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Just Some Thought … June 30, 2008

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It has been a while since I have blogged.  I am not sure why but every time I decided to blog I put it off.  I think it was a mixture of not knowing what to say, not feeling like my words were reaching anyone….or maybe I was being lazy.  But here I am.   The past week or so I have had one constant thought running through my head.  Will Kimkins.con ever really go under?  Will Heidi Diaz get what is coming to her?  And why why why are there still people there? So I will start with the simpler of the three questions.  

 Will Kimkins.con really go under? I have to say I was pretty sure it would of happen long ago.  And each day that goes by I have started to wonder.  But one thing is for sure.  Kimkins is NOTHING like it use to be.  When I think back to the older days at kimkins I think of support and post and challenges and boot camp . I think of people cheering each other on.  I think of that euphoric feeling I use to get when I would read there .  Lately it seems like kimkins.con is nothing like it use to be.  It seems stall and boring.  People post and no one answers.  People ask questions about main admins and get lies for answers.  Yes I know that is to be expected but it still shocks me. Kimkins.con has become somewhat of a wanna be standard diet board that has over stayed it’s time online. So getting back to my original question.  Will kimkins.con ever go under?  I think so.  But the funny thing is.  While the justice system is really slow closing fraud sites like Kimkins.con down,  word of mouth is already taking care of it.  Heidi Diaz may be a con artist, she may lie like other breathe.  But she is not going to keep a money losing site up unless she is making money off it.  Thanks to the work of many people.  The site seems to fold a little more each day.  

 Will Heidi Diaz get what is coming to her?  Well that questions is a tricky one.  Do I think Heidi will go to jail for her illegal activities?  Depends one what ones we are talking about.  And yes I am sure there are many.  Just look at past history.  Once a con artist..always one.   I sometimes wonder if it Is hard for Heidi to be herself.  I have never known anyone have so many people so upset with them.  I can not imagine knowing that I am giving a lawyer money hand over fist to fight  for me to keep my money.  Seems to me that by the time she is finished paying her lawyer off, she may not have any money to worry about. But there are other things besides money.  I know this is a new idea to Heidi.  But yes it is true.  Heidi is getting a real dose of reality.  He money is frozen.  Her reputation is ruined. Her diet site is falling apart.  Her children are now dragged in her legal woes.  And she had to finally accept defeat and allow the LC world to know she can not stick to her own diet.  The sprinkles on the sugar cookies will be if Heidi Diaz ends up in jail.  I know some say this may not happen.  I for one never say never. 

  Okay and here is the last but most important question ..why why why are ladies still there?  Now that is a hard question to answer.  I know people all have different reasons.  But I think if we took a poll.  It would be something like…If I lose weight then that is all I care about.  Oh I so understand this thinking.  I THOUGHT the weight loss was the only thing that mattered.   But know what sucks.  Getting what you want…and then having it yanked away. The Kimkins way of weight loss is a lie. It is something that NO ONE can continue for life.  So know what means?  Yep.  All that starving and the results do not last. You may think they do.  Trust me they do not.  I am going to focus some blog time on this subject later this week.  I want to share some things I have been going through after my KK days. But for tonights entry I want to focus on the why part.  

 Why are you still there?  Do you think you need to be there to lose the weight?  Do you think you need Heidi Diaz to lose the weight?  Do you treat it like a buffet…you paid for all you can get and you are there to stay?   The answer I hear most is…because my friends are there.  Let me share with you my thoughts on this.  And yes I am a tad emotional about this topic.   Trust me ..real friends will help support you with weight loss wherever you go.  I stayed for friends.  I begged twice  to be un banned for friends. And I look back on that and wonder..what was I thinking.  Some  of these friends are still there.   They  picked getting to goal over friendship.  At first I was hurt and shocked.  But the more I hear from others ..I understand that was a excuse.  I left.  And there they sit. Using excuse after excuse to stay, not post and hide behind others for  for their weight loss  issues.  The lesson in this is..true friends  will support each other. And true friends also will want the best for you.  Heidi Diaz and her dangerous  diet plan is NOT best for anyone. Ask your kk friend to leave with you.  There are some great FREE SAFE LC boards.  We can help you find one that will work for you.  It is not a one board fits all.  So you try them out till you find your new home.  But trust me.  You can  find a new home.   Friends should not let friends stay at KK .  I think we should get shirts with that slogan.

