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Heidi Diaz…Can you take that back? May 16, 2008

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Lately I find myself wondering how things turned out this way.  I am pretty sure Heidi wonders this also.  I can not help but thing this is not the way she thought things would turn out.  And to think she almost got away with it.  One problem Heidi has is…greed.  She takes what she wants, when she wants and how she wants.  But this time she took things too far. What she wanted was more money and fame.  She now has her money frozen and is pretty INTERNET famous for fraud.  I wonder if she ever thinks…Can I take that back.

I wonder if Heidi ever thinks of how she will get out of this.  For months she said the lawsuit would go no where.  She said it was a bunch of bored housewives.  Well I am not sure who it…but they have gotten the job done. I am pretty sure Heidi never thought things would end up like this.  But now that they did…what now?

I think Heidi should take a deep breathe and admit the truth.  She has been caught in enough lies that she has to be asked…Heidi how is this working for you. Not so good, huh?

I think if I were Heidi..I would re think my plan of action.  I would contact WW and see if they would do a cover story.  Heidi…I already did the cover for you.  You look good in red.  Different then your last cover story…but this is the REAL story.  We are going to do the truth.

Contact WW and see if they will let you do a story.  Meet with them. ( I mean face to face) and have them do a follow up KK story. Admit your lies and fraud.  Tell them how you are trying to make things better at KK for the health of the members ( AKA CYA for lawsuit).  Explain yourself .  I would love to hear the story.  But be careful..cause once it is in print you can not go back and say…Can I take that back.

Heidi..I know you must be tired of running.  Maybe you can stop running .  Think about a different aproach..before it is too late to take that back.


One Response to “Heidi Diaz…Can you take that back?”

  1. gran to angels Says:

    Hi Amy!
    I wonder…..can I take back my health??? Can I get my hair back??? Gee should I ask Heidi these questions?

    You read here Heidi…..what do you say…can I get these things back?

    As you said to be earlier today Amy….be careful of the quiet ones.
    Love ya!!

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