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A offer to SingingLass July 20, 2008

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Singinglass…I think I have figured you out.  You are stuck in a time warp of when you were heavy.  You have lost some weight.  A lot of weight, good for you. YOU can now wear some cute clothes.  WE can do something with your hair hair .  And for goodness sakes.  I would love to be able to figure out when you are dressed for theater or just casual.  It is time to break out of that freaky mold and be the women Heidi Diaz does not want you to be.  And….you may be asking yourself why does she not want you to pull yourself together?  Cause Heidi is all used up.  You my friend ( okay not my friend..that is a joke) you  have some hope.  With lot’s of work…you can be what Heidi dreams of being. She is used up and gone down a bad bad road that is a dead end.

Now Singinglass has REFEREED to some people stalking her in the past on her journal.  That is a VERY serious accusation.  I wonder if there was a police report taken.  If so I wonder if it was filed with the MR I lose the report policeman. Then we have the charge that she had life threatening phone calls.  Now this also is a very serious charge.  Once again she claims to of filed a police report…and I suspect it is with the very same Mr I lose that report also policeman. Now we move on to the harassment and bullying that I ( Amy B ) am causing her.  She has screen shots and has sent them to the correct authorities.  I so hope it is not the same MR I lose all SL reports Policeman. 

Please..let’s stop using these words so lightly.  If you are really being stalked or phone threats or bullied..then by all means please contact a different police station to get some help.  If not then stop calling wolf.

Now am I scared of the screen shots.  Heck no.  I did say that if she spoke one more time about my son I would send a package to her directors showing where she works and her national TV tapes. Now SL herself says her directors know about her weight loss.  Wonderful.  And she says that if I sent them her tape of her on national TV then THEY would along with her report me for harassment.  Ummm…SL…break open that legal book you had the other day.  I can mail what I want to who I want when I want.  And while that tape might be plain ugly and a gross display of you lying your round little cute head off…It is not something anyone would care two sec about.  Including the Mr I keep losing the police report policeman.

NO wonder you are in theratics…you are the drama queen from Hewl.

OH and How sweet that you good friend swalt has some sweet words of encouragement for you.  Two peas in a pod.  Now swalt …YOur comment …Some people out there in our  world that are “not right”, some who do not have the bright future that you have or the motivation that you have.  they are all cut out of the same mold. ( edited as to not copy and paste).  Are you suggesting that SOME of us do not have as bright of a future as SL and we are just NOT right?  Cause I may not be right.  But you are right…no matter how hard I try I will never be able to work for a ACCUSED fraud 300 pound diet web site owner for the day and a online physic reader by night.  That my friend is something to really strive for.   Like Heidi tells you daily.  I am so envious of you I can not sleep at night….NOT.

One last thing..NO SL…not everyone who pisses me off gets accused of talking smack about my children.  JUST YOU and HEIDI DIAZ and GARY.  You three are special.  Just you three.   And you know what.  Instead of letting it go you keep mentioning him in your journal daily lately.  Are you obsessed?  Let it go.  Take some time and visit that sweet nephew of yours and enjoy him.  Leave other people’s children alone. Back away from the children… they have done nothing to you SL.

Now…feel free to screen shot what you want.  Cause it goes both ways…

I will say you do look great.  Keep up the weight loss and I bet you might end up with someone paying more attention to you…real soon. DO you need some pointers with some cute clothes or a new hair style.  Maybe something more up to date.  Something to show your curves.  Now that would mean standing up straight and having a real picture taken.  Wouldn’t that be nice…to be out of Heidi’s clutches…aaahhhh….


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