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Giving Dee Some Room May 16, 2008

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I spent some time thinking last night . I have been reminded how long it took me to leave KK.  I have been reminded that I begged to go back after being banned.  I also have been reminded that I went back. All of that is true. I even wanted to go back after I got banned the second time.  I think I have told everyone all of that many times.  So it is fair play to use that with me now.

It is no secret that I have been very frustrated with Dee.  We have gone back and forth many times.  We have agreed to disagree on more then one occasion.

So how dare me push her to leave KK?  What gives me the Right to do that when it took me so long myself? Simple.  Do as I say not as I do.  LOL.

The difference is the way it was handled.  I never posted at LCF while at kk.    But umm…I did read.  ha.  I got called out many times at LCF while at KK.  Never did I come over and say what I was thinking about KK.  That is one thing I admire about Dee…she is blunt .

I guess I do not understand.  And really it is not for me to understand.  But when does that stop any of us?

Yes it took me way too long to leave KK.  In fact I did not leave…I was kicked out.  If I had not been…I might still be there.  Simple truth. Thank Goodness I got banned. I cringe to think the what if’s.

Dee came to LCF .  She was fired up and ready to fight.  Things calmed  down. Questions asked and answered.  Dee seemed pretty floored by what she had heard.  She made comments that I know would not make Heidi happy. As the KK front page lady and the KK newsletter lady.  I can not imagine Heidi would stand by and do nothing about all this.  Just a reminder that Heidi banned me for planning lunch with Jimmy Moore.

I think Dee knows my feelings about all this.  Right Dee?  We have talked in depth about all of it.  I  Know Dee knows the truth.  She has made it clear in her own words. So now she needs to figure out what she needs to do with this information.  I know she will do the right thing.

Maybe Heidi has gotten weak.  Maybe she is given up some of her fight.  I think maybe Heidi knows when she is beat at her own game. Heidi I think it is wonderful that you NEED Dee so much at your site that you are okay with all of this.

So Dee..if I was pushy with you about leaving.  I am sorry. I misunderstood what your plans were when you got the answers to your questions.

I am backing away and letting you figure out your own way.  I was only trying to help.  I have a feeling you will make the right choice.



4 Responses to “Giving Dee Some Room”

  1. katinsac Says:

    Heidi banned people for less than what Dee has already done at LCF. I think she isn’t banning her just to show the ducks! lol…guess that is lucky for Dee. It is all just a game to Heidi. You are right though Amy…we need to let Dee make her own decisions (not that she won’t, she is pretty vocal, lol). She has come a long way and as she says, for the first time in her life and we all know how difficult that is to let go…well, we know how long it took you, lol. It is interesting though to see the reactions AFTER you leave or are banned and all of this sinks in. You wonder how you ever believed Heidi in the first place. After KK I can really see how the cult mentality works. Scary. I wish Dee and Carly the best of luck. They and anyone else who wants to lurk or pop into LCF is more than welcome. We are there to educate.

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    I guess I was trying to yank that flower out really fast…and it takes time. So Dee I am waiting for you to bloom and then you are picked.
    I know this is not easy…I have that has spoken with you…I miss them tons. Out of our 8 is enough thread..half stayed. It hurts. But you have tons of support.
    Dee when you are ready…you will know and follow through with your head and heart.

  3. barbarab2 Says:

    I think Dee needs some time. It sounds like she is spending a lot of time and effort doing investigative work. Talking to Christiin, reporting CB to the admins, reading up on Atkins, visiting Cleo’s blog. And I have a feeling she is already seeing the possibility of enjoying a different plan and still losing her weight. Just think, she may be saved by an oopsie!

  4. amyb1569 Says:

    I agree..that is why I am leaving the topic alone. I have full faith Dee will do what is best for herself. And that is what each of us have to do. Plus who am I to ask, tell, beg anyone to do anything. I am one very small person in this team. It took me a long time to leave..and that was only because I got kicked out. I am still not doing such a great job finding my way.
    Dee…keep your eyes and ears open. The answers will come.

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