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Dee accepts my Invitation May 2, 2008

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Thank You for responding to my invitation to tell us your views on my blog. 



I am responding to the invitation that was on your blog….

  First, let me say…last night was the first time I have ever been on WordPress.  I really didn’t realize how the site was set up.  I didn’t realize that I was in a private blog and not a “forum”.  So I apologize for in essence, taking your blog hostage today.  I was intending to respond to some things that I read, but not necessarily in a personal blog.

  Second, thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind on the subject.

  Third, Amy, you my friend….if anyone insulted your status as a Stay At Home Mom…let me be the first to say…I’m sorry.  That is the single most important job of a mother…to mother her children.  I am jealous of those who can stay at home.  I have a lot of friends who are stay at home moms.  As a working mom, (who had no choice), I think our kids would be much better, if it was the “olden” days and mom was home with the kids and Dad was bringing home the bacon.  (Old fashioned yes…truthful yes). 

  A little about Dee….(background so to speak).  Yes, I am a real person with real feelings.  I have been overweight my entire life.  I have tried other things, including a plain old low carb diet, Adkins, South Beach, WW and LAPBAND surgery.  My LAPBAND failed after losing only 20 lbs and had to be removed.  I could never reconcile gastric bypass in my mind.  So in December of 2006, when the BAND was removed, I literally thought my life was over.  In fact, I wanted life to be over.  I couldn’t even succeed after spending $17,000 of my own hard earned dollars on a LAPBAND–I’m just the average working stiff and really didn’t have that kind of money.  I couldn’t even keep that 20 lbs off.  So by the time I read the WW article about KK, I was at the lowest point I could possibly be.  Could I raise enough money for the bypass…no.  But at that point, I would have done it.  I didn’t believe in it.  But I had absolutely NO HOPE.  None……

  When I read about KK–I realized that the “diet” was very similar to what I was told to eat with the LAPBAND.  It mirrored, what I had to eat with the LAPBAND–the band doesn’t tolerate many carbs, it can get clogged, etc.   So I logged on.  I had a “flicker” of hope.  It was a small “flicker”, but it was a “flicker”.  And, you know what I did from there.

  Over the months, that “flicker” turned into a “spark”, then a small fire.  The pounds started dropping and my hope and confidence started climbing. 

   Fast forward—the controversy.  I read and I listend.  I researched.  I talked to my WLS surgeon and my family doctor.  My focus was on the plan…not what Heidi (Kimmers) did, may have done, was accused of doing…etc.  Quite frankly, after reading and listening…I came to the conclusion that I am not the judge or jury on that one.  It will be decided in a court of law.  But, I did think…what if the worst case scenario, she was the person that she was accused of being.  How did that affect me?  It didn’t.  At that point, I had no contact with her whatso ever.  I even responded to the BBB complaints, because here is what I believe….in ever business…internet based or not….you will have folks who may handle business matters in a manner that we don’t agree with.  I don’t know if she did or didn’t…like I said, that’s for a judge and/or jury to decide.  What I do know is that I paid $60 for a membership to a site.  The site delivered what I needed.  I have been promised something by EVERYONE in the weight loss industry.  They can help.  I have been lied too….How many pills promised me results….when I got the bottle home…the promised results (in small print) with a diet and exercise program.  Well, heck…if it was as easy as diet and exercise…I’d have done it a long time ago.  My focus was….is this working for you, can you do it, how do you feel.  The answer was yes, yes, yes. 

  Then I considered the side effects….hair loss, muscle loss, etc.  Well, that’s a side effect of most every weight loss program, when you are losing the amount of weight that I am trying to lose.  It was a side effect of WLS—I knew that I needed to work out.  I knew that I needed to be mindful of vitamins, etc.  And that’s what I did.  I got so interested that I ordered study material to become a personal trainer and I will be testing for that in June.

  I undertsood when people left the program…I was approached by one and asked to “join” another site for a small fee.  That made me question motives.  Some I believe truly left because of their concerns about health.  But some…well, I don’t believe that everyone had the same agenda, even though many used the same “cloak”. 

   I do respectfully disagree, that if that site is going to crash and burn, it can do it on it’s own.  The people who are there, will either be successful and feel good or they won’t.  It’s no one’s job to educate everyone with their PERCEPTION of the program.  That is truly still a controversy that even the medical community does not agree on.  So individuals need to be responsible for their own choices…the word is out there to be found without sabotaging the site. And, if there is such a passion to “save’ folks, many more folks can be saved for other great causes. 

