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SL Sorry You Feel Scared…It is Okay. July 16, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 10:52 am

After taking some time to think and talking to a certain someone on the phone…I guess maybe I need to go back and re address how I said some things in my last blog. Hint..I am smart enough to take the advice and do a Just in case CYA blog post.  Now I would just edit my last blog but we all know that Heidi and her crew have screen shots to show whoever they think would care.  So I will just do a new page…cause..well it is my blog and I can. Ha It was thought that maybe I went a tad too far saying I would send anything to the directors.  Maybe deep down I thought it would help her career.  You know…acting …ok that is a lie and we all know it. So for now…no directors.  From me anyhow. I have no control over anyone else.    In no way did I threaten Singinglass.  In no way did I say I would ruin her career.  In no way did I bully her or say I would cause her bodily harm.  Umm….hummmmm….never mind.  Okay I think that cover the crazy rumors out there.  Oh and trust me Singinglass…you can lose another 75 pounds and I will NEVER EVER be jealous of you for one sec of my life.  Please do not let Heidi feed you that over used lie.  I can not belive you were scared  about my last blog post .  Come on Singinglass …can you not take a joke?  You work for that is a joke in itself.   I said I would send something to the directors letting them see what you do for your day job.  I would let them see how well you did acting on TV.  Trying to act like you were being truthful.  Now minded I hope that was not your best performance but still it is some proof you can lie…I mean act.  Now…something else pops in my head. Why would this be a issue?  You are not ashamed of being a admin at KK are you? Of course not?  You went on national TV, so everyone could see you.  See You are already famous.    Are you proud of working for Kimkins.con? Simple question.  If so then who cares who knows what? What are you ashamed of?  Seems like you may be seeing the light…huh?   So let’s get something clear.  I know you love attention.  I know you were feeling non important so you had to start the oh poor me they pick on me in your journal.  And of course being the adult you are you had to bring up my son once again.  Will you ever learn?


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