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The Lady Bug and the Net July 14, 2008

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This was written by a person I have great respect for.  This lady has been fighting a inner battle like many of us to do the right things.  Our heart and heads do not match up and that leads to a inner fight.  This story explains it better then I ever could.  Thank you my friend for letting me share it in my blog .  You are doing great.  It is one day at a time.  We can and will do it.


The Lady Bug and the Net

Today, I set out to clean our small, above ground swimming pool. Our neighbors tree hangs over the pool and constantly sheds its leaves in it. So, I spend a lot of time with my blue pool net scooping up leaves from the water. I know its crazy but I find it one of the more relaxing chores. My five year old son swims around busily playing while Mom does leaf duty.

As I was gathering some of the leaves off the top of the water, a round red lady bug dropped into the water right in front of me. Now, insect bodies litter the pool everyday. They come in close to get a sip of water, and before you know it they are in the water and drowning. The lady bugs legs swam furiously she tried in vain to get out of the water, it was inevitable that she would be dead in a few moments. Sad to see such a thing I caught her up in my net amongst the leaves. Then I went over to the side of the pool to empty the net out on to the lawn… and set the lady bug free from her near doom.

I turned the net inside out and shook the leaves from inside. But, when I pulled the net back up to begin all over what did I see? You guessed it… The Lady Bug. She was clinging to the net with all her strength.  I turned the net over again, and shook it a little harder. Yet the Little Lady held on tight. I thought to myself, Why on earth does she hang on so tight to this darned net? It is the very thing that is going to kill her when I put it back in the water. She will be trapped by this net and will drown amongst the leaves. Yet she is hanging on to this net for dear life rather than escape to the safety of the lawn.

Obviously the dear bug was confused. She was drowning, yet in her mind the pool net represented safety. She perceived that it saved her from the water. Only it wasn’t the net.. it was me. So, I gently reached into the net and pried the Lady’s legs from the net and dropped her to the safety of the grass.

It got me thinking about that instinct that caused the lady bug to cling to the thing that was so very bad for her.
Is it so different to the dangers we humans can face when we cling to something we perceive is good for us, when in reality it is very bad?

Case in Point: The KK Diet. Many of us were struggling in our lives….in the challenge to reclaim our health, and to gain control of our weight. For some of us the feelings of discouragement and hopelessness became like the water.. we were drowning in it. Then miraculously it felt as though we were scooped up out of our hopelessness by the KK Net. We felt empowered and safe and for a time. We got the results we were looking for, and made friends along the way.  We felt safe. Safe within the KK Net, and with our friends that were there with us. The very thing we began to cling to, “the net” was the very thing that would eventually cause us great harm.

There were some that tried to shake us free from the net… but, we held on to our perceived safety net. Terrified that leaving it would mean the death of our successful weight loss. Eventually some of us woke up to the danger the net posed, we quit clinging to it and found freedom outside the net. Some of us have even begun to understand that just as my pool net really did not save the ladybug, neither was the KK Net responsible for the success in our weight loss. I saved the bug, the net was just a tool that I used. KK was a tool. Each one of us did the work necessary to lose the weight. We made the commitment. We were determined. We chose what we would eat and would not eat. We formed friendships and met challenges. There were many other tools I could have used to save the lady bug. I could have used my hand, or one of the leaves floating to lift him out to safety. The result would have been the same.  Just as we have many other tools available to lift ourselves out of the water of discouragement. We do not need to cling to the net anymore. We finally realize the very thing we thought was a safety net was a snare.

One last thought… I had to be careful to be quite gentle with the Lady Bug as I pried it from the net. If I had not,then I would have injured her, or maybe even killed her myself. I would have defeated my own purpose of setting her free.


One Response to “The Lady Bug and the Net”

  1. awakened1 Says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful post…. a beautifully painted analogy.

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