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The Answer Is….It is Just Drama May 6, 2008

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There seems to be a answer for everything.  Finally we have a answer as to why Heidi is losing slow on her own perfect diet plan.  What is weird to me is how easily these issues are brushed over….opps Heidi lied about her weight. she forgot to mention she actually weighed double what she BRAGGED she weighed.  Oops the pictures of the Russian Brides just were put there as a BOLD FACE LIE to trick people….and oh well… a few are sick..but heck what is the lives of a few people..a few mommies ..a few daughters..or mom or grandmothers….Heidi has Millions…opps…I mean she HAD millions.  Now thanks to the hard work of some crazy Ducks…Heidi now has to answer for her lies and her tricks and her CRUEL Lack of respect of people who trusted her.  I now would not trust her to tell me what day of the week it is.. Singinglass it is not DRAMA it is the TRUTH. 



On the front page there is a link that says ” the kimkins debate” which explains a lot of things. Kimmer is the name Hiedi goes by online—short for her middle name Kimberly. She did lose weight, but gained it back, has diabetes etc…..a PI took pictures for her and fueled the hate groups and started kind of this obsessed internet form of entertainment for them. There were some pictures apparently put up that were false….all of them are now down, everyone on the front is real—myself included. Kimmer herself is on the front page, on the diet again….and letting people watch her progression even though she has diabetes that makes things a little slower going now.

There were mistakes made in the promotion of things, but the underlying diet does work and is helping countless people here on this site—myself included as I have now lost 114 lbs. Try not to be affected too much by the drama and focus on, and trust what you feel is best , and works best for you.

I am so angry and since you are now admin, I will focus my questions to you.
What is going on here? I sign back on after a few months away and here I’m faced with all of this. Kimmer isn’t Kim…she’s Heidi and she’s overweight? All the faith promoting stories are actually mail order brides from Russia? People are sick?
The sensible part of me knows that the diet works. I had weight loss surgery and Dr approved was on less calories a day than Kimkins. I don’t care about the health issues. It’s all the lying! Can you shed some light?







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