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Messages From Gran April 23, 2008

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I wanted to address some of the comments….I have to firure out how to get an account!!! LOL!!! This is what I wanted to post to them all…..let me know what you think!


Thank you BamaGal! Thank you for your help and for asking other to help to. I would not been able to reach as many people alone. Thank you for you positive thoughts on my road to recovery….it may be a long one.

It was my desire….to reach out to people that may suffer the same problems as me. You know….there are others….lots of others….I remember posting with Christin and Becky and then one day they were gone! They had health problems too….I didn’t listen. I was a newbie and was grateful for their help. I should have listened….I realize I can’t “should” on myself so I’m trying to move on but I really wanted to help just one person!

Heidi claims I was disgruntled and some one else said I should have kept my gripe with Heidi between the two of us…..funny…I clearly stated I simply wanted to help others. Heidi played the ban game with me….as she has done with many. One day my log in would not work…I sent a tech support message….got lots of emails from Heidi….I’ll post some here.

1slick chick…..I cannot thank you enough!! You are so amazing….your support is so appreciated…more than you will ever know!

I’m with you….I’ll pray that everyone will choose number 4 on your list! There is a huge caring low carb community where you can ask any question and get good sound and proven advise! And get to know someone like slick!!!

Jazzygirl….I am open to any questions you have….I’m more than happy to talk to you. It took me almost 10 months to lose 100 pounds. I started in June as well!! When I first started KK I was never advised to take vitamins nor see my doc. I did both those things however! I was only told to eat lean protein…..that is all! If I wanted to lose a lot really quickly…choose only KE. Only now are vitamins and low carb veggies suggested but not back then. My early days consisted of boiled chicken and deviled eggs….stay below 800 calories and never go above 20 grams of carbs were the instructions I got. I weighed every meal…counted every bite. I was made to feel like a failure if I could not stick with this and a success if I could go lower on the calories. I know some days were below 400. I would go to everyone’s fitday and see what they were eating!!! I felt I had to do the same!!!!

I found a challenge thread full of the most caring and compassionate ladies I had ever met…..some are friends still today. We learned from a very smart lady that we needed to up our fats and cycle between several plans like Protien Power and Atkins…I think making those changes really helped stop the dangerous path of my body consuming lean muscle….I owe a lot to those ladies!

I have lost ¾ of my hair and the loss of muscle will result in a surgery to repair muscle so weak that it cannot hold together. I don’t believe I ever mentioned heart problems….what I did say is that I’m very afraid….since I have lost quite a bit of muscle and my heart is a muscle….have I compromised my heart too?

This all happened rather suddenly…I understand this is normal….my doc had been seeing me every 3 months, blood and urine tests too….she was not too concerned until last Monday….now we are both concerned. There was no warning! Once muscle that has been compromised fails….the only recourse is to have it surgically repaired!! PLEASE make sure you are eating enough essential fats and calories!!!

Thanks 2big! I appreciate you support and prayers more than anything! I will make this my fight….to get back to healthy… help those that can’t see the truth yet. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else but I’m afraid it will.

Thanks to you too bluesuederebel…..again…I need all the prayers that I can get! I’m thankful to Amy for all that she had done….she’s a great friend!

Katinsac….thank you ….I do hope more than 1 see the light but I’d be happy with 1!!

Magicsmom…I was told on several occasions to drink Smooth Move tea or take some MOM for “potty” problems or to break a stall!!!! I never did that thank goodness but I know a lot that did! That is nothing short of teaching a new addiction!

Thanks to you too Mayberryfan!! I so remember reading your posts and enjoying them very much and then poof…you were gone! I’m glad you only stayed for 3 months before you realized there was a problem…..I did not. I appreciate you help and prayers too!!!

Thank Amy….for all you do!!!



7 Responses to “Messages From Gran”

  1. heather71g Says:

    Hi There Gran!
    Please know that you are in my prayers with your upcoming surgery. Hopefully your trials will be a wake-up call for others still struggling with whether or not to follow KK.
    I am blessed to call you my friend!

  2. sherlynn9 Says:

    Gran, while I only know you from AmyB’s blog, may prayers are with you on your journey to good health.

    AmyB, thank you for you blog. You are so honest about everything (right up to admitting the desire to still do kimkins). Looking forward to more of your thoughts on your journey.


  3. jazzygirl Says:

    Thank you gran, not sure of what type of muscle damage you are talking about I guess I need to do research on this if I can pin-point what I am looking for or symptoms.
    But good luck to you, and hope everything will be ok.

  4. 1slickchick Says:

    Another great post from/about Gran. Heidi claiming you were disgruntled — such a twist on words. All I can remember ever hearing was that Gran was MAD AS HELL!! — and this was over a certain Amyb and 1slickchick banning — and that a thread we had been a very active part of appeared to be continuing on as though we had never existed. So Gran was mad as hell — about the thread and the injustice of banning. No disgruntledness here. Nope.

    And where is that thread nowadays? I have it on very good authority – that it fell apart. That a new thread was started and it fell apart too. And still just yesterday a third thread was started — trying to regain the excitement and comradery of the thread we were so much a part of? Well, I wouldn’t boast that the reason that these failed attempts at new thread are solely because of Amyb and 1slickchick. That would be wrong – but I do firmly believe that part of the reason they are failing is because the thrill, excitement, activity, and healthy knowledge is NOT at Kimkins. Those that have been around for some time are starting to realize that there are those like Becky and Christin that are gone — poof — banned or left on their own as they realized that this is NOT the SMARTEST diet plan in the world.

    Please – those that are still at KK – please realize that there is life after KK — other forums that are supportive of your Low Carb lifestyle — CampCarbaway, LCF, Eating Low With Amy, etc. — we await you with open arms…

  5. yustyucky Says:

    {{{everybody}}} 😦

  6. katinsac Says:

    Thanks Gran for telling your story, and thanks Amy for giving her somewhere to do it…

    I was wondering Gran if your problem was muscle loss…I have had a shoulder problem sense leaving KK and it is not a torn rotator cuff. Way back in the recess of my mind, I am wondering if it might be muscle loss from doing KK. I too did KE and yes, I was at 300 or less a day. I go to the orthropedic sergion next week…so far, I have not mentioned the diet to anyone (doctor’s, etc.), but I think I just might have too now.

    For the KK lurkers here…get out…there are serious problems from doing that WOE…even if you up some of the stuff…it is not enough. You may not see the problems while losing your weight, but it will show up later and don’t think it isn’t from doing KK.

  7. barbarab2 Says:

    My heart goes out to any of you who have been endangered by this fraud of a woman. For any of you who are still doing KK or any who are contemplating it, please STOP and reconsider.

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