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Drama Queens.. July 18, 2008

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Now Because some people have made a point of reporting me to the blog authority I will need to be more careful with what I put on here.  Well not what I put on here but how I put things on here.  Meaning according to the blog authority’s I can reference what I have to say but I can not copy and paste.  Oh that is easy enough.  No problem.

In fact I spent quite some time today e-mailing with the wordpress about what is going on and why.  I think my blog will be fine now. 

Now It has been pointed out that SOME people are in a dramatic mood and are quoting legal crap.  A suggestion would be…give up your day job and your night job…give up the fake free Kimkins.con supporting a ACCUSED fraudulent leader ( see that legal talk) and also the physic business and go to law school.  I think maybe SOME people MIGHT do really well with that.  Don’t they say most lawyers are filled with …Oh sorry John…not you. We all love ya John.  Oops…Nope not all of us.  I know two who do not, but then again…those who have things to hide should be scared of you. 

Now On to the idea that I may of harassed or threated someone. Well I did say that if someone talked about my son again I would make sure that a someone’s boss might see  a great tape of a wonderful example of someone able to stretch the truth in lot;s of direction.  I thought it would be a great audition tape.  Nah…really I was mad and thought that I would make some silly comment about letting some people know who might work for who.  Whatever.  Thinking back on was not so smart.  I took it down.  Yes they got screen shoot..they POSTED they have screen shoots and Oh no I am shaking..NOT. I could care less.  Sue ME.  Ha…See the difference is..I came back and thought better of it and took it down.  And if I was ever asked by a judge…I would explain in great detail..why I was so upset . I am not too worried about it. Hey In fact Maybe I could have Philip explain how it feels to have some NON maternal  person talk smack about him.  That would take care of the problem.

Now…see to me a threat is something serious.  I mean simply saying you would send something to someone that was 100% the truth and that they could easily know about because a someone LOVES the attention of being on national TV.  Is that a threat?  Shoot.  That is a nothing. Know what comes in my head…that song..Everybody makes mistakes….say it real fast like three times…it is a hannah montana song…Oh well…

Why do YOU have to be so dramatic and say you were threatened?  I mean come on.  How many times in your life have YOU been threatened?  Stalked? Bullied?  If there is a pattern , then maybe you could be the cause or it is wishful thinging in that round head of yours.  Maybe some people  should not call wolf cause one day soon people will just roll there eyes and laugh.  Oh sorry that is now.  Too late with that advice. Everyone is laughing and rolling their eyes.

Here is some advice.  Screen shoot this blog entry too.

So from now on my blog will be filled with words like SOMEONE and YOU and COULD and MAYBE and ACCUSED and well you know.


3 Responses to “Drama Queens..”

  1. jeanniebaitinger Says:

    Hmm. Mariasol has a blog full of posts copied and pasted from various websites, including Camp. Perhaps she will take them down now too. That would be nice.

    I will say blogging did not enhance my personality. I found myself becoming just like the very people I was in conflict with. When it was pointed out to me by someone I really respect I thought long and hard and pulled the blog.

    Amy, sometimes this all gets so nasty I can’t believe it. I really think SL baited you cause she knows you read her journal. I think she and Heidi know how to push your buttons and what to expect by pushing them. Believe me, I too have wanted to complain to blogger… BUT, it was easier to ignore the person. See, Hedi and SL just cannot ignore you. Makes you special I think!

  2. lorabgood Says:

    Hi, Amy!

    I finally get to leave a comment!

    Keep fighting the good fight. Nil bastardi carborundum!

  3. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amyb said, “in that round head of yours.” I needed a laugh today. Thanks!

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