   For me…..I use to be on all kinds of drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression.  I take nothing now.  My blood sugar levels are perfect as is my blood pressure and cholesterol.  Amazingly enough, when I started feeling good about myself, the depression lifted.  And, I learned to deal with life. 

   I’m sorry, I didn’t want to mention names here, but I will…….no…I won’t…But some of the folks posting in your blog are involved.

   The first one….a few weeks ago…..I was in chat….and someone that I really admired.  Someone who had lost a considerable amount of weight and had talked to me about it, came into chat and blasted the program with a link to the Mike & Juliet show….she acted like she had never seen it before, when in fact, she had and we had discussed it and she dismissed it because the program was working for her.  Our only response was “old news” and she left…only to never be heard from again at KK.  I even emailed her and said that I missed her….no response.

   Second, I came to the site one night looking for support.  It was late at night and I was having a rough spot because of a personal relationship.  When I am feeling blue, I like reading posts from all the positive folks that I have met there.  What I found was someone hi-jacking every post in every thread, including my personal journal.  So…when I was low, the people who I had always admired and looked to for support basically dumped right in my lap.  Did I take it personal…you bet I did.  This was my site for support.  If it’s not for you…great….I encourage everyone to find what is best for them..we all need that.  Was this person considering my needs.  Heck no….they had something to spout out not caring who got hurt in the collaterol damage…not considering someone who was just there to find some serenity. 

  Finally, another…who had lost a considerable amount of weight is quoted out here as well.  She and I emailed within the past couple weeks.  I was on some threads with her.  She was inspiring, a beautiful person inside and out.  I really enjoyed chatting with her.  Then…BAM, she is out here slamming the program.  But…she has been in chat since then…so, I may have sent her an email telling her how disappointed I was before I had the facts. If I did, I’m sorry. But her words are out here and what she was telling me was that she was getting pressure from the “outside”.  

  If someone felt like KK was not for them…I have never done anything but encourage them to find what works and find the support that they need.  It’s not for everyone and I know it.  Am I perfect?  Far from.  I have posted some things that I am not proud of.  I get to the end of my ropes with folks sometimes for different reasons and more often than not….not related to KK.  Everyone is looking for the easy way out or the quick fix.  That doesn’t exist.  But if you read my journal, you will see, there has been nothing easy or quick about this for me.  I have had to face some real demons and journaling has helped. 

   What I believe….this is the program that works for me.  It has saved my life.  If someone made $60 along the way….great.  I’ll give you $60 any day of the week for my life.  Heck…I’ll give you $60 along the way for anyone’s life. 

  I believe that there are people who are “haters” on both sides.  I believe that tempers have flared on both sides.  I believe that people have acted inappropriately on both sides.  But…I’m not the judge of that.  I can only judge my own actions and I can only chose what’s best for me. 

  The only reason that I looked outside the site this time for answers as to who is doing what to whom is because people keep coming back into the site and trying to undermine it.  If they are successful….have they saved my life.  Absolutely not.  In fact, it will back track me and I can only hope that it won’t send me all the way back.  So…if the person that keeps saying that she wants to “save” just one life, destroys another (mine), has she really succeeded.  I guess maybe if the other life is worth more than mine. 

  I was proud to be on the Front Page of Kimmers.  I am proud of my progress.  and you know what…for all the successes that I have enjoyed in life…this was my most proud moment.  I have shared it with others, including a person of interest..who had never seen my before.  I shared it with him, because I was proud.  Do you know that when I saw those pictures side by side…that was the first time…I realized that I’m doing it.  I saw the movement on the scale, but never really gave myself credit for the results.  Then…I saw those pictures side by side….and I’m doing it.  and I’m proud of it.  And, I wasn’t ashamed to share it with a man who wouldn’t have given that girl in the Thanksgiving Day Race the time of day.  I’m not the same person and it’s thanks to KK.

  Someone even posted about “changes” in the program.  Yes, every diet program changes as it ages.  Look at the Weight Watchers diet of the 1960’s and that of 2008.  They aren’t even close to the same.  I would imagine that they are always looking for ways to improve every program out there.

