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Birthday Girls and Goals….Amy B and Heidi Diaz May 11, 2008

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What is it with Birthday and Goals? Gosh if I had a Dollar for Evey birthday that I said..oh next year I will be at goal.  Seems I am not the only one who says that.  There was a big to do about nothing from none other then Heidi Diaz herself about getting to goal for her birthday.

So here is the truth.  I did not make goal.  Am I bummed?  Yep.  Did I try my best?  I am not sure I can answer that.  In some ways I can say I am darn proud and excited I lost well over 80 pounds .  I have gone from a size 22 to a size 6/8.  I try to keep my weight in the 138 range..but lately am well into the 140’s. Goal was 130.  Am I there.  NO. Will I be there next year?  I so hope so.

I know that there was  alot of talk from both Heidi Diaz and Amy B about goal for our birthdays.  Since Heidi and I share a birthday weekend…I thought we should just follow through with our BIG Birthday goal and post our news..Did we meet goal?  And here is a updated picture. 

Heidi I decided to go ahead and post first …thought I would make it easy for you. I am honest enough to say NO I did not make it to goal and here is my picture.

Now is your turn Heidi…I invite you to follow through with your big May and Birthday post…here is a place for your new updated picture.  I am very excited to see how well you have done…


6 Responses to “Birthday Girls and Goals….Amy B and Heidi Diaz”

  1. 1slickchick Says:

    A brave and honest lady you are Amy. I am proud of you – you are darn close to goal – and you look fantastic. You only have about 10 more lbs to go. You will get there.

    Wonder if we’ll see Heidi’s pix here, there or somewhere else. Last I saw it (Feb) she looked like she had a lot more than the 10 lbs or so to go to goal… I’d love to see how close she is.

    Actually, I’d love to see how close to goal (or if at goal) a lot of us are. Because I would love to applaud us for all the hard work we have done and praise those that made it to goal. I also, had plans to be at goal by my birthday this year – didn’t make it either. Still about 10 lbs to go – and I’m about 6 weeks past birthday… Was bummed by it. Really bummed. But, it is what it is and I’m more than willing to admit that I missed the goal, but I will be there someday.

    So – come on HD – let us see your current pix and let us be able to congratulate you on your goal… I would like nothing more than to be able to do that…

  2. deedlynn22 Says:

    Amy, you look great. Kudos to you. Sorry you didn’t make goal, but no matter to that…I’m sure that you will be where you want to be by next birthday. It’s not all about the goal, it’s about the journey getting there. At least that’s what I’m learning. Again, congratulations on your success.

  3. katinsac Says:

    Amy, I think you set your goal to look great at the weight you are…go with it and love it. I’d take it at this point. There may never be another picture of Heidi to compare with, lol. Good job, girl!

  4. gran to angels Says:

    Amy, you are such an inspiration… your family, your WOE, and your friendships…I truly admire you!
    You are as beautiful outside as you are inside. Happy Birthday my friend!

  5. barbarab2 Says:

    I do not think you will be hearing from Heidi about her reaching her goal. She might send you a picture (she will have to launch Photoshop first, though, and do some retouching).

    And while you are an honest and strong woman, HD is a snarky, devious lying liar who lies.

  6. 2big4mysize Says:

    congrats on doing such a great job shrinking your body.
    Maybe you should reevaluate that scale numberas you add lean body mass shedding body fat now that you are no longer eating your own mucles and organs as fuel.

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