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Sweet Sue AKA Swalt’s Message April 25, 2008

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I must say reading over the comments left to me in my blog by Sue AKA`Swalt. I am surprised at just how rude, mean she is. How many times can one person say how great she is. Yes you are perfect Swalt. And You fit in great with Heidi. Two peas in a pod.


if you knew, Amy who I really was, and no I’m not singinglass, you would be surprised, but I am not the “simple” person that everyone thinks I am, I am a wonderful person

yes we know you are a wonderful person. You keep telling me that. Now that I know who you are…what? I am not suprised. I see you getting more and more involved at KK. Just wait and see what happens.

Such a shame, Amy. You were always so sweet.

Shame on me..are you serious Sue? Shame on you. Karma suck. Being a Hedi groupie is awful Karma..scary. I say what I do in the open under my own name. Odd..I always thought you were sweet too. Reality sucks.

have you no heart?

Um…I have heart. I just hope it is ot damaged from doing KK and taking Heidi’s ill advised advice. How’s your heart? All KK people need to get a check up. I know Heidi suggest that…but that was after all this started and after the damage is done…Too little too late. That is Heidi’s slogan.

You are not a good person.

Thank you . But we all know you are a wonderful person. You keep saying it.

but honey your a close second, doing the same if not worse. And bringing Singinglass down too, what has she ever done to you? You are not a good person.

Opps…not a good person again. Wow you sound like Heidi. Nice..NOT. Are you seriously comparing me to Heidi? A close second? Are you on drugs? Too deep of snatt? That is crazy to say I am a close sec to Heidi and SL. Now that was a great put down. Ouch and gross.

you got a family that could use your attention more

Oh please. As if you could care one bit about my family. No need to worry about my kids. They are doing great. How about your family? I know being so many people on so many blogs must take time. Time away from your family. Then the PM’s and e-mails reporting your deeds for the day. You are a mom…take your own advice Sue.

shame on you

Shame on you Sue for being too weak to say who you are and what you want without hiding.


I just do not get why people hide behind Fake names when they have something to say. Is it because…
They are not sure of the facts they are posting? Could it be they know they are lying? Could it be they do not know who they are when they are not logged in as a KK person? Any and all of the answers above or really sad.
If you believe what you are saying then just post your thoughts with your name. It is not that hard to do. And that sweet e-mail to me telling me you missed me….ummm okay.
I must admit I am some what surprised that Swalt AKA Simpleannie felt the need to post under a in alias my blog. Just say what you got to say. Try not to kiss Heidi’s butt and hide behind her at the same time. Gross.


13 Responses to “Sweet Sue AKA Swalt’s Message”

  1. simpleannie Says:

    If I knew how to contact you regarding your blog, and questions that I may have had, I was not going to post them for the public to see and I do not know your private email, if I did, I no longer have it.
    Sometimes we have questions, and we want answers. I was doing some research to find the answers that everyone was complaining about. But I didn’t find why people are ill or anything to really look into yet, and now will never find out as I will not be returning to ask or post anymore questions. Amy, they posted my pics with my full name and residence. That is to me beyond..I just wanted answers to questions in my head. But, now I would not trust any of these people out there, they are out for blood and don’t really care.
    Call the dogs off, please…I will keep any questions and comments to myself.

  2. amyb1569 Says:

    It is not that hard to contact me. But let’s say you did not know how. Are you sure that is the answer you want to give me. You did not leave a e-mail address that I could e-mail you. In fact you even made the comment that you you were changing your info every few hrs . That does not seem like a person looking for answers. It seems more like a Heidi person. And now to the real point…you compared me to Heidi. You said I was no better then they were. Harsh words for a person JUST looking for answers. Read the comments you posted to me. Funny you come here with no comments about those, just for me to fix other people’s blogs for you. Time to stop playing poor Sue card. You started this…now you need to fix it.
    You ask me to call of the dogs..I am 100% responsible for what I put in my blog. No one else’s. I did not put anything in my blog that did not come from YOU. As if I could tell the dogs better known as ducks what to put in their blogs. That is between you and them.
    Seems to me the people upset with you are because of comments you made using yet another name. Nothing to do with me or simpleannie comments.
    I did not put your picture or info up. I put your hurtful words up. The truth is hard sometimes Sue.
    And one last compared me to Heidi ..look in the mirror Sue..fake names..fake IP’s and fake e-mail addresses. No wonder you are still there. Too bad..I really liked you and was proud of you with your weight loss. You are making a BIG mistake staying there. You will see..sooner then you think.