  I support ANYONE on ANY weight loss journey.  My hope would be that others respect my decision for me and do the same.  I didn’t so much feel respected with the hi-jacking of my home site. 

  Finally, I would end this with..the reason I signed my full name, age and hometown was because of the comments.  If you go on any site out there, there are multiple folks that for multiple reasons…some maybe good…some may be bad…use different screen names or even change their screen name.  Just spend a little time on MYSPACE and FACEBOOK.  Anywhere that I met people on the internet, I look at it the same way that I did when my daughter was a teenager and I let her sign on.  I really don’t know who they are unless I have met them.  I chat with them.  If we click we click and if we don’t, we don’t. 

  As for the lawsuit…which I have no real personal knowledge of….I would only say…I work in Litigation across the country.  All of our courtrooms are clogged with cases. Cases of true trauma and despair are being delayed because of frivilous lawsuits.  In my humble opinion, this one falls in that category.  I see children that have been mauled by dogs, kids that have lost parents in auto accidents, and parent who have lost children..  And, if the soul purpose is to keep someone from having a “smug” look on their face. It’s taking court room time and resources away from folks that need to have cases heard.  I have lost a lot of money and relationships to people who still have smug looks on their faces.  In the end of these kind of suits, the only ones that don’t end up with smug looks on their faces, are the attorneys, who are smiling all the way to the bank. In all honesty…let’s assume that Heidi did everything that she is accused of (remember there are two sides–normally the truth lies somewhere in the middle).  But if she did everything.  What will be enough?  She has apologized. (What was in her heart when she apologized is on her….what is in everyone elses heart–is on them–only the man upstairs knows for sure.)   I believe that refunds were given if requested.  What….blood?  Because no individual will see a penny, even if there is a civil verdict against her…the attorneys and expenses will consume it all.  That’s how it works. 

  That’s the honest Dee.  That’s all I am….someone who is working her way through this weight loss journey and finally, FINALLY, being successful. I’m just a working stiff. Just a person.  Just a mother, Just a grandmother.  Just DEE. 

  I guess, I’ve said all I can say…it’s not a plea for anyone to believe in KK or return.  It’s just a request for respect of the website that I am proud to call home.  If there is an error in my choice…it will be revealed to me.  But, not by anyone disrespecting me and my choice, it will be by my own experience. 

  Thanks for giving me the chance to say what I needed to say. 

   Guess there’s really no need for me to return to the blog, because I want to respect your decision, just like I have asked that you respect mine.

   Good Luck on your weight loss journeys….because we all deserve it.

   Dee (no need to post it all–you know who I am….LOL)


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  3. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Dee, you said “But…I’m not the judge of that. I can only judge my own actions and I can only chose what’s best for me.” Aren’t you judging Gran and others? Because what they chose as right for themselves is not what you would have chosen?

    You need to quit giving Kimkins credit for the work you’ve done YOURSELF. She deserves none of the credit. You said yourself that you had the diet already from your surgeon. From the sound of things, what you really got from the site was the forums and wonderful friends, and truly anyone can put up a forum. In fact – you could, and you could surround yourself with the wonderful and supportive people who have been part of your journey! Without helping Kimkins scam more people! You can continue to succeed with or without the Kimkins site. It will not ‘destroy your life’ if Kimkins loses the ability to profit from her ongoing lies to people – unless you choose to let it.

    As for the courts being clogged with lawsuits, if everything had to be compared to the kinds of cases you mentioned, I’d have to agree with you, but then there would be no point in having laws at all. Can you just consider that your opinion about the Kimkins lawsuit is strongly biased because of your weight loss, not on right or wrong? What if it were someone who lied to 40,000 grandmothers (including yours) and got even small amounts of their limited retirement money from each of them? What if they all blamed themselves (as people seem to think victims should do) and kept quiet – and the business kept taking and taking from more and more grannies? What if the scammer said they were sorry, would that make it OK to keep on taking? How is this different? Because these are by and large younger people who want to lose weight? They’re vulnerable in their own way, just like your granny.

    There’s truly not much debate any more about whether or not Heidi did wrong. Have you read/seen her deposition testimony? The testimony is public record, and the guilt is shown by her words, not ours. Words she can’t take back.

