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Gran’s Operation May 5, 2008

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I wanted to add to Gran’s post here a thought I had.  Have you all noticed that everyone is to blame except Heidi Diaz.  She owns the web site.  She charged for the diet plan.  She lied daily over and over about how great she looked , felt and how wonderful her skin and hair looked on the diet.  She also went as low to steal pics off a Russian bride site to show how well they did.  My question is…why in the world would someone NOT blame Heidi Diaz? 



Hi Amy! Hello to everyone!

Well I have a surgery date…..June 23rd.  It’s good to have a date that way I can plan. I’m a planner.  I didn’t plan on having surgery but it is what it is and I will have a plan.  Looking back….I should have had a better plan when I started Kimkins.  I took Heidi’s word about her diet; I trusted she knew what she was talking about…well that has proved to be a lie.  Amy, you have a person here that posted about my exit from Kimkins, a rather angry person, I hope she gets some help for that anger…anyway this poster has said that I should have taken more responsibility for my health.  I gave it some thought, very little as this person has no idea what she is talking about but some thought anyway.  I have always taken a multivitamin, COQ10 for my heart and probiotic for intestines etc. I had to add Biotin when the hair started falling out, it did not help.  Anyway….this poster seems to think I did not use any muscle and so this loss is my own fault.  I am not a sedentary person!!! The muscle loss came from my own system consuming it from being starved!!! It was starved because the so called leader at Kimkins recommended that we cut more calories if we are not losing quick enough! I assumed she knew what she was talking about….boy was I wrong!

For anyone following the Kimkins diet…..please make sure you are eating enough food to keep from starvation mode! I would hate for you to go through what I’m going through.


2 Responses to “Gran’s Operation”

  1. barbarab2 Says:

    Gran is a trooper, always upbeat, always taking care of business. Harsh words from a stranger can’t touch her. There were many, many taken in by Heidi. Many who got sick, lost hair, or worse. Desperation is used by scammers like Heidi, who manipulate and control people for satisfaction and money. Heidi, you’re not fit to shine Gran’s shoes. And Gran iis just one more reason for me to despise you.

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