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Self Esteem or Greedy Money? July 2, 2008

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Yesterday I saw two ladies in the grocery store.  Both were on the heavier side and when they walked by they looked up and smiled and I smiled back.  They seemed like really nice ladies .  The kind who were just happy to be who they were .  I think that is a great way to feel. That may of seemed like no big deal.  But it caused me to think about something that I have had in the back of my mind for a while now.  There are times when Heidi is being talked about that her weight is brought up.  I always feel a tad guilty when I read that and think….it is not nice to talk about what someone weighs. People are people based on who they are, not they weigh.  I have even wondered how I would feel if I was Heidi and knew that people made comments about me and my size. I have lost weight.  But I feel like the way I lost weight on Kimkins.con has made me one meal away from being heavy again. So who am I to have any judgments about weight .  As much as I dislike Heidi…..I wonder where the idea of her weight being a topic came from.  Then I realized. It  came from Heidi Diaz herself.  Heidi made it a issue. Heidi made her weight a target because she herself had so little respect for herself that she decided to lie.  Okay many of us have lied about our weight at one time or another.  Heck I even lied to myself for  years.  But can you imagine being so desperate  with yourself and the way you look you would STEAL pictures of Russian Brides to fake who you were?  And even worse to use a picture  of Russian Bride on a national magazine to hide who the real Heidi Diaz is.  Wow ….what does that mean? My question today is….Is Heidi embarrassed by her weight enough that she faked who she was on the magazine and the web site?  Does she think heavier people are less important . Maybe she even really has a dislike for heavier people.  Or am I giving Heidi too much pity and she could care less about what she looks like.  She just knows thin would help fraud thousands of people to join her web site.  Is it about her self esteem or greedy money?


3 Responses to “Self Esteem or Greedy Money?”

  1. mariasol Says:

    Remember that she put up a skinny picture of “herself” on LCF, years before she had any monetary gain from it. I don’t know exactly when the picture in the white dress appeared but I think it was there when I arrived in July 2004.

  2. prudentiablog Says:

    Hi AmyB! Yes, most of us have lied about our weight at one time or another. But not many of us have lied about it to the tune of 198 pounds, let alone 198 pounds in 11 short months. We don’t claim to have weighed that much less than our DL photo show us. Hey, do we even know what she put as her weight on her DL?

    And very few of us would continue to claim we were losing weight while swirling the nectar of the gods and chasing our sugar cookies with ice cream, getting bigger than ever.

    This is far more than Heidi being ashamed of her weight, even though she may be. I do wonder from time to time if it is Heidi being ashamed of Heidi period. Self hate is likely behind everything she does.

  3. 2big4mysize Says:

    back in 2003 Kimmer was telling folk she had lost almost 200 pounds in less then a yr and passing out nutty voodoo diet advice even without the white dress after pic.
    I don’t know if she felt she needs to have that huge loss to be an expert and have her advice taken seriously or not but even before the stole pics arrived she was grossly lying about her weight loss and the “cause” of said loss.

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