    I’m sorry you feel disrespected. I’d be surprised if anyone wanted that. Disagreement doesn’t equal disrespect. I hope you can sense that while I’m disagreeing with you, I am not trying to bash you at all. I mean well, though I feel like the words are sounding terse. I can’t figure out how to soften them without turning this into a novel, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, OK? :^)

    People are doing what they feel they must, as you are, and as you yourself said that’s what people should do.


  4. want2bskinny Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Dee. I can totally understand your frustration with your weight issues, all of us that are involved in this fight share many of the same problems and feelings.

    My only comment about writing is this comment “All of our courtrooms are clogged with cases. Cases of true trauma and despair are being delayed because of frivilous lawsuits. In my humble opinion, this one falls in that category.”

    I think that Christin with her heart palpitations and Grantoangels with her stomach muscle issues might disagree

  5. […] Continue Reading  Posted on: Friday, May 2, 2008 at 11:23 am  Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. […]

  6. […] amyb1569 wrote this post on children weight loss program today on their blog: Then I considered the side effects….hair loss, muscle loss, etc. Well, that’sa side effect of most every weight loss program, when you are losing the amount of weight that I am trying to lose. It was a side effect of WLS—I knew that I … […]

  7. deedlynn22 Says:

    No disagreement doesn’t mean disrespect. But coming to my home site and sabatoging it does.

    And, yes, I do get credit for doing the hardwork, but KK, Kimmers and Heidi Diaz brought me there. So, I am thankful to her for that and she does get the credit for that.

    Whatever Heidi said in her deposition, it still remains up to the judge whether or not she is guilty. I doubt her deposition testimony will be the only evidence, if I know anything about litigation and I believe that I do.

    As far as the frivilous lawsuits. You’ve mentioned 2 folks out of I don’t know how many that have filed.

    Did Christin have an EKG before she began KK? Did she seek her physicians approval? I don’t know, but just because her heart palpitations began coinciding with her use of KK plan, doesn’t mean the two are absolutely related. And, unless she had pre-testing, doubtful that any one can say with certainty that they are related.

    As far as grans…..if muscles aren’t used. They atrophy. She asked if the program works without does. But, as anyone knows…we have all heard…if you don’t use muscles they atrophy. They atrophy from age and degeneration. They atrophy from lack of use.

    As far as the diet being the same as what my WLS surgeon prescribes….that goes to show….that at least a percentage of the medical community that understands obesity agrees with the WOE.

    Does anyone have any personal accountability for their own actions. For their own decisions as far as food intake? If you need more essential oils…take a more fish..etc. Is no one accountable at all….or is it easier to just blame Heidi for the fact that the sun rises in the morning.

    I have never asked anyone to believe or change their way of thinking to suit mine. What I asked for is respect for the site that I call home. You don’t have to go there if you don’t want. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want. I will say…there is no one that I have seen in the KK community bashing everyone else, like KK has been bashed out here.

    I don’t want to take up anymore of Amy’s blog space with my simple request of respect. It doesn’t seem like I will get it anyway.

    But, if you must respond….it’s probably best to move it to my email account…

    Again, I truly wish EVERYONE well on their journey. I’m at a point where I must agree that I disagree…and ask for respect. Becareful who you seek to save….the life you might destroy is MINE (but then again….I’d never accuse anyone of that…because I’m accountable for my own decisions).


  8. 2big4mysize Says:

    thanks for talking. I doi have a question for you.

    You said I knew about vitamins. But for those folk joining Kimkins who didn’t have the benefit of the lap band education on nutrtion who is explaining to them inside the kimpire about needing to supplement the heck out of the posted plan cause it is as written nutrtionally bankrupt? who is explaining about the need for EFAs? for healthy fats? not Kimmer.
    Are you sharing your knowledge in the open in answering newbie posts telling them why they need to add vits and supplements cause kimmer didn’t. That is one of the reasons many of us are involved in this battle to make sure folk thinking about following Kimmer’s plan learn about the nutriton the plan lacks so they don’t end up like Amy, Christine, Deni, or any of the other’s on the kimkinsurvivors blog pages.

  9. deedlynn22 Says:

    yes…I do share my knowledge on the website…but in all actuality, it was something that the FDA taught me in 6th grade health class. Really nothing new….you need this amount of these vitamins and minerals. Ironically, the food I was eating at 350lbs wasn’t meeting those needs….but now they are met.