   I would love for some KK people to post to me and try to help me understand.  Tell me why you stay?


6 Responses to “Just Some Thought …”

  1. gran to angels Says:

    Hi Amy! Good questions! I remember people coming to KK trying to warn me about the dangers of the diet… first thoughts were, “it’s working leave me alone”. I think that is the commom thought. Did I lose weight? Yes! But it’s all the other issues I lost that is so much more important than the weight. I’m on week 1 of healing from surgery….surgery to repair lost muscle!!! Muscle that was lost while I was starving myself on Heidi’s diet… starving that my body turned on itself and comsumed muscle. I didn’t know this was happening…there were no warning signs until it was too late. My hair is gone too. I’m not a terribly vain person but women do pride themselves on their hair….but mine is gone. I can’t lose any weight….I’ve been stalled for months….yes KK does stop working and it won’t work again and where does that leave us? I’ll tell you…putting the weight back on. My hair is not coming back but the weight will.
    Will Heidi get her just rewards? I can only hope so.
    If you are at KK…..don’t do what I did and put your head back in the sand…..get out, get real help, take your friends with you and be healthy!
    Amy is a true friend….I followed her out!

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    Well My friend….if you had not followed I would of dragged you out. LOL.
    As you know from our phone calls and long talks..I am so glad you are healing . And you know when you get that bill be sure to save it cause we are taking it to Heidi’s and giving it to her. I bet that made you laugh..and yes i know it hurts to
    My problem is the people who stay there and just will not see the truth. At least be blunt enough to say I know and I do not care. Say that you do nor care if your hair falls out, your thyroid is ruined for life and you could end up dying. Think I am being dramatic…Nope. It can happen. Do not ruin your health for something that is not going to last.
    My health is screwed up. My weight is unstable. My hair is falling out still. And Heidi Diaz could care less.

  3. mariasol Says:

    Amy – Did it ever occur to you that some of your “friends” that stayed might be sock puppets? I hope they were not. I would hate to think that people I had bonded with were “fictional characters”. If they are real, I hope they find their way out before they also are hurt.

    Hugs to both you and gran. Hope you are healing and find a healthy way to reach goal soon.

  4. katinsac Says:

    Great post, Amy! Welcome back!!

  5. theTRUTH Says:

    If it was Tippy’s site, it would have been closed before now, but I don’t think Heidi is 100% about the $$$ in the way that makes sense to most people. I think her biggest driving motivation is the power she wields over people, and the narcissistic pleasure she derives from being the center of attention, be it good or bad. If it was just about $$$ she would have closed up shop, disappeared (like any smart con artist would have done) and moved on to the next big idea before getting sucked into this legal and criminal fight. Of course if you ask her, she is staying because she cares about the members… 😉

  6. 1slickchick Says:

    Mariasol – while it’s true that some of the friends MAY be sock puppets – I (at least my KK friends — which some of them are the same as Amy’s) believe them NOT to be puppets. I have had phone call conversations that are deep enough to feel with a 100% heart that they are real. I have had email and PM conversations too – all very real.

    Now, I do believe that some of the gals I ran around in threads with may be sock puppets – those are ones that I did not get as close with. But who really knows? It’s not my place know…

    And Amy – I so agree with the excuses. BUT – I also fully believe that some of them probably don’t realize that they are giving excuses. It’s like any other addiction – drinking for example – you give excuses for why you drink or why you don’t stop — and then (hopefully) some day you wake up and realize that you were just using excuses. And you also (hopefully) decide it’s time to get serious – get the weight off, move to another LC site, follow some of those friends…. I hope this waking up happens soon and quickly….

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