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Open Invatation to Dee AKA Deedlynn22 May 1, 2008

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I have decided that since you have left 5 messages in one day on my blog…you must feel you have something to say.  So let me invite you to send me a e-mail with all your thoughts about how great KK and Heidi Diaz is…and how wrong  you feel everyone anti KK is.

One thing I know for sure…there are two sides to every story .  So lets just do this once and for all.

You said in one comment to leave KK alone and let it fall apart if it is going to.  Dee the problem with that is…without someone to let people know the lies and the issues..Heidi would of been sitting there as smug as ever.  Because one person would not stop asking questions…many now have learned the truth.  And even more so…they have forced Heidi Diaz to admit to the world and a court of law that she is a liar who cheats people as easy as others blink a eye.

Here is your invitation.  If you would like…write a e-mail to my address

And I will post it..word for word.  Then everyone can say what they think and believe .

As for giving your town and age…as you know anyone who wanted that could of had it long ago.  So not sure why you felt you needed to share it. But of the other front page ladies gave Heidi my info of where I lived.  So I guess that is the new “thing” happening.

BTW…this morning I had you on my mind.,  Your weight loss is awesome and you look wonderful.  The things I read in your journal were really close to many thoughts I have had.  I guess that is just a reminder that everyone involved in this is a real person with real feelings.  That is why I take such a offense to what Sue had to say.  Comparing to Heidi was about as low as you can get.  I am a mom of 4 who loves her children very much.  I have never one time uttered a nasty word about anyones child.  And I have never lied about who I am or what size I am…or heck..why I am who I am. 

The truth is the truth.  So if you wish to tell what you feel is your truth of being at KK and on the front page.  I welcome you to send it to me.  If not…then let’s move on from posting comments all day back and forth .


2 Responses to “Open Invatation to Dee AKA Deedlynn22”

  1. theTRUTH Says:

    I hope Dee takes you up on it. Odds are better at you getting an email than Gary answering his phone…

  2. bluesuederebel Says:


    I admire you for hanging in there considering what you have been through. You continue to question and not back down. I hope you keep it up!

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