  10. gran to angels Says:

    Dee…..I said the exact words you did. I was angry when drama came to Kimkins last September….I wanted everyone to go away and leave me alone. I didn’t want anyone messing with my weight loss. I didn’t want anyone messing with my place of support. Was I mad that Heidi was a lier? Yes! Did I let it derail me…for about a month I had to really soul search as to weather I would leave or go…I stayed because I had some great friends….sound familiar? What I should have done is listen to those that knew the truth, those that tried to reach me. There are other low carb plans that work just as well but are so much healthier. The one you are on will lead to problems. Yes I lost 100 pounds, I also lost ¾ of my hair and so much muscle mass that I face surgery….Heidi told me that I did not need to exercise and in fact I should not exercise since that will build muscle mass and raise the scale number!!!! Be careful when you decide you know the story! When I joined no one talked about vitamins, doc visits or exercise being essential. If the so called owner, author and expert is telling me it’s all ok…why would I not believe her?
    Look into other plans before its too late for you too.
    It’s obvious you are referring to me in your post so I addressed this directly to you. You will find the support you need at other sites, I did! And for your comment…..”any idiot has $60.00”……I’m not an idiot and I’d gladly pay that and more to help just one person or get my own health back! And…my life is spent in tireless and passionate pursuits to help children…be careful when you make an assumption of another’s motives.
    “Was this person considering my needs. Heck no….they had something to spout out not caring who got hurt in the collaterol damage…not considering someone who was just there to find some serenity”….I wanted serenity too…..I got hair loss and upcoming surgery…..I posted because I care weather you want to believe that or not….my motive is certainly to help just one more person. What will you do when the site is gone? Will you back track to the point of gaining all your weight? If that is the case then you will have a bigger problem when you reach maintenance as there is no plan there and your metabolism may not be able to be fixed.
    Good luck to you.

  11. deedlynn22 Says:

    again gran—
    I’m just fine. and once again….I’d ask to RESPECT my decision.
    and again, obviously, since I’d imagine that you are banned from KK, there are moles in the site—(LACK OF RESPECT!)
    and again, the medical community is undecided on this WOE
    and again, this is not the only program to boast…no exercise, not by far. But, anyone knows that muscles which are not worked…atrophy
    and again….I have asked….out of respect for Amy’s personal blog that responses be sent to my email account if you would further like me to repeat….I’d like the respect of not sabataging my home site WHICH I AM VERY PROUD OF.
    It’s like a good politician….there is a lot of responses that try to divert the attention from my points….
    the main ones being….
    1) You are accountable to educate yourself
    2) The medical community is divided on the issue of this WOE
    3) Heidi DIaz is not at fault because it’s raining outside today
    4) PLEASE RESPECT the decision that WE (KIMKIN-ers) have made to stay at the site. I didn’t come out here until you SABATOGED my site.
    5) More than anything….dont’ try to save me. I have said it before and here it is again…I’m just fine. The folks at KK’s are just fine.

    It’s funny, but if you surveyed 1,000 or more people who had more than 100 lbs to lose, probably 999 of them would have sold their soul to get out of that hell—gran did you never take a diet pill….don’t they say…can cause “heart palpitations”, anxiety, etc.
    gran–have you never beed to the doctor and they told you that if you did’t do some type of cardiac exercise, it was bad for your heart muscle.
    gran–have you never ever done any kind of exercise just to find your muscle sore the next day–(that’s because it hadn’t been used and was going through atrophy).
    gee gran… must be one in a million not to have ever experienced any of this before. Not to have ever heard any of this before.
    But, I guess it’s pretty easy to trade in the problems that came with obesity for the problems that can come with ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, so that you cna now blame someone else. When your obese…it’s obvious that it’s your fault because you have food issues. If you lose the weight and have complications (WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FROM ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM) it’s much easier to blame someone else.
    Oh well…..Again, looks like I will never get the respect that I have asked for….but maybe you’ll do as I ask to respect Amy and move the responses to my email account
    Others have….and you know what…most of the responses want to know how to get out of this mess and get back to losing weight…since they can’t access KK now. Unfortunately, I don’t know quite how to respond to them….because I no longer can tell the moles from the sincere folks who want help. That’s because the people I looked up too……Have absolutely NO RESPECT.

