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My follow up to Sue AKA Swalt AKA Simpleannie May 2, 2008

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I have done some thinking about some of the comments you made in my blog.  I think I had you pegged as a different person then who you really are. Your actions make me feel like you are acting like a fraud yourself.

In simple came out to play but when it was your time up to bat…you ran.  That is exactly what your corrupt leader does . She spouts off her comments under a fake name.  Then when she is called out on it…she hides. Or even better….she says…I can not because of the lawsuit.  Ummm…how about the hundreds of times before the lawsuit was even filed.  Weak and expected from her.  But not so much from you.  Then again lessons are learned everyday.

I think you are right when you said you should of stayed out of the blogs.  If you can not stand up and be who you say you are..if you lie about who you are…then my gosh..why ion the world would you expect anyone to believe what you post here?

I am really over the poor Sue stuff too.  You my friend dish it out really well….you just can not take it.

When you said I was as bad as Heidi…ha..for a split second that hurt me.  But the truth is….I am using my real name.  I have been attacked more then you will ever know by Heidi Diaz and her crew…you included.  I have been blogged about.  My son was attacked by Heidi and even Gary.  Singinglass has had her words too…would you like to justify that?


In your post below you call us “bad” people. You sure have a judgmental way about you.  In your post to me last week.  You mentioned 5 times how GREAT of a person you are. Sue go take a look in the mirror.  You have lowered yourself to name calling and not even honest or brave enough to use your own name.  Then again your idol Heidi did not use her own name until she was forced to. 


Posted by Sue..

Well, I think the “bad” people are leaving me alone, but still not ready to post my face on my pictures yet. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, much appreciated. As much as I try not to involve my family in my wt loss, as this is my battle/victory…my 11yr DD asked me this afternoon, “mom, did you ever find out who put you picture on those sites?” Thanks alot, I don’t know how she knew, I did not talk about it in front of her. So we had a good talk, but one that should have never had to happen.


You talk mention in such a dramatic way about having to have a talk with your daughter about all “this” and how you should not have had to even do that.  You know Sue…you are right.  No children need to be involved in this.  Did you explain to your daughter how YOU went around starting all this?  Did you explain to your daughter how YOU attacked people ?  Maybe this would be a great time to teach our children about actions and reactions?  Or be careful what you ask for?  Or the truth comes out?  Or even a better lesson for our children could be….you are known by the company you keep. 

One more thing about children involved in this…funny to me that you are so worried about your child knowing your pictures and info are out there.  Sue you put it out there. 

You sure did not seem to have any concern about my son being dragged into all of this?  You sure did not seem to think that your leaders did anything wrong bring his name and info into this.  Let’s see..we have Heidi saying OMG things..we have Gary…saying OMG things and we have Singinglass saying OMG things.  Those are the people your Sue represent when you go hiding on blogs and leaving your messages.  Remember …you are the company you keep. 

One last thing…with your forced talk with your daughter.  I am sorry she knows any of this.  It is trashy to even be involved with Heidi at this point.  But at least your child did not happen to log into his CaringBridge page and see a rude mean message left for him…and wouldn’t you know it….it has a common IP address.

You need to take responsibility with what you say, when you say it and use your own name.  And the dramatic black dot over the face..please….we have seen your face..we know who you are..just more hiding.


4 Responses to “My follow up to Sue AKA Swalt AKA Simpleannie”

  1. vernswifevickie Says:

    Sue said…
    “my 11yr DD asked me this afternoon, “mom, did you ever find out who put you picture on those sites?” Thanks alot, I don’t know how she knew, I did not talk about it in front of her. So we had a good talk, but one that should have never had to happen.”

    I’m not sure I’m understanding this correctly. You say your 11 y/o daughter asked you about your picture being on websites but you don’t know how she knew. It would have to be one of two things. Either you did talk about it in front of her or your 11 y/o daughter is surfing the internet unsupervised and you don’t know which websites she’s visiting. What do you mean “thanks alot?” It’s YOUR responsibility to monitor your daughter’s web activities so she doesn’t see things you’d rather not have her see. Just my opinion.

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    I think the Thanks a lot was her way of saying some ducks put her picture up on the INTERNET. Umm…her picture was on Kimkins..and last I heard that was the INTERNET. So thank yourself.
    I know I sound bitter…I am just over it all. I am over the hiding and the crying poor me…what a crock. Sue came our blogs..we did not seek her out. The poor me is getting old.
    And one last thing…since Sue had her picture on KK site …why in the world would it upset her daughter so much to see a picture of her mom on the INTERNET. i so doubt her daughter happen to go to a certain blog on her own and see her moms picture. And if she did..why would seeing a picture of her mom upset her. As I said…this is just a attention seeking post on her blog.

  3. amyb1569 Says:

    Heard through the grapevine you had a post for me over at KK. Umm..did you not get the info. I am banned..thank goodness for small favors. If I had not been..I would still be there ..still singing the praises of Heid..ha..just like you are.
    Now you said we do not even want to go there about your daughter. Let’s not get dramatic..I did NOT say anything about your DD that YOU did not say. I said she saw your picture online. You said she did and that lead to a big long talk..that you should not of had to have. The Only thing I said was..your pics were on the INTERNET …from you on KK. Plus Sue..I did NOT post your pic, your name, your age, your town, your anything. What I did post was your comments to me under a hide behind a fake name and my answers to them. It is my blog and you came I answered you. Simple.
    I know all about being a mom who loves her children. Remember I am a mom also. I have no doubt you are a great mom. I would never suggest otherwise. So other then what I already repeated in my journal that you had posted…I have nothing else to say in regards to your DD. Maybe as moms of girls..this INTERNET stuff with our pics out there is a lesson we need to BOTH teach our girls.
    So Sue…let me see if you can answer me this…You seem to be a good mom. You seem to be very protective of your DD, as all moms should be. What would YOU DO if your DD was attacked by Heidi? By Gary? By Singinglass? What would you do if your DD had 15 brain operations and a stroke with over 21 ortho operations to try to fuction..and grown adults said rude mean comments about her? What would you do if these people said your DD was a fake and was not real? And before anyone doubts they have done this…umm…PM’s have shown Heidi doing it. They have shown that when she has people do her dirty work and they back down and tell her it is wrong to involve my son..what does she do? She bans them. Now Gary..umm…I think he stated that I was a SAHM with a sick kid..get over it…wow..wish it were that easy. You may not of seen his screen name..he also did not use his real name…he used a name that means GO F yourself LOL. Nice huh? And oh sweet SL..well she came here many times under many names and posted mean comments about me having a “so call sick kid”. So tell me Sue…as a you have a ounce of respect for any of these people ? As a Mom I am shocked that Heidi could stoop so low.
    And BTW if you have anything to post to me..Do not do it on KK…I am so not a KK member…

  4. gran to angels Says:

    Sue….you said you “didn’t want to go there” in regards to your daughter….Amy has said she understands and did nothing that would harm your daughter….the same standard has not been offered to Amy’s son. Your daughter found out you had pics on the internet….I saw your pics put up by you at Kimkins. Did that harm your daughter? There is one big difference in all of this….no one sent your daughter a mean or hurtful message, the same cannot be said for Amy’s son… to me, that is a real “don’t go there”!

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