACCUSSED FRAUDULANT in my opinion money driven business owner .   So ladies..if you go back to Kimkins.con.  Be careful.  If you decide you want a real way to lose weight.  Then reach out .  We will learn together. It is a learning event…everyday.  But it is REAL. And if you go back. Feel free to use your real info.  The worse that is going to happen from me is a How ya doing e-mail, or we miss you email…or maybe a good luck e-mail.  Never a threat or a stalking anything.  That is all made up in someone mixed up head or after a long Captain Morgan Night.   Good Luck Ladies.  I know you can all do it.  We all can.


6 Responses to “Just Be True To Yourself”

  1. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb, I know you get on a tear and say things that are funny about the situation at kimkins.con, but I also know how serious you are about the members you are trying to reach out to. I’m just glad to see that you are smarter than I was at your age and that you are not letting your emotions get the best of you. I think you have truly learned that you have to change your lifestyle and WOE to keep the weight off in a healthy way. I’m here for you, and I’ll be your cheerleader.

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    I can’t commnet myself but you can copy and paste this if you want. Thanks
    Thank you for pointing out the addictive qualities of the rapid weight loss on the dangerous nutrtionally bankrupt kimkins diet.
    Keep up the good work picking kimkin flowers before they wither on the kimkims.con diet plan.
    Glad you are seeing Atkins will and does work even after kimkins. Check your measuring tape and watch the inches of your remaining body fat being burned off even if the scales do not validated your hard work.


  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Thank You for being my cheerleader..what a nice thing to say. The email was perfect today. Thank you for taking time to reach out.
    Yes some days I can be a tad what is that word she uses…snarky…about kimkins.con but I 100% have full emotion and conviction behind my goal to help the ladies who are left at KK or are going back. I too loved the fast results, who wouldn’t? But I cringe at what has happened to me and the weight gain after kimkins.con. No one deserves that.
    I am always here..a email away….I do not have all the answers but I am sure we can find them.
    Thanks Rebel for being a true friend.

  4. 1slickchick Says:

    Ya know Amy… we have talked about this… well, about the quick fix and then the slow and painful progress/backslides after the quick fix doesn’t work any more. I have lived this problem too – the fast loss and then some gain and then the slow loss. It’s entrancing/bewitching for the loss to happen – the KK and K/E way… but it does suck when it goes away. AND IT WILL GO AWAY — unless you learn to change your habits and eat, plan and accept WOE decisions… When you do that you can still lose, just it will be slower and should be healthier.

    You my dear have learned this – and I am learning this… I just know that others need to learn this and, unfortunately we all have to be in the right place at the right time to HEAR this and be prepared to learn this… I had people tell me this before, but in the past I was not ready to hear it.

    WTG for sticking it out here – because the more it’s told, through multiple channels and via more than one person… the better the chance that it will get learned by others.

  5. theTRUTH Says:

    Yeah, starvation always works. Too bad about the side effects, like DEATH. (Just to name the worst one – there are many more along the way to that ultimate goal.) People are not whales or polar bears that can live a happily off their own stored blubber through the winter months. Using ketosis to control hunger and enforce anorexia is not what any low carb pioneer had in mind. Anyone who goes back is taking serious risks with their healt and their metabolism. Read a book or something folks, and stop trusting this fraudulent lying beast who calls herself “Kimmer”. She is risking your health with her dangerous experiment, not her own. Think about it.

  6. malucas Says:

    Dear Amyb…this is totally off the subject which by the way..I love your blogging..BUT…I don’t see myself anywhere in here where you were going to tell nasty little lies if I didn’t fess up and tell the truth about how much more I love you and really am your #1 FAN…..Soooo..waiting…lmbo..

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