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Considering The Source May 20, 2008

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I have been asked by Boo to retract my blog comment that she is back at KK.  I have been told by two people that she is back at KK.  But since I am not there and can not see for myself.  I will say that I am not there and I do not know this for myself.  I have always tried to be fair with what I blog about. Until I get the proof I can share , I will retract that she is back. So Boo I hope this helps you feel better. I guess for me the blog was not about you being at KK but another issue at hand.


I have been thinking for a few days how to deal with the anger over Heidi Diaz’s latest attack. I had thought about letting it go.  I have thought about jumping on a plan and knocking on her door.  I decided to settle on this instead.

Some may wonder why I posted a picture of Philip on my blog.  First of all he is super handsome and I love to show him off.  Also Philip’s medical web page has tons of pictures of him.  And last…I have nothing to hide.  I dare say Heidi Diaz can not say the same. I want you to see just who you are trying to hurt .

This week Heidi lowered herself to a place that I did not think any mom would go.  As a mom I have to ask you do you look at yourself in the mirror each day.  Would you ever allow someone to do the same to your son?  Oh maybe you should not answer that.  You know the old saying..back a dog in a corner and they will  bite. Are you feeling some pressure Heidi?  I know court is not going so well for you.  Maybe the stress has finally caught up with you.  One thing you might want to remember Heidi.  You have a habit of getting sloppy when you are scared.  Your latest actions show you are getting scared.  I do not blame you.

You may feel like you have a battle to pick with me.  Fine, I have one to pick with you.  And I will win.  Are you sacred to handle things with me?  From day one you have brought my son in to your battle.  Do you really want to add slander and harassment to your legal issues. Just so you and your silly side kicks know…everything you put in the INTERNET is saved in one form or another.  You can not take it back.  You messed up.  Did you really think we would not figure out who crispy bread is?  You have gotten sloppy Heidi. 

Some quick background.  Heidi Diaz has been harassing my son for months.  She has a issue with me and must be afraid to handle things with me.  She has accused Philip of not being real, not being sick, and a way for me to make money.

Above you will see a picture of Philip and myself before he went off to the operating room back in March 2008.  Heidi took this opportunity to once again harass me.  She had one of her members  name Boo e-mail me and follow up with a phone call.  During this phone call…Heidi PM’d questions that she was suppose to ask me. The whole phone conversation Boo would ask questions about myself and Philip, as Heidi PM her.  When Boo told Heidi she would not be apart of bringing a child into her fight with me.  Heidi banned Boo.  It saddens me to now know Boo is once again at KK.

Many KK members have made rude comments to me to defend Heidi.  Such as IF Heidi really said this or that.  Each time they have been pointed to my blog comments.  Gary and Singinglass have been busy under fake names.   Being the cruel people they are…maybe it is best they stay alone and spend their time online. I dare say if they have no issue being involved with verbal child abuse…what else could they be involved in. 

A little background medical information about Philip.  When Philip was 6 weeks old he had his first brain operation.  Then at age 6 months he had  a 13 hr  brain operation that had life changing complications.  Philip suffered a stroke and 2 cardiac arrest.  He was blind for 17 days post op and we were told he would not survive.  He showed them. Philip has had a total of 15 Brian operations, 30 ortho stroke related operations and three life threatening infections.  Needless to say Philip is our miracle.

As  a mom …..imagine my anger to find that Heidi Diaz started a blog that is filled with slander and lies.  The blog suggest I have a mental disorder that causes me to fake Philip’s condition and caused him his medical issues now..for attention.  I am not even going to dignify that with a answer.  Heidi I got to thinking.  I am not sure this type of behavior is in your best interest.  The way I see it..a grown women who is being sued for running a fraud based diet web site is harassing a child who is fighting daily for his life.  I knew you could care less about anyone bu yourself…your depo answered that.  But as a mom…I thought you might have a little more heart.  Then again …your son has suggested otherwise.

For all of you KK people who have not wanted to see how low Heidi can go..take a look at her handy work.  For those who keep saying IF Heidi has involved Philip with her nasty remarks…Sue, Joy, etc.  Go read this.  Also go read the comments by Gary and Singinglass on my blog.  A little hint..theyt used fake names. Here is your example.  Do with it what you want.  But maybe you need to keep  your children far out of the reach of Heidi..who knows what she could end up doing.


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Munchausen’s By Proxy
May 14, 2008 · No CommentsWe are drawn by the many medicals claims, dissatisfactions, hypochondria and purported constant emergency hospital visits of the anti-Kimkins rally. Of note are Amy Briggs (amyb), Christin Sherburne, Elizabeth Winn (littlebit) and Trista Essex who states she failed at weight loss surgery. If you read their blogs and postings you might believe they live at the hospital for someone very near and dear to them is always at death’s door. Dr. Heigler provided a potential diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome, a common affliction of attention seeking persons who feel unimportant in life and “crying wolf” fills a chasm.Munchausen syndrome is a psychiatric disorder in which those affected fake disease, illness, or psychological trauma in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves. It is in a class of disorders known as factitious disorders which involve “illnesses” whose symptoms are either self-induced or falsified by the patient. It is also sometimes known as hospital addiction syndrome. Craving attention, fighting depression, seeking well wishing and much fanfare these individuals create needless and harmful health emergencies for self fulfillment.In Munchausen syndrome, the affected person exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves in order to gain investigation, treatment, attention, sympathy, and comfort from medical personnel. In some extremes, people suffering from Munchausen’s Syndrome are highly knowledgeable about the practice of medicine, and are able to produce symptoms that result in multiple unnecessary operations. For example, they may inject a vein with infected material, causing widespread infection of unknown origin, and as a result cause lengthy and costly medical analyses and prolonged hospital stay. The role of “patient” is a familiar and comforting one, and it fills a psychological need in people with Munchausen’s. It is distinct from hypochondria in that patients with Munchausen syndrome are aware that they are exaggerating, while sufferers of hypochondria actually believe they have a disease. In many cases, this syndrome has been documented in the parent or guardian of a child, who assures his or her child of an affliction, therefore committing the child to spending a significant portion of their youth in hospitals.Furthermore, a disease may actually be initiated in the child by the parent or guardian. This, despite the mentality of the adult, is a serious form of child abuse.