  12. deedlynn22 Says:

    I left here this morning…only to go to my yahoo email account and I have to laugh. Laugh at the emails that I have received from folks on this blog and a couple other “survivors”. So I am going to say two things here and this will be my LAST post on AMYB’s blog. You know how to contact me.

    I know that this will fall on deaf ears….but here goes.

    1) It is not “support” if you operate on a gang like mentality and progress through intimidation. Support happens when you share your strengths with others who are looking for that strength and have something to compliment your weaknesses. Support is not “bullying” others to believe what your perceptions have you to believe.

    2) If you are watching for someone else to fail, you are not watching for yourself to succeed. (This is why I have always wished everyone–sincerely– the best on their weight loss journey).

    Now, if you take the time to read these words…you may find your own meaning within them.

    I have taken up enough space on this blog. If you don’t get anything from what I have said….I tried. But…just as it’s not your job to “save” me…’s not my job to “save” anyone else. But from the looks of my emails….more than one of you is looking to be “saved”.

  13. ohyeahbabe Says:

    Here’s hoping nobody less enlightened or more depserate for weight loss than Dee ends up at Kimkins because of her endorsement and gets harmed. For that matter, I hope Dee doesn’t get harmed.

    I guess it’s time to focus on casting seeds on richer soil.

  14. gran to angels Says:

    I am one in a million!!! How nice of you to notice!!! I do hope you get over your displaced anger….it’s not good for you.

  15. 2big4mysize Says:

    dee if AMY wanted the discussion moved off her blog she would not have allowed the commnets to appear.
    If you don’t want to asnwer questions then just say might find yourself banned from kimkins.con too since kimmer et al have banned folk for their posts on other sites.
    When you qualified for WLS you had to be morbidly obese and the health risks from your weight out weighed the health risks of the malnutrtion you were going to suffer rapidly removing it. That is why WLS folk are monitored so closely to allow for IVs full of vits and supplements to correct those problems as they drop their weight back to a healthier level. unfortunately Kimmer isn’t screening buyer to see if they are morbidly obese but selling it to anybody who wants to buy it.

    there are folk on the site who are not morbidly obese or even obese who are believing that the plan sold to them is healthy. Kimmer even tried with “Dr Mark” on board to make it appear the plan was endorsed by a doc. That blew up in her face when Dr Mark was posting food recommendations which were not kimkins acceptable menu items.

    Now that you are not morbidly obese has your doc made recomendation for you to slow your loss with a more healthy plan and done extensive blood work as they do for the WLS folk to correct the nutrtional deficencies you have been having following the kimkins plan as written by Kimmer or are you like DANA and not following the kimkins plan but thinking you are?

  16. amyb1569 Says:

    Just to clarify…
    I asked Dee to post here as a way for both sides to speak out. I think that is the ONLY way BOTH sides can TRY to understand where the other is coming from. So I am here to say that my blog is open for anyone to post their true feelings good or bad. I have no issue with my blog being used for this discussion, This is what it is here for.
    As for people sending Dee private e-mails saying they miss KK and the diet but are banned and can not get back in. I just have such a hard time thinking anyone that has been so involved with this KK mess and knows the fact…would e-mail Dee of all people to get back in. Just my opinion.
    So feel free both sides to post away.

  17. amyb1569 Says:

    One more thought on the subject. I think one issue could be the difference of being at goal or 20 ish pounds from goal vs having more to lose. Once a person gets that close to goal and their body is worn down and defeated ..does one see the real side effects from KK. So if a person has lost a great amount of weight and still has a good amount to go….they just may not get the full idea. But rest assure…they will.

  18. deedlynn22 Says:

    2big–It’s not KIMMERS job to figure out if I”m morbidly obese. I am the person who is following the plan. I am the one accountable for what I eat, what supplements I use, etc. She is marketing a program and a site for support. I got what I paid for. My doctor will decide if I am super morbidly obese, morbidly obese, obese or just plain old fat.

    gran–there is no anger here. You apparently don’t know me very well. If I do get angry…it’s a spectacular event. (By the way, sarcasm is another political diversionary tactic)

    amy–thanks for the back handed compliment, I think. Yes, I have a ways to go, but I’ve accomplished a lot and still going. Again…thanks…I think. Not sure if you meant it the way I read it, but since I am obviously the minority on this blog, I’m not getting the warm fuzzies if you know what I mean. I’m not feeling the love.
    You don’t have to believe that I have received those emails. But I have. I’m not going to resort to what everyone else has done, cutting a pasting posts from KK threads, etc. The folks out here that emailed me…know who they are. They will either continue to burn both ends to the middle (thus getting caught) or they will truly pick a side. I really don’t care which one. I’m not going to correspond with someone who doesn’t know which side of the fence that they fall on.

