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Think Heidi Diaz is your Friend? I did. May 7, 2008

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Have you ever thought…wow Heidi really likes me?  Or she sure is proud of me?  Or even more important…she thinks I can be a model?  And last but not least…she calls you her friend.  Makes you feel really good, right?  It did me.

So as many of you know Heidi has told you how she never trusted me.  She told you how I was always a thorn in her side. And how we never got along. I beg to differ.  Heidi SAID she use to adore me too.  Watch out you could end up having her sick her attack team on you also. Within days of her saying she adored me and could never hate me…she hit that famous ban nutton.

Look how far we have come…

To: ‘Amyb’
Subject: KK blog


—- Original Message —–

From: Kimmer

To: Amyb

Subject: Fwd: [Kimkins] Kimkins Mom Drops Size 22 to Size 10 in 3 Months!


Amy’s here’s a copy of your success story from 1 blog.  We’re adding you to the other blog & success stories right now!  How impressive you look!!!!

The maintenance guy is here fixing something and he asked “who’s the hot babe?”  I told him to quit hitting on my friends, LOL.





—- Original Message —–

From: Kimmer

To: Amyb

Subject: Re: Forgot to add


Amy I cannot believe these photos are of you!!!!  OMG!!!!  These are wonderful.  Have you thought of modeling?  My brother is visiting and he said “Hey, she’s hot, is married?”  I told him you were a mom and to quit hitting on my friends!

I’m going to put your photos/story up Monday OK?  If I do it midweek it gets buried quick under weekend stuff and I want to show you off!!!




—- Original Message —–

From: Kimmer

To: Amyb

Subject: Re: Support


Amy I cannot believe how great you look!!!!  OMG!!!!  You are doing wonderful. You are the example of Kimkins that I LOVE to show.  A prize student.

 The tech guy said “Hey, she’s hot, is married?”  I told him you were a mom and to quit hitting on my friends!

Keep doing what you are doing. I am proud of you.



Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago


Hey Amy! I sure appreciate your continued interest in how we’re doing on the front page. It wouldn’t be Monday with your post for new pics, right?

When new pics & updates are available they’ll be posted OK? Meanwhile, you’re a stone’s throw from goal so get yourself busy and post on all of your challenges! Time’s running out before summer!!! I know if you have time to ask about our pics, you’ve got time to keep up on your challenges.

You look fantastic!




Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago


Amy, you’re a beautiful beautiful girl! If anyone should be SUPER proud of themselves for what they’ve accomplished … that would be YOU! I love looking at your progress photos, too! Honestly, you don’t look like the same person … your kids must be soooo proud!


Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago  Posted by Amy B


Some days I am proud but others I just worry about finding a way to keep it off. I had a gain over the holidays that I still have not recovered from. The thought of re losing weight over and over is NOT something I look forward to.

Trust pictures are all me..the good and the omg I had no idea I looked like that

Ya know Kimmer..when you say such wonderful sweet things to me like in your last post….you make it hard for me to believe all the rumors about how much you HATE me. Lol


Re:Kimmer and Singinglass ( front page ladies) 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago


Amy, I couldn’t hate you if I tried. I admire you so much, I really do. No doubt I sounded snippy in post #2 and for that I’m truly sorry. Busy week, MORE deadlines and … well, you get the picture. Not a good excuse, but an explanation at best.

I totally LOVE your panorama of pics! That’s a testament to you, girlfriend! Hard work, setting your mind on success and overcoming unfathomable obstacles. You did that!

Amy, if I offended you I’m deeply sorry.

Quick, somebody graphically talented please make me a “No Snarkiness” logo pronto!



Top of Form

Bottom of Form



9 Responses to “Think Heidi Diaz is your Friend? I did.”

  1. ohyeahbabe Says:

    … and SHE calls YOU fake nice!?!

  2. theTRUTH Says:

    Yeah, you are not the first or last to have this much smoke blown up your patootie. Nice post. Hopefully some others in there who are hearing this stuff regularly will recognize the falseness, but I doubt it. Sure they are the ONE that Heidi is being genuine with, because THEY are special.

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Special until she is done with you. And I had to laugh..yep she calls me fake nice. Everyone in her family and crew seems to want to date me..but then again she told them no..I am her friend. Bluhhhhh. She needs to just hit copy and paste.
    And hey maybe me and Christian can model togheter…I seem to think the same words were used from Heidi to her also.
    How much you want to bet…there are yet more who are her friends and can be a model.
    One very special person pops in my mind..she was promised a front cover..woo hoo..As if anyone who represent KK would be on a front cover. I know no magazine who would have anything positive to say about her train wreck of a diet plan and site.
    Opps..I am done now..

  4. katinsac Says:

    Reading those PMs sounds like listening to a broken record, lol. she is sooooo two-faced.

  5. deedlynn22 Says:

    Amy….not sure where on earth I’m posting this, but somewhere in your blog. Hope you find it. I responded to you in my blog. Hope you read it. Hope you think about it. I’m not really sure that we are that far apart on our original stance of agreeing to disagree…Unless of course, you disagree.


  6. deedlynn22 Says:

    BTW–my response to you is my response before the last one..I didn’t want to include what I had to say to you…in my regular ole post.

  7. thejourneyon Says:

    Amy – you are exactly right! I think that she must have a stash of cut and paste complements that she just pulls out when she feels like it. I have some of the EXACT SAME COMPLEMENTS!!! I mean… seriously… they are word for word! I just cracked up when I saw this cause it was like reading my own emails!

    Hmmm… you and I modeling together?? LOL Not a bad idea! I’ll have my people call your people. We’ll do lunch…


  8. mayberryfan Says:

    Be careful Christin and Amyb! Modeling together? That should add fuel to the fire for Heidi’s nasty rumor machine. Seriously, this woman is as delusional as she is bald. Does she not realize that by now we all share and compare notes, etc.?

    This kind of arrogance and flagrant disregard for people is going to be what does her in finally!

  9. gran to angels Says:

    Hi Amy! Below is my email from Heidi! Sound familiar?

    Is that you???

    A little bird told me to check out your photos — WOW!!! Your transformation is simply amazing! If you’d ever consider letting me up your photos in Success Stories (it’s voluntary, you can have them taken down at any time), just let me know.

    I had to take a second look!!! Amazing! Excellent job lady!


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