  3. 2big4mysize Says:

    Swalt if you wanted to talk with Amy or anybiody without posting a comment all you had to do was find a blog with commnet moderation on and simply say please don’t post this. if it shows immediately you know commnet moderation is off. and then your next post would be is there a way to contact you in privater I would like to ask you some questions about kimkins and your health? any blogger would tell you how to contact them and them you could exchange information off site.
    But to use several different nics to post those questions and having read your posts here and on the Scam site which I’m still waiting for your reply when I answered your last commnet where you orginally posted it I have to wonder why you don’t just ask your questions without expressing personal opinions oif the charactor of the person you are caliming you wanted info from as can be seem in your posts above.

    You use a technique Kimmer used to debate the debator and not the issue of the debate to move it from a friendly exchange of information about the diet to an angry exchange of personel insults totally off topic. Personel insults will not make somebody want to have a dialoge with you about the health issues they experienced from kimkins. Apologizing afterwards doesn’t erase them either as the toothpaste has already been squeezed and isn’t going back into the tube as easily as it came out. yes as christians we are commanded to forgive but we have difficulty forgetting and trusting you again.

    Are you afraid Kimmer will ban you for asking about those health issues since she emailed Amy to never speak of them on the site again? If so you could have picked one nic and use it as you outside of KK information seeking, but stick to seeking info and not insulting and making negative commnets about the family life and the folk you seek the info from.

  4. gran to angels Says:

    Amy….I’m sorry misinformed people feel as though they can lash out at you….especially attacking your family!!! Family is sacred… one should go there!
    Nice….I can attest from personal experience that I have met few people in my life that are as compassionate and nice as you! This entire internet world still amazes me…how 1 person can cause so much pain, confusion, hurt and then pass it on to those that really don’t see what is happening to them….I was one of those…..I thank God daily I woke up!
    Sue….please wake up! The KK WOE is a lie as is the person behind it.

  5. deedlynn22 Says:

    gran….talk about negativity… you really have so much time as to post to every thread and every forum in KK site…..WOW…I need to learn your time management technique…..
    I hope you got to read my response….because I really think all your time and passion could be used to solve real problems, like child abuse, world hunger and other worthy causes.

  6. deedlynn22 Says:

    Oh….I’m sorry gran to angels….everyone seems so concerned about “hiding” behind screen names. I guess your first name is gran?

    I’m DeAnna Lynn Smith—from Cincinnati, OH. My screen name is fairly similar–just minus the Smith. If you need to know…I’m 43 and my number’s in the book. I think I have fairly well identified myself and am not “hiding” behind a screen name.

  7. barbarab2 Says:

    It could not have been said any better than what 2BIG and Gran posted, but I will take a stab at saying that there is a volume of information out there about survivors of KK that is staggering. There is no shortage of blogs, videos, news reports, etc. where swalt, you could have gone and requested information. But that was not your true intent, was it? Your intent was to insult and deceive.

  8. deedlynn22 Says:

    Do you guys miss the part about doctor’s approval. No..KK is not for everyone..You should consult your doctor as with every other diet program. It is your responsibility to monitor your health. Just as it is mine to monitor mine.
    For the record…ironically, KK plan closely mirrors the plan that I was given by my physician after the LAPBAND surgery. Guess what…he approves….Guess what…my family doctor approves….
    Yes, the information is out there. ..I have done the research..I have also looked into who is providing the research and the opinions. Bottom line is….I sat down…chatted with my doctor…got the approval and am being monitored.
    People have been berated by the nay sayers for their comments, but what gran to angels did on the KK site was ridiculous and nothing more than a child’s play yard prank.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t begrudge you yours, but I am entitled to an opinion too.
    Everyone has their own agenda…some who have left the site want to start their own internet business…if that’s you…go for it. But why induce panic within the KK site…can’t you do it on your own.
    If you are right about KK, then you really don’t have to do anything….it will crash and burn on its own. But the fact that you lurk around the site and prey on folks who are just trying to get through this weight loss journey, tells me that you are more afraid that the site is going to continue to be successful.
    We all have to chose our own paths. I’ve chosen mine and you’ve chosen yours. So why the constant harrassment of the folks in the KK community.
    It’s kinda like politics…your best defense is to induce panic.
    Much luck on your journey.
    or I mean…..DeAnna Lynn Smith (43) Cincinnati, OH

  9. 1slickchick Says:

    deedlynn22 – sounds like you are confused somewhat. Perhaps you should read more of Amyb’s blog besides this one about swalt. You might be able to read between the lines and see that there is a good chance that more than just Gran did the posting that you mention. You should also check the definition of negativity – because I don’t recall seeing anything negative in what Gran writes. She is stating the facts as she knows them – and wants to help those that have not waked up to smell the coffee yet about the dangers of the diet – not anything negative there.

