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More Kimmer BS May 6, 2008

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I had to laugh today when I opened my e-mail.  I had this e-mail from someone I do not know with the subject..More KK BS. This person goes on to tell me she is still a member there and reads but has no use for Heidi or the site itself.  Thank you for sending this to me and trusting me with your info.  It is safe with me.  So for those who scream that the KK members are happy leave them alone.  Ha..they are not happy.  In fact I think many stay there just to make sure the truth gets out. And ya know what….everyday it gets closer and closer to blowing up in Heidi’s face.  You can only lie and cheat and steal money from people so long and not have it backfire.  It must be hard to be Heidi Diaz.  No wonder she wanted to stay hidden for so long.  Heidi’s weight is the least of what she needed to be concerned about.




Just a little something I found in the Kimpound.  Kimmer really has some nerve saying how she would be suspicious of a Dr. in a herb store.LOL   Wasn’t Dr. Mark an herbalist? (Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.)


Use this if you want to, but don’t post my screen name.  I go in a read, but I do not post.


Everything in parentheses is my opinion.




XXXXX:  Metabolic Thyro! Keeps the weight off! 🙂 I went to the herb store and talked to Doctor who works there. He also does many studies on the latest in herbs and so on.


He told me that there is a product that you can take for 3 months. Taking 1 tablet 3 times a day. It will correct your _meta_bolism. He said you can do what ever diet you want to do and you will NOT gain the weight back if you just use a sensible maintenance.


KIMMER: Re:Metabolic Thyro! Keeps the weight off! 🙂 2 Days, 19 Hours ago    

Excuse my suspicion.  What “doctor” works in an herb store?

 (Wasn’t that Dr. Mark?)

I’d be suspicious of any product that magically keeps weight off. People regain when they return to old eating habits. If there was a “cure” for that, we’d all be taking it … and it would make the cover of every major magazine in the US. (Yes, just like my fake diet!)


Just be careful. 

 ( Sounds like Kimmer is having a bit of jealousy.  I bet she will ban xxxxxx soon!)


XXXXXX:  I had done K/E and lost 45 pounds a year ago. I gained all of it back in about 3 months. I am loosing again and taking this product and he has assured me that will not happen again! I will let every one know what happens with that!  ( everyone that stops starving themselves gain the weight back)


He had given me a product once before called Natures Lining, for acid reflux, he said it would heal the lining of my stomach that the acid had eat up. It did~! I took it for three months about two years ago and have had no more reflux since! (He has been there at least 2 years and helped her health, unlike the Kimmer that has screwed, humiliated and insulted people for 2 years)


So this is why I have faith in this latest matter.


One Response to “More Kimmer BS”

  1. zoe2008 Says:

    Do you think it would be possible to use enough restraint, & consideration to also XXX out the members name that Kimmer is conversing with?

    I think it is very disrespectful to publish private conversations from inside the private walls of a paid forum out on the WWW for the world to see.

    What you fail to understand is that post, threads & pictures from inside that forum are private & for paid members, they are not picked up by search engines & by your doing so, you are exploiting members that may or may not have anything to do with all this.

    I think to freely disregard others privacy is highly disrespectful.

    Just because someone is a member, shouldn’t give bloggers free rein to exploit others. It doesn’t even matter if they are an innocent bystander or not!

    To disrespect people while on a mission, even in the name of a justifiable cause, is just bad manners, & in poor taste, most certainly shows lack of better judgment. Innocent people get hurt & it makes the bloggers look like vindictive assholes.

    The only content that should be freely distributed, would be that on the outside, such as the front page, blog, success stories, or newsletters. Not members names or conversations from within.

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