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Curious .. May 12, 2008

Filed under: Kimkins — amyb1569 @ 12:32 pm

I would like to ask the ladies who are left at KK a few questions.  I am CURIOUS if they are honest enough to answer them without feeling they need to run back and PM Heidi to explain why what and how you answered.  And trust me I was the queen of running to Heidi in PM’s.  I was so freaking brainwashed that I PM’d her to explain to her why I had come to LCF to tell them I was not a Russian Bride.  How warped was that..she lied..she made it where my pics were in the middle of the Russian Brides and I felt I had to explain why I went to a site to tell them I was real.  Yes I was the queen of SF koolaide.

Back to the point…

Since no one will ever come out and say Heidi was wrong…Is anyone willing to admit that Heidi has done some really awful things…such as…

That it was really wrong for Heidi to lead people to her plan using a fake picture on WW magazine? And just a reminder that she did not want to just hide who she was…she picked a total different type of person….it was more then hiding who she was.

Maybe that when she knew the PI pics were out there ..she continued to lie and lie and lie again …her words…It is not me…


What about the fact that she did the KK plan?  Or that she weighed 118 to 120?  Or even that she would of done the diet coke fast if she had to lose the weight again?

And how about the one that just makes me want to slap her face.  Oh yes I said that.  How about in her Jimmy Moore interview when it was at the end..she said it almost made her wish she could lose the weight again.  See ..she never lost the weight…and she STILL can not and WILL not do the KK plan herself.  Ask yourself WHY?

Are any of you brave enough to say that she was wrong and these things were plain awful and fraud.




18 Responses to “Curious ..”

  1. thinny Says:

    Since no one has answered you yet, I’ll toss a couple related names into the pot. Jeanessa F. and John Teidt. They have the gumption to tell it like it is.

  2. deedlynn22 Says:

    What are you asking that Heidi herself has not answered? She admitted most if not all of the above. What do you want me to say, since I’m likely the only one at KK that reads this blog….or at least reads it and responds.

    What exactly do you want me to say? Did she use those photos….yes, she admitted it. Did she exaggerate her weight loss….yes, she admitted it. To what degree….I don’t know and I don’t care. (as far as the weight loss-).

    Guess what……I have been called her “sock puppet” among other things out here. and guess what, I think you can count on one had the PM’s that have gone back and forth between Heidi and I…..they were for the “Front Page” and “Success Stories”. If I showed her everything that was written about her out here (or me out here), I’d be spending my entire day PM’ing Heidi. I assume that if she cares what you or I have to say, she’ll read the blogs or the other forums.

    I’ve never talked to her on the phone.

    Everyone (or most everyone) seems to want to cram down my throat the things that she has done. What I have said is that the KK program and the site have saved me. It is right for me. It is right for many others. I’ve read the information. and when you cut through to the “meat and potatoes–LOL” of it, the complaints of KK plan is no different that the complaints of many weight loss plans… loss, heart palpitations, muscle atrophy….the one missing seems to be gall bladder and I can speak on that from personal experience (unrelated to KK) if you want me too.

    Good grief, I don’t think that anyone who is anti-KK can put any perspective on this. If it were a criminal trial, I think you guys would want the death penalty. We have murderer’s, rapists, and child abusers running rampede on the streets, and most of this crew appears to think that a “fake” photo in marketing is the worst case of injustice that this country has ever seen. I’ve got news for y’all….don’t look at another ad or commercial again…..there’s gonna be something “fake” in it. And, this country can’t take no more lawsuits.

    Good Luck on your weight loss journey,

  3. deedlynn22 Says:

    John Tiedt….will tell what he thinks it is…..for money. Sorry, if I was a little late responding…I did have to drive home from work. No LAPTOP in the car.

  4. thinny Says:

    John Teidt has a lot to do with exposing related fraud issues in his “other life.” I can’t quite recall which task force, sorry. There are much more lucrative fields of endeavor for a go-getter attorney. Why did he take Jeanessa’s case? It’s all about the FRAUD! Apologizing for being a fraud isn’t in the same category of “Kiss and make up” that you apparently place it. It will be interesting to see if the Attorney General calls it that when he sees the lies she told him – officially. (It’s in writing, my dear.)
    Please don’t dig a deep hole that is difficult to exit when all is made clear – there are a lot of former KK’ers who were every bit as passionate about losing weight via Kimkins as yourself. Now they’re after Heidi’s hide, with good reasons. It wasn’t the neighborhood perverts that did them dirt – it was Heidi. Why should she be exempt from paying for her crimes just because others may be worse?

  5. deedlynn22 Says:

    I never said…Kiss and make up….never once…I never said you should return…never said you should give her a chance….I think that I have pretty well stated…that your rights to not participate in the site are no greater than my right to participate in the site.

    And, I will tell you something. I won’t be looking to LCF for support when and if, I”m stuck in a “hole”. I’m more passionate about being around constructive and friendly folks. People who don’t get their jollies by ridiculing others. And if I don’t find that, should I find myself in a time of need, then MOST all of the “gang” will get their wish….that I will fail, because I’m challenged to find one that truly wants me or anyone else at KK to succeed.

    So for a “gang” that wants to save “just one soul”, I can count many that they are stepping on…in fact all over….to get there. LCHottie posted on her site today that she wanted to give folks a voice. I want to do the same. No matter that we agree to disagree on the proper way to lose weight, we are both passionate about it.

