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So many names.. April 21, 2008

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Today there seemed to be some ” harsh” e-mails and PM being sent from a camp memember. When I read the PM it sounded like someone we all know too well. Heidi and her admin crew may be many things..orginal they are not.
So today I decided to figure out the conection between these people…and guess what? They are one in the same person.. Bring back memories? Let’s compare…

Get a life Amy. You were always a trouble maker at You constantly asked questions to aggravate Kimmer and its members. You know why you were banned both times. Stop playing the SAHM and Sick Child card over and over again. BORING! You should spend less time online AND CONCENTRATE MORE ON SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. YOU ARE NOT SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR YOUR KIDS. Think about this. Teach your kids to forgive and forget not to get even! Move on because life is so short to be so miserable all the time.

vatefairefoutrelol | Who is Heidi? Your imaginary friend?

From Picking Flowers, 2008/04/02 at 4:08 PM


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From Camp today….

I do not want to associate with someone who did what she did at……such a grammar school prank . Grow up! You lost a lot of weight there and then turn against its members like that by possting nasty messages all over th place. They did nothing to you. If you do not like Kimmer….take it up with her not its members.
I am latin and my english writing is not good. I want to thank my daughter for writing this for me.

AmyB is not the person you think she is…..she is a trouble maker and manipulates people and you are one of them. Your turn will come…. Now your door is closed at Kimkins.

….you can not keep straight who you are or the lies you tell. Look at how much your messages reflect your issues with me. You have such a issue with me..let it go Heidi. It is okay to not be happy with who you are but to try to tear people down to make you feel better. SAD.
What some of you may not know is… I have gotten 20 plus Blog rude awful messages about Philip. I hit delete and a message pops up with more. Your messages about Philip and his illness…makes you a mean hurtful person. Who in the world writes such awful words about someone’s child? And on top of that you post under so many names…I wonder if you know who you are on any given day. Take some time Heidi…get away. Start some meds. Something to help yourself.

9 Responses to “So many names..”

  1. 1slickchick Says:

    And now more of us know who you are and we have known for some time what you are… I find it interesting your choice of names — vatefairefoutrlol — you may think that some of us are just plain STUPID – but we aren’t — your language is plain vulgar — yes, I know some french too!

  2. jazzygirl Says:

    “let it go Heidi. It is okay to not be happy with who you are but to try to tear people down to make you feel better. SAD.”
    Take some time Heidi…get away. Start some meds. Something to help yourself.”

    Sometimes we need to practice what we preach.

    As for the emails that you have referred to, I assume that is a very troubled person, who also needs a life other than her computer. You should not fret that type of person, and do not read emails from people you don’t know. It will only bring you down and that person will answer to someone much higher up than you in the end, don’t lower yourself to acknowledge them or to read and tell their emails, its not worth the energy.

    Everyone knows how you feel about Kimkins, and that way of eating, They also know that you will continue to “down” this way of eating. I guess what I am getting at is, this is your blog Amy, blog about your vacation, your children, you new dress, a new class you are taking now, how your day was, or is this just a “bash Kimkins” blog? Something that you have now devoted your life to?

    This is your blog, you can write about Philip or any of your family members all you want and choose what is posted to the public.
    I think there may me more “thorn filled” roses in your garden than actual beautiful flowers, and being a Kimkins member at this time, I would be afraid to enter this garden. Make it a beautiful place to go to.

  3. angel373 Says:

    Amy, did you bring this to their attention at camp? I’m assuming you did since you got the IP address. Whoever they are…SL or Heidi or whoever, they shouldn’t be at camp to lurk and harass people.

  4. heather71g Says:

    No worries about the PM at camp. It’s being handled. 🙂 You are absolutely correct that harassment should not be tolerated in the least.

  5. bluesuederebel Says:

    Amy, I hope you are saving all of the messages you mentioned before you delete them. I’m too tired today to say much more, but there is so much more I want to say. Just know this, I don’t think you are a negative person at all. Just because you tell the truth about Heidi and KK’s does not make you the person jazzygirl describes.

    I for one am glad that you are sharing your thoughts and beginning to heal from the experience you have been through. By doing so, you are helping yourself and and in turn, it will help others when they finally open their hearts and minds to want help. It’s amazing that most of us were members at KK’s, but many of us never “talked” to each other until we came away from there. What we perceived as a positive, turned into a negative, and has now, turned into a postive again.

    You are a beautiful woman inside and out. You have a sweet family and what you say here is only a tiny portion of your life. It seems to me that some other people are really jealous of your talent, your honesty, your kindness, your beauty ….

  6. angel373 Says:

    Thank you Heather! Love ya!

  7. mayberryfan Says:

    Uhmmm, there were NO NASTY MESSAGES left at Kimkins last night. Since when is telling the truth nasty? All that was done was offer help to those who feel stuck there, who are lied to on a daily basis and who might be able to get out and lose weight in a healthy way before it’s too late.

    The only person who would think those messages were nasty is Heidi. How’d you like those pictures of you in the white stretch pants with all that cellulite showing? The really scary thing is that you are far uglier on the inside than you could ever be on the outside.

  8. […] Heidi and her admin crew may be many things..orginal they are not. So today I decided to figure ou – Stop – Latin Conection 90Stop – latin conection 90. Hello, you either have JavaScript […]

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