For those who have stood up and let Heidi and her bully admins and let them know that is is not okay or accepted .  Thank You.  It is nice to know some who are in the fight…are not willing to stand by and watch Heidi attack a kid for her own selfish reasons.

I am done playing games with you Heidi Diaz. Pick on someone your own size.






12 Responses to “Considering The Source”

  1. 1slickchick Says:

    Heidi and her admin’s actions make me sick. I am almost violently ill over them. While I know that many at KK are under some spell (I was too for a time)… for some of them to believe what a fraud would say about a boy vs. a ‘out in the open and on the up and up’ would say about her own son…. that is hard to stomach too. I never doubted Amy in regard to her son. And those of you out there that doubt still – I don’t have to doubt Amy — I have seen, met, spoken to, shook hands, etc. with her Philip. He is a wonderful young man. And it makes me ill to think that one would stoop so low as to accuse Amy of making up her son’s life and any of his medical situations.

    And Am… I am deeply sorry that I haven’t stepped up before now – it was wrong of me. really wrong.

  2. gran to angels Says:

    Amy….these lies cut to the heart….this gives hitting below the belt all new meaning! I’m glad you are standing strong with right on you side!
    Heidi can’t pick on someone her own size…there is no one else that has lowered themselves to her level.

  3. swalte Says:

    Since you have used my name in here, and have already sent me the link to this article to read twice, I wanted to also note that I wrote you back and told you that I did not feel that the this was you, Munchausen Syndrome. I do feel that you are real and that your family and their trials are real.

  4. amyb1569 Says:

    Sorry if I sent it to you twice. Not sure how that happened. The point is not to get you or anyone else to say Philip’s issues are real. I could care less if people are silly enough to think otherwise. The reason I sent the link to you and posted this blog is to show you WHO you are supporting daily on her diet board.
    YOU wrote me and told you were not sure it was Heidi’s work. I think anyone who read this would disagree. You also said that when you goggle your name you have information pop up about your age and that you have kids etc. I think this is a little different. You yourself put that information out there. I never asked Philip to be in the line of fire with Heidi. I think there is a BIG difference. Maybe if it were your child you might understand or care a little more. Watch out…you never know what might end up happening. Heidi is feeling trapped.
    What still shocks me… just do not get it. You remind me of myself back in my Heidi days. What would it take for you to lose your Heidi can do no wrong thinking?

  5. swalt Says:

    I have never, and will never say that your you, your family or family issues are not real. And my heart aches for anyone who has to endure what your family has had to go through.
    And yes, I did say that when I google my name my info comes up, but no I did not put my info “out there” for the world to see, I put it into a membership only site for the use there as you did when you were on the site, not to be used in the manner it has been used. No the issues that I have posted about are not near as important to me as yours are, I understand that nor did I list other issues in my life that do not have any part in my wt loss journey. No one has the right to post personal information or to assume something based on their own thoughts. But I only have control over, and can only take responsibility for what I have written, whomever has written this about you and your family will have to justify this with a “higher” court, not me. I know you were only putting this information out there for us to see, and that is fine, but doesn’t change my way of eating or the support that I have chosen.

  6. malucas Says:

    Amy I am so very sorry. It just breaks my heart that there is an inhumanoid defaming your character and I believe Heidi Diaz deserves to be publicly flogged. I will stand by you 100% in what action you choose to take. Hell hath no Fury as AMY’s Friends scorn….

  7. amyb1569 Says:

    Well after reading what you have to say…I think you are in the right company over at KK. If you as a mom think what Heidi does is okay enough to stay and support her web site that is based on lies and fraud. Then stay . Hey like they say..we are the company we keep.

  8. heather71g Says:

    Speaking as a mom of a son with health challenges as well, I cannot imagine the pain that you must feel when someone out there accuses you of such devastating claims such as using Philip to get attention or lying about him all together. My heart aches that you have been hurt like this. I am truly pained by this. If someone accused me of such horrible actions, I just don’t know what I would do. Rest assured that there are many of us here who support you and keep Philip in our prayers daily. You are an amazing woman with more strength than you give yourself credit for. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  9. 2big4mysize Says:

    Glad to see you and Phillip ( how about a pic of him from the trip too) and know you are doing better.

    you might want to see The post by Christin today about your annonymous poster and CB being none other then Gary the admin WOW.

    What post did you make inside the kimkpire to make him this angry with you?

  10. amyb1569 Says:

    Wanna hear something almost funny. I can almost be 100% sure I NEVER EVER posted one time to Gary…except that darn question about the flatiorn steak. Then I was banned.
    Please tell me you do not think teh steak question has driven him to this…Ha

  11. mayberryfan Says:


    You said Heidi should pick on someone her own size, but seriously…that would be difficult! I mean, who picks on Summo Wrestlers?

    Okay, seriously here, it’s unconscionable that she would attack Philip. All she is doing is digging her grave deeper, and motivating the Ducks to keep going. Use that anger you so rightly have to keep up the good fight!

  12. thinny Says:

    Sort of a reverse Love me, love my dog situation. Only it’s more about – I hate you ; so my dog bites your kid. Heidi may be the brains behind CB, but Crispy just dug his own way into the pen. And he’ll be sentenced under his real name, Gary Fontaine.

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