    And I doubt that I am going to be banned from KK anytime soon. I enjoy the program and enjoy participating on it. I’d like to think I’m a positive influence within the site.

    Now…I have breached my word…I guess I did lie. I said my last post…was my last post. I said I wouldn’t be back posting here. So, this is it. I’m not going to post, because some don’t want to have an open discussion, like you invited me to Amy. Some can’t counter point my points, so they use diversion and sarcasm.

    I’ve started my own blog out here (like I know what the heck I am doing on a blog) in support of KIMKINS. In support of what is working for me. But it works, because I am ACCOUNTABLE for myself. I am RESPONSIBLE for myself. I am an adult and can make decisions for myself. (Funny, but if I didn’t know better, I’d think some want me to have failing health, so that it furthers their cause against KIMMERS–and people call KIMMERS a sociopath. If my health fails. It will be my OWN fault. MY FAULT!. NOVEL IDEA, but I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MYSELF.).

    Feel free to check it out. I’d post the link, but I doubt I’ll ever find it again since I really am not familiar with this site.


  19. 2big4mysize Says:

    Dee would love to see your blog.
    You missed my point Kimmer is selling a diet plan. The plan should be safe fro the audience she is targeting. Since she went on the website frequented by teens in an attempt to market it she should be sure it is jealthy for them.

    She posted fake info about close to goal actresses doing her plan as a marketing play so again the diet should be nutrtionally healthy and safe for close to goal folk to do.

    It isn’t about you creating your own plan and then going to a weight loss support site as you are trying to make kimkins.con out to be. If you reread the things Kimmer offered you when you bought your membership to kimkins.con you will see she sold you the details of the diet plan, access to herself to answer questions about the diet plan in addition to the website support and recipes.
    Kimkins isn’t about weight loss support. it is about following the kimkins diet. if you think it is about weight loss support go try to post about doing a plan not kimkins and see how long your topic last. Post about great weight loss doing a high carb plan instead of kimkins, or a nutrtionally sound plan like Atkins with the higher fats. Answer question telling folk to find a nutrtionally sound plan which their doctor approves of and see how long you and your posts last.
    Folk were banned in 2007 for talking to each other in PMs about some of the health issues newbies were posting about. Read the email kimmer sent AmyB saying DO not talk about your health issue or what your doctor says.

    Kimkins.con is about Kimmer and her money making nutrtionally bankrupt plan and how you can help her sell it. If you post i no longer follow the kinkins plan and do ______ you will not be posting on her site much longer.

  20. gran to angels Says:

    Dee….true Heidi Diaz did not put the food in my mouth. true Heidi Diaz did not see me, check me out, analyze my body’s needs or have a face to face relationship with me….her’s is a web site….that in it self tells us my relationship will be with a computer screen and keyboard. But I will tell you…when I bought the right to go to the website, learn about the choices, print the food lists, print the receipes and ask a million questions I had the full intent of following the diet to the tee! I was told constantly, don’t exercise, no cheats, no fats or just enough to make it work, watch out for hidden carbs, when your loss stalls cut calories, eat exactly what I say and you will be successful. That’s exactly what I did!!! So you are faulting me for following to the tee exactly what owner said to do??? So because I didn’t tweak the diet as you did that makes you smart and me dumb? If you sew you will understand this…I can buy a pattern and fabric, use all the tools correctly, scissors, pins, sewing machine and I will wind up with a shirt……so I followed Heidi’s diet like a pattern, just the way she sold it….if I just start cutting without the pattern and sew where I want and leave off or add a few things will I have the shirt on the front of the pattern package? NO! I’d wind up with a mess. So I followed Heidi’s diet exactly how she told me to. The problem is Heidi’s patten/diet had some major flaws that were not revealed until my metabolism was so shot that I’m in the situation I’m in. Her pattern was fake, based on lies and harmful.
    Are you losing weight? Sure you are!!! Do you feel successful for the first time? Sure you do!! Are you convinced that this diet saved your life? You bet you do……so did I.

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