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Keeping It Straight April 30, 2008

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I find it really interesting how many people who still are at KK or have left KK that have sent me their PM’s that they have had with Heidi.  In this one…she is trying to make money placing a ad for someone in her famous newsletter and gets the name wrong .  Instead she gets yet another PM demanding their money back.  People do listen and they are mad. And Ummm…Heidi have you taken a look at your site..38,000 members.  That is a joke.



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Hi, Kimmer my name isn’t Marci. I was trying to find the news letter that you sent out that stated that if, we joined your program because of the before and after photos that was supposibly of you and has not used/participated in your program and wanted a refund you will send it back. Due to the law suite that is out on your company. My sister is a victim of your program, where she has had serious medical issues because of it. I joined because of her belief in your program and the before and after shots. I have yet til this day to use any of the advise and would like to have a refund of my money because I don’t trust that this is the best way for me to go. I have my paypal information. Please contact me back with the next step in getting a full refund of my money.



>>Kimmer wrote:
>>Thanks again for sharing your story in the newsletter. People really relate to you! I’d like to “thank you” by offering to help you in any way Kimkins can if you decide to pursue a career in life coaching. Our member list about 38,000 and we’d be glad to put in a blurb or ad for you .
>>I think you’d do a fantastic job. You’re organized and write well. Again, thanks!


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