    You are funny Dee – I don’t see anything Gran wrote to claim that she things you are hiding behind some fake name – we all have the option of having a fake name for our username on any and all forums in which we belong. I think it was Amy (and others and others blogs) that question why someone would be more than one person in the same forum and pretend they are 2 different people… such as swalt and simpleannie… or casaba, sassylass, singinglass, etc.

    Sounds like you need to calm down and take a deep breath. Oh, and maybe the next time I’m in Ohio we could have coffee? I love going to the 6 Flags park there — love riding THE BEAST. Do you?

  10. deedlynn22 Says:

    The negativity I am referring too, is simply the negative “act” of trying to sabatoge an entire site and induce panic. Not necessarily “negative” words.

    As far as fake names….that seems to be a hot spot all over the place with folks trying to sabatoge KK site. I am DEEDLYNN–DeAnna Lynn Smith–I have no idea why folks would use two different names. I really don’t care. Everyone brings something to the table and if that is what they felt like they needed to do so be it. I am not at the KK site to pick apart how people choose to participate.

    I took a deep breath after gran posted that all over the web-site. Just to find people lurking and trying to panic folks who are simply trying to find their way on a weight loss journey. Some of the folks doing the most trashing all over the place are ones that have since been in chat. I have received personal emails from them, but yet, they come out in cyberspace and spout out differently. So maybe it’s folks on both sides that are being deceitful. I really don’t know.

    If I have posted this in the wrong spot, it’s likely because I’m not familiar with this site.

    The only thing that I want….is for folks that have come to find that KK is not the way to go…to move on with their weight loss and maintenance efforts elsewhere and leave the site and the rest of us alone to continue our journey as we see fit. I looked up to a lot of these folks as I started my journey, because I felt they were positive.

    Have you ever tried weight watchers? Did you lose all the weight? Did you go back into the meeting and berate the leader and the participants. Was their plan healthy for you…I mean you can have all the sugary, fatty things you want so long as it’s within your points.

    That’s all I’m saying. All these blogs, sites, etc dedicated to destroying the KK site are ridiculous.

    And sure, I’d love to have coffee with you …I love the Beast, but the park has changed this year and under knew ownership.

    Not trying to make enemies, but it really gets old trying to put this old news to bed. If I had the money, I’d give everyone their $60 back. Good Lord knows that I have spent far more than $60 a crack on diet aids in my life.

    And for the record, some of the ones posting this out here, have been back in the chatroom at KK and have not been banned from the site. I have seen them there. I have chatted with them.

    DeAnna Lynn Smith (43) Cincinnati, OH

  11. amyb1569 Says:

    I have to point out to you that when you say that people with fake names come to ruin KK. I wonder if you knew that Singinglass has come and posted here as so many names it is hard to keep count. Then there is Gary…he came here with a name of GO F yourself. Said Heidi’s famous words of I am a SAHM with a sick kid to get over it. and on and on. And then Sue…who said I was as bad as Heidi who is a admitted fraud and liar in her depo and in a court of law.
    There is a list a mile long. Heidi is the queen of fake names…
    Funny thing are Dee and I am Amy B..we seem to have no problem with who we are and our real names.

  12. theTRUTH Says:

    Oooh, I love the Beast. Great old wooden monster roaring through the woods.
    I was in the park on a day in 1991 when two guys were electrocuted in a pond and an intoxicated girl then fell to her death in Flight Commander in a completely separate incident less than an hour later. It was sad and scary. I swear that place is haunted.

  13. ohyeahbabe Says:

    deedlynn22 said “Everyone brings something to the table and if that is what they felt like they needed to do so be it.”

    Dee, I think it’s clear that what Gran did is what she felt she needed to do. If there are people inside Kimkins who don’t know yet that by Kimmer’s own testimony they have been lied to and defrauded, and by the testimony of others that the diet plan can cause long term health effects EVEN IF doctors say it’s OK, then they deserve to know. If they choose to stay, that’s their decision. You seem to think they should be denied that choice. That’s your opinion and Gran has hers.

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