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Great Question: New Answer May 8, 2008

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Yesterday on a thread someone asked a question that I answered really quick and went along my way. This morning that question popped in my head and realized that my original answer may be true but it is also not complete.

Posted by MomtoEli

And I have to confess, a transgression I have a really hard time overlooking with they finally wander out into the bright lights.

The pattern that seems to be emerging is someone makes the front page, draws lots of attention and scrutiny to themselves (you listening, Patti?), don’t like the attention and either decided or are prompted to come over and set us all straight (or to the blogs), and then they are see the light.

So, my question is this: Do they really see the light? Or do they get worn down, cry uncle then go hide while continuing to do KK because it works?

Are they simply caving to the pressure? Are they simply going underground? If that’s the case, how has that helped?

Posted by Amyb

They get worn down and get taken off and HIDE. I am pretty darn sure of it.


I stand by that answer and I believe it is true.  I think they hide under a new name.  They back down and do not post for a while and then start back.  But do I think they see the light and leave for the good of their health ?  NO.  Do I think they leave to save their pride?  No.  I think they just wait it out and then jump back in.

But my quick answer was not the full story.

While I do not think the front page ladies actually leave.  I think the fact that they are off the front page helps other leave.  I think the ladies who leave see that changes are happening everyday at KK and they are not for the good of the site or the ladies.  They see the cover your butt statements that were never there before..the consult your doctor”. 

There have been so many beautiful flowers that have been picked.  Yes they may not be the front page ladies but they are so very important to us who know the truth. One by one they are seeing it too. Here is a perfect example…from someone so special.  One day out of the blue she e-mailed me.  She had read my blog and had not been at KK in months.  WE spoke about life after KK .  I got this e-mail the other day….This is what makes it all worth it…



I just wanted to thank you for leading me to Camp Carbaway! Everyone there is so nice and I feel like I fit right in.  It has given me a new commitment to my dieting!


Hope things are going well for you and your family!  


Thanks – you are the greatest!


So MomtoEli…

Let me add something to that answer.  While we may not be getting to the front page ladies.  We are getting some wonderful ladies  to see the light.  The lady above is just one of many.

So let’s keep working hard and one day very soon my friend…we will see a day with no Heidi Diaz and her admins hurting people with lies.





4 Responses to “Great Question: New Answer”

  1. barbarab2 Says:

    This poem fits you well, Amy.

    Not In Vain

    If I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.

  2. vernswifevickie Says:

    Great post Amy!

  3. theTRUTH Says:

    Let’s prove they go back if we can. I’ll get on it and others might want to as well.

  4. gran to angels Says:

    Barbara…I love that poem!!!
    Amy….I will stand by my decision to try and help just one person gain back health! No matter what anyone says or feels….helping just 1 person would all be worth the hate and anger thrown my way. Anyone that knows me knows the extent I will go to help.
    It’s so exciting that so many are contacting you looking for the better way!
    Hold you head high by dear….I know I do!
    Love ya!

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