    Good luck on your journey.

  6. thinny Says:

    Deedlynn, I do not wish ill on anybody, not even Heidi. But others have suffered the consequences of their actions (following Kimkins); so why should she be exempt? Weight loss and fraud are not synonymous, regardless of your assertions. It’s not about Heidi’s weight – it’s about her lies. Your loyalty to a friend does you credit, but as others have discovered, Heidi does not reciprocate that loyalty. Take care, and keep your health.

  7. deedlynn22 Says:

    thinny…I would have stood up for anyone that was put in that situation. If it’s about her lies…then the appropriate way to handle it would be in some type of business forum. BBB I believe is one avenue that was tried. This was about public humiliation.

    My loyalty would be to anyone treated in public in that manner. ANYONE….

    Not sure how many of you guys have been heavy your whole lives…but if you go through life, through middle school, through high school, and adult life obese, the taunting never leaves. The taunting in that blog was no better than the kids at school that would yell names about weight. Tease and taunt about weight. If it’s about lies…there’s a place and time for it. If it’s about taunting…’s time to grow up.

  8. amyb1569 Says:

    Um…I am not sure why you feel like asking questions to KK people about Heidi’s fraud is taunting…you need to go and read what and where you are putting your comments.
    Gosh it is sad that you think me asking Heidi is she would like to post a updated goal bday pic and me saying I did not get to goal would humiliate must feel sure she has not lost any weight..ouch. I actually think she has lost some weight for her court hearing. You must not have much faith in your Heidi.

  9. thinny Says:

    I agree that some people did dwell excessively on Heidi’s appearance, but I was never publicly slapped by her for exceeding the daily pittance of starvation rations. I was never subject to her passive-aggressive humiliating remarks (and I do know passive aggression when I see it.) I never ruined my health to try to match her sterling example, only to find that she lied and lied and lied. So I don’t bear her the fierce anger of those she betrayed very publicly! And Low Carb Friends was the birthplace of Kimkins. It IS the appropriate venue to call her to face her peers, particularly those with long memories.
    I consider the law courts a good second venue, since criminal acts were performed by Heidi. It’s not merely a question of business ethics – it was FRAUD!

  10. deedlynn22 Says:

    She’s not my Heidi…..she’s a person….It’s that simple. And Amy….not for one minute…does anyone reading this….believe that you were just telling her you didn’t make goal, but how’s she doing.

    I’m beginning to understand…..more than you think.

  11. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Thinny, you raised a good point about LCF and long memories. The perspective of people who endured Heidi’s takeover of LCF lowcarb threads with her supreme knowledge and bullying to ‘help’ people achieve her ‘success’, public humiliation of people, lying and lying and lying… that would be so much different than someone who learned of Kimkins from the lies in the magazine and is currently losing weight. Lies, not such a big deal if the diet ‘works’. But back in the Kimkins/LCF days, some people KNEW she was lying and weren’t allowed to speak out. They choose to now! Some people didn’t know she was lying and killed themselves to try to accomplish what she claimed to have done, and got emotionally and physically sick. They choose to speak out now, too.

    Way, way different perspectives.

    Kimkins wasn’t born the day the site was created. Just because the abuse and many of the lies have been wiped away doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and it doesn’t mean the scars are not there. People have the right to be upset about that, and to complain loudly about it! And it’s right that others would stand up for them! And to warn others not to be damaged, too! Really, would you tell someone who had been raped or attacked to shut up about it because you haven’t been?

    People who don’t want hear about it can just not listen, but they have no right at all to try to muzzle people who have been wronged.

  12. gran to angels Says:

    Thank you….thank you for being the someone that put the proper words to my thoughts……”Really, would you tell someone who had been raped or attacked to shut up about it because you haven’t been?”…… I followed the diet to the letter, I believed the promises, the pictures, the words, the advise….I saw no reason not to because I had been there long enough to suffer the brain washing. I trusted the wrong person. I’m paying for it. What about my humiliation? What about my pain? Is my pain any less than a person who had a bad day that saw some posts that were viewed as upsetting? Really…this is where all this confrontation started. It started with many posts, it started with a statement of “any idiot has $60.00”. So who threw the first insult? For me it’s ends in an operating room…..what about my pain?

  13. ohyeahbabe Says:

    When is your surgery, Gran?

  14. ohyeahbabe Says:

    When is your surgery, Gran?

  15. gran to angels Says:

    Hi ohyeahbabe
    Surgery is schedule for June 23rd. To say that I’m worried is an understatement.

  16. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Oh that’s right – you gave the date before, I’m sorry. I remember thinking what a relief that they didn’t consider it so urgent that they were doing it immediately but the waiting has to be horrible!

  17. gran to angels Says:

    Thank you so much for caring!!! The wait is much worse! This could get urgent so I’m being very careful…it’s frustrating since there are so many things I would love to do, get things out of the way and be ready…..the wait was in part on the insurance company and then because the surgeon is literally booked until June! God is teaching me patience!!!!

  18. 1slickchick Says:

    ohyeahbabe — you said something that is exactly part of what I’ve been thinking and didn’t have the words to express….
    “People who don’t want hear about it can just not listen, but they have no right at all to try to muzzle people who have been wronged.”

    It’s a free country — if someone at KK starts to talk about how the plan isn’t working right (hair loss and other medical issues) – they